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  1. I knew him as a boy and later as a grown man and the one thing that never changed was his dignity, he sailed that ship all his life, I was glad he was a friend, as a kid and at the end. Jez, i miss you so much, Bless you
  2. is it a gathering of "big headed but thick i am" refs who having heard the crowd shouting " we havn't come to watch you decided to go see what watching U was all about
  3. Does anyone else think that Big Sam looks like Meatloaf the lead singer out of MEATLOAF not the roast meat product
  4. ok LANZAROTE OWL book me and our lass two seats at the Owl and the Pussycat and have the shots ready
  5. jist doont mayk anny speelin or grandma mistooks und yoo shud bee hoh kay
  6. WAIT,don't tell me its Bannan behind me.I can tell because i have AYE,S UP MY ARSE
  7. puerto del carmen, the Owl and the Pussycat
  8. More worried about the guy on the right hand side who seems intent on devouring the childs head
  9. the chuckle brothers are ok but who are the two clowns in the front of the picture
  10. Do you know what, once i've bought my season ticket i don't care what price is charged for POTD TICKETS Infact the cheaper the better cos this great ground of Ours only really comes to life once we get above 25,000 inside. part of what i pay for is the "buzz" inside on matchdays + knowing i have " my seat " And my ticket for a possible Wembley playoff final. What more do i need, certainly not to have a go at the guy ho comes if and when he can, he is just as much an Owl as me but with a different set of circumstances WAWAW
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