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  1. can we get the band to swear at female stewards now
  2. Rather that than the we've got Bannan everytime he strokes his "single" hair
  3. we are solving the FFP. By introducing a pay for shots on target policy. £10 from each fan for 1 SOT.
  4. Tbh to the doubters would any player in our squad look good or reach potential under this manager and his "system"?
  5. How many players did we sign from the Far East?
  6. Dortmund have a yellow wall We have the Pink tail
  7. were we founded in the year 2000? If we were then your stats are fine If we weren't then, look through our history a good starting point would be 1966
  8. seeing as we have already had option D I'd go for E what's he putting in his pockets from an empty shop?
  9. with both Palmer and Hunt they generally have nobody in front of them on the wing which makes them the ideal target to expose by the opponents. Blame the tactics not the players
  10. Why would an Argentinian be bothered by an Italian translation?
  11. no but War of The Monster Trucks and a View from the East Bank are readily available I've heard... Haven't been for years Just a part time tourist me Got a ST but I'm not a super fan and was feeling left out so I chose the cool kids group :) 22500 tickets sold for tomorrow last reports from the T.O.
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