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  1. Is this one of our youth players

    You take kids out of education to school them in football. You have a duty of care to school them full stop. Don't be so dense.
  2. Is this one of our youth players

    A lot of truth in both of these posts. I honestly believe a football club has a care of duty to give education in social media. I mean, a football club will train players, but do they also educate? It wouldn't take much to put some classes together which encompass all that a pro footballer might come up against in regards to such things. It would also be very forward thinking - if I were in charge of such things, i'd seriously give it some thought. Give the kids some savvy lessons in modern online life before they make these kind of mistakes.
  3. Is this one of our youth players

    The kid knows that in all likelihood he won't even ever make a start for us. He doesn't hail from Sheffield, this club literally pay his wages and nothing else Yes it's not good what he put, but come on - it's just like you or I slagging off the company that pays our wages, it happens from time to time - and he didn't even do that - he literally just lauded a friend's good performance.
  4. Too much time on hands. Personally I skip read most posts. I skipped over 90% of this one. I'm guessing I did the right thing, i'd probably be far more critical otherwise.
  5. Is this one of our youth players

    He's on loan from us, isn't he? Wednesday are still the parent club from what I can see.
  6. Is this one of our youth players

    Vilifying a young player for something questionable like this would not be appropriate. They are probably mates, and Thornily hails from Warrnington. I'm guessing him and Brooks knew each other as kids when both of them were nothing to do with either Sheffield side. Stupid yes, nothing to see or say here though.
  7. Give your heads a wobble

    No need for a head wobble here. I am very disappointed yes, but in truth I am really quite calm about it. The pigs over reaction is to be expected, they will dine out on this for time. In truth, they can't keep dining out on luck, and they have had an over indulgence of it this season already. It can't be maintained. I fully expect us to go on a run of winning games again, it's what happens under Carlos - and if it doesn't happen, I'd expect him to be sacked. The reason he doesn't get sacked is because his win ratio is very good, and as long as it remains so good - he'll stay. Tomorrow is another day, let the grunters have their moment - they have now achieved all their pre-season aspirations! Have we? No, we move on, we fight on - we can still have a good season.
  8. Hunt & Wallace, Reach & Bannan

    Our squad, whatever our starting 11 isn't about partnerships. Understanding throughout the entire starting 11 has to be paramount, but I don't think Carlos trusts players individually to make partnership. He requires interchange far too much for that.
  9. Have the nerves kicked in yet?

    Even when I was young, I don't remember the "nerves" ever kicking in. I enjoy the game, I live for the game too in some respect - but nerves? Really?
  10. Sam Scores

    I don't know much, but I do know that our owner isn't stupid - whatever the fee will be, it's already agreed.
  11. Sam Scores

    If he genuinely did burn his bridges here, then I don't know why our fans would wish him "all the best" so to speak. From what we are meant to believe, the kid was venomous in his actions and did nothing short of trying to break the squad in half by his petulant actions, that is before his violent actions.
  12. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Same place as normal.
  13. The Wilder Factor

    Issues, much?
  14. The Wilder Factor

    What's this "We" you speak of. I saw them luck out the first game of the season where their loan keeper kept them in the game, easily.
  15. The Wilder Factor

    Thats because he's a drunkard. He makes Steve Bruce look like a tea total, and he was a drunkard too.