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  1. Thorniley watching Accrington

    Sounds like the kid has his head screwed on. Ok, it's only going to watch a team play who he played for previously. But at 21 most lads his age, especially on probably an elevated wage compared to most his age this strikes me as sounding like he's a grounded individual. Probably comes from his dad's experiences maybe? I didn't realise he was 21 until I checked his stats out. Next season is the one where he shows if he's good enough for Championship football and above, or if he's going to be one of the ones that falls away somewhat like Beevers, Wood etc.
  2. I would slightly change the article. A "Fit" Bannan has been missed. To me he had been played either unfit or exhausted at times because before he went out of the side through injury, he wasn't at his best. On his return though things that I took for granted now seem like we definitely had been missing without Bannan. His range of passing, driving forwards that only Clare out of our other midfielders seems to have, and his ability to change the tempo have all been evident and I think I alongside a few others didn't give him enough credit - but as I say, possibly because he was not fit enough (to his standard, which seem exceptional usually)
  3. Safe standing petition

    This is not rubbish. There was a BBC program which interviewed several fans who used to rush the gate regularly to get in games for free. It happened over a decade or so, not just a new phenomena that happened just at Hillsborough that one time. It cited not one fan, not 10 fans but many. All scousers, all admitting that they were part of the problem at some point in time and how they now regretted it. This BBC program has now been permanently deleted from the archives, never to be shown again History is being re-written, please don't be part of that re-written ignorant history.
  4. Anyone caught throwing anything - be it a coin, a bottle or whatever should expect to receive a ban at the absolute minimum. I suppose I would draw the line at inflatables and when you see people making paper aeroplanes out of 50/50 tickets, but anything that can cause damage people want arresting for and charged, then banned as a deterrent to others. Flares - complete idiocy. I never really got that as a way to celebrate. In this day and age, surely we can spend a minimal amount of money and blanket CCTV entire stands. HD ip cameras can be bought for under £50 and i'm sure it would not take a stupid amount to completely blanket the whole ground.
  5. If I had answered this post prior to kick off i'd have egg on my face. Something along the lines of Nuhiu or a fit Steven Fletcher being the one to partner Rhodes because Rhodes plays best with the more physical partner who takes the heat allowing Rhodes to calmly do what Rhodes does. Glad I didn't say that now.
  6. Safe standing petition

    The only stadium that safe standing should be introduced in is Hillsborough. The stadium which brought about standing being removed from England. It needs a proper petition and based around Hillsborough. The last place some people would suggest it should happen, but for that very reason - that's where it should happen, if at all, in England.
  7. Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    This is what I don't get about our fanbase who are criticising Rhodes. The man has consistently done it at this level and now we have a proven goal scorer at this level in our ranks yet just because the team as a whole are playing crap, we then refuse to play him for a large portion of the time. I hope he's now given a chance however i'm sure he won't be, because of our abundance of strikers right now.
  8. Barry Bannan

    I'd appreciate a summary of his performance today as I'm one of those fans who realise that sometimes Bannan is star of the show and sometimes he is somewhat the opposite. Bannan is only really back from injury, a few games in - so i'd appreciate anyone who saw the game to summarise how things went today for him.
  9. Venancio & Lees

    Van Aken can pass for fun though. Not fit of course right now but he's Lees future partner now.
  10. Venancio & Lees

    Thornily has not only youth on his side but also DNA. His dad was a pro rugby player so he'll have the right mentality and right home schooling to start with. He's also not looked too shabby for an U23 player in the first team squad thus far from what I have seen - and I admit I saw nothing of him today.
  11. Venancio & Lees

    Signing Venancio would cure a problem in an instant and allow Jos to move onto more pressing matters. However I have a feeling he won't be an SWFC player next season - it's just a feeling I have and I don't know why. I guess it's just years of being a Wednesday fan and knowing that we don't do things the easy way.
  12. Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    Of course you will be delighted. Of course.
  13. Jordan Rhodes - #SWFC Striker

    I'm not the one who wants to slate a player who just won a game for us. Right. That makes sense doesn't it? Grow up? Really? That the best you can come up with? I can go one further. You are an imbecile.
  14. Jordan Rhodes - #SWFC Striker

    How gutted must you be. We won. Rhodes scored the winner. What is your fault is you have no clue what you are talking about. If a player is poor, sometimes you have to look around the WHOLE team and look what might be going wrong. But someone with your apparent limited education probably has no clue what I am talking about - so please accept my apologies for trying to talk to you on a level I assumed an adult would be at, IQ wise.