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  1. HubristicClapper

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    The best idea I can come up with is make the upper leppings lane open to home fans - season ticket only so everyone is held accountable for any potential bad behaviour. That gets rid of one problem, what to charge the away fans. You can instantly charge less for the kop - at a reasonable price - which promotes pay on the gate - as lets be honest, most who will take up the leppings lane end will be Kop S/T holders - and that means we can charge less for the away fans which stops big clubs bringing a quarter of the contingent they would normally. What i'm suggesting says on one hand, charge less for two stands, but I do believe it will keep crowd levels for season ticket holders the same - with more walk ups. It is afterall, a bloody good view up in that stand.
  2. HubristicClapper

    The #SWFC Pitch Looks BEAUTIFUL today

    Just about to walk down. Can't wait. My lad has been mithering me since 10am to go, and he's only 6
  3. HubristicClapper

    Does this mean Westwood is back to number 1?

    Try attending an actual football match. Seriously, you speak total tripe.
  4. HubristicClapper

    Does this mean Westwood is back to number 1?

    Some people need to get a grip. On his day Westwood is a quality keeper. He didn't have a day last season, he was not a quality keeper at all last season. Say it as you see it, is how I live my life and that is the gods honest truth. When he was injured he wasn't available, and when he was, he was worse than Dawson and Wildsmith. Anyone who says otherwise did not see his games.
  5. HubristicClapper

    Does this mean Westwood is back to number 1?

    I've been told by someone who works at the club that Jos does not like the ego of Westwood. Jos doesn't mind egos, he likes players like FF, but he feels that it's to the detriment of the squad with Westwood. Is this true? I don't know. It is plausible I suppose. .
  6. HubristicClapper

    Live blog from tonight's fans forum

    If you aren't on a mobile device, remove the /amp from the link. It makes for a more enjoyable viewing
  7. HubristicClapper

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    If Nuhiu can keep the form from the end of last season it may make a lot of heat off in the early stages of this season. A lot of wrist slitters on this site though.
  8. HubristicClapper

    Love for Jos.

    I think any fan has the wish to get behind the current regime. I have never taken the stance since I started being a supporter that any new manager wasn't going to be good - and i've seen some naff managers. I do however have a thought that this season may be different. Why? I'm not quite sure - I think I put it down to the fact that regime is key - a bit like what I understood the Wilkinson era to be a bit like. Same with Megson. I think I hope for the same regiment with a little bit of class to go with it. I know Jos has it in him to resort to total defensive tactics - I know that. I just think when he knows what deck he is playing with, I hope that he has more in his locker than being a solid 5 at the back kind of guy.
  9. HubristicClapper

    We Could Be Top Of The League Tomorrow

    I am sure that many, including the owner of this site, could put a negative spin on that if it were to happen.
  10. Give the level of information revealed, how can you be so against it? Use your own words and realise you are talking like a complete arsehole.
  11. Really??? Rickygoo only uses facts when they support his opinion - in truth he would not know a fact if it hit him in the face saying "i'm a fact"
  12. You say fact. I say your facts are infact not facts. Don't quote me facts when you are basing your facts on hearsay. You have NO facts, neither do I. Prat. Worse than a prat, you would rather sell your club down the swanny and make a negative out of anything than say "I don't know" You don't know, any more than I do. PRAT!
  13. I am unable to vote as there is no way to say "I don't know" Without knowing the full set of circumstances behind this decision, how can we say it is a good or bad decision?
  14. HubristicClapper


    Every sane person knows the truth. SWFC are not under an embargo at the present time. They don't envisage this being the case in the short to medium term either, or signings would have been made to mitigate potential losses to first team big earners. What is happening has been discussed ad infinitum almost already on this very thread. Protection from such an embargo by being more frugal, indeed almost being ruthless. Certain players will have been marked for transfer should an approach be made. I don't believe any of the top players like Bannan or Lees, or Forestieri to be in the consideration. Others - such as Hunt, will have been. It's not rocket science. It's not like we are the scummers across the city who will have a genuine cash flow problem come January unless their current situation changes.
  15. I'm a manor lad from my humble start in life. Trust me, you don't want a gift !