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  1. HubristicClapper

    Heading for a stint in League One again

    Absolutely an over reaction.
  2. He would have been, had he not just played a couple of hard games after an awful long time out. That's the kind of thing our last gaffer would have done.
  3. Did he ever have it?
  4. You went one step too far when you mentioned Abdi. Think he's one that has been told there is no future for him here and we will look to kids before him.
  5. In the right area though. Wing yes, but i'd say not centrally. Don't get me wrong, if we could find a John Sheridan to sit in the centre of midfield, that's different but you do need someone with presence next to a player like that - and we don't have a Carlton Palmer type on our books either right now.
  6. This is why I wonder if FF and Bannan should exist in the same team. They both do different jobs obviously but both are an enigma, and you can't really have too many of these on the pitch at once if you are going to be a hard team to break down.
  7. There is a lot to be said for this mentality - it effeminately definately exists. So much so that Jos has openly said that the players and he do understand and appreciate what Pelupessy offers the team. He's basically a young version of Jones and in a balanced team, I don't think he''d get half as much stick as he does - we just have a formation that some are not happy with yet, but it will come if persisted with.
  8. Dawson Baker Lees Thorniley Pudil Hutchinson Pelupessy Bannan Forestieri Nuhiu Reach
  9. HubristicClapper

    SWFC v Wolves

    Well it could be. Instead of being moaners, Wednesday fans could try something different - rally round and try to drum up a big takeup for this game. It's a cheap a game as you will get all season, a chance to say to Mr Chansiri that if he lowers prices fans will come. What will happen? People whinging and whining. I'll be going, I'll be taking my lad - a season ticket holder. I'll also be taking my nephew who is a season ticket holder at the lane as it's become a thing for me to take him to cheap matches at Hillsborough. Over to everyone else. If you have the availability and a bit of spare cash, just get yourself a ticket. Seriously, it's that simple - stop whinging and start being a supporter.
  10. HubristicClapper

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    Not a chance in hell. Looks like we disagree completely on both these points though.
  11. HubristicClapper


    You're on a real downer tonight. Thank god we won, you'd be reaching for the razor blades if not.
  12. HubristicClapper

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    Don't agree, sorry. Palmer is akin to Hunt, just without the marauding efforts. But we have a kid coming through who looks equally the part. It was an easy trade off to make - get some money back and not really be weakened in that position by the loss of Hunt. Venancio, we NEVER wanted to sign - I said this from the start, we simply have too many prospects coming through in that position. Nielson, Thornily, O'Grady - and this doesn't count that we have Van Aken who was never allowed enough time to show if he's good enough. Then you have others like Fox and Pudil who can perform in that position. Hutchinson also into the mix. Vanancio was never needed - he did well but we have equals to him and why should we sign players to make up a squad place? Buy better or keep money in your pocket - paying for squad fillers is what got us into trouble in the first place.
  13. HubristicClapper

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    I remember people saying Irish's legs had gone and he went on to carry on being the best left back or left winger we had for about 3 or 4 years after.
  14. HubristicClapper

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    You know what - we were shaky at the back again today. Nielsen had some really bad touches when in possession, but he was sound defensively for instance. Learning curve - as a club we are trying something that is alien to every single player we have. Things will take time to stick and come good. Look at the pigs when Wilder took over, and they were playing really poor teams week in and week out.
  15. HubristicClapper

    Alex Hunt

    When he picked up his card, I thought - that's a player who isn't scared of the game and he will do well. He may look like a kid and all that, but in that brief 45 minutes I saw something. He needs looking after definitely. I'd keep him in and around the first team squad, more u23 games etc but the odd game in front of the home fans as sub when we are winning won't do him any harm.