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  1. HubristicClapper

    1st fixtures

    Pigs are saying they are playing Swansea, a local copper apparently with info that it's an evening kick off for sky.
  2. HubristicClapper

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    Said it before, Hillsborough is the first place this should be introduced if it happens.
  3. I personally would keep the players who under performed in, give them chance to redeem themselves. Keep the subs who came on chomping at the bit. The rest of the side? Rotate to keep fresh. Panama won't do what Tunisia did - essentially cheat, play games etc but it still needs to be won.
  4. HubristicClapper

    Matt clark

    You both can't spell, This is MAX Clark, Matt Clarke was our ex keeper!
  5. I doubt the list of prospective replacements will be small. I'd not begrudge Pressman coming back if it was though a good recruitment process, in other words it's merit and not sentiment. The same goes to any ex players really.
  6. HubristicClapper

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    McGugan has done more thatn Lansbury in reality - it's just he (McGugan) has done it at a level that got him no recognition.
  7. HubristicClapper

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    I think Henri Lansbury is one of those players who flatter to deceive. At 27 he should have hit consistent form by now if he was ever going to do it, you can't keep getting contracts based upon promise at that age. I don't think he fills any of the boxes that SWFC are looking to tick to be honest.
  8. HubristicClapper

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Dude, quit drugs, or alcohol, or whatever it is that gives you this strange slant on life. Of course, we should "dump" our better players.
  9. HubristicClapper

    Andy rhodes

    I watched him in the height of his career and he seemed the same physical shape you describe. Still put in some stellar performances (Ignore Neil, I think he got undertook on the parkway by Pressman back in the 90's and still holds a grudge to this day)
  10. HubristicClapper

    Andy rhodes

    You probably used to get excited by page 3 in the sun.
  11. HubristicClapper

    Andy rhodes

    Wouldn't surprise me if all this was agreed with KP coming home and Rhodes leaving for Oldham some time ago. Pressman leaving Millwall didn't make full sense at the time after having 6 good years there.
  12. You would prosecute the person who sold the fake merchandise, or are you being deliberately obtuse?
  13. Are you a fan if you never attend or never purchase from the club? Some would say yes, I would say no.
  14. In almost all cases, the copy is illegal. If it's not a deliberate copyright infringement, and an obvious different brand that just imitates without infringement, that's fine. I do think that SWFC as a brand should throw some weight behind copyright infringements. It sounds harsh, but if I can't afford to buy my lad the latest iPad, he doesn't get it. The same should apply to to SWFC merchandise.
  15. As a collective yes, as an individual no. I don't think enough fans go through the gate, buy from the club shop etc. I see people with unofficial merchandise and I ask them where they bought it.......when I say that's not actually being a supporter buying a mug, a mousemat, a scarf etc from a dodgy website they don't understand.