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  1. This is where people may or may not understand the future. Things in football are about to change - a haircut? OMG no, worse than that - Football is due a reset, and this is that. Wages will be culled to a manageable level, and any player not on board will find they are playing lower level once out of contract and not on board.
  2. I know i'm going to go against the grain here - but refunds aren't really an option. OK, so there is not great real solution - but we paid into something we wanted. That was not the clubs fault. The club still has overheads etc. I'm out of pocket, many of my fellow fans are out of pocket, the club is out of pocket - it's a complete piece of poo that none of us want. Can I live with being out of pocket for the ST? Yeah, it's not ideal but I can. I'm sure that somewhere down the line Karma will hit me and the club will say "thank you" in some way. I'm not thinking of the players, i'm thinking of the other staff.
  3. Please put me on ignore.

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      You can put me on ignore, not hard matey.

  4. Gutted to say that I have no clue what you guys are on about when you talk about him. Regale some more please. I want to hear about the good managers in our past.
  5. might as well say it's fine because you still have tennis and snooker to be fair. All tommy tank.
  6. Second property (may change over time) https://www.markjenkinson.co.uk/commercial-property/ The Hillsborough Club, Bradfield Road, Sheffield S6 2BS Freehold at £295,000 Type: TRADING CLUB PREMISES & 2 HOUSES - FOR SALE - DUE TO RETIREMENT Price: Freehold at £295,000 Fully equipped, trading club premises with parking and full disabled facilities on both floors with lift Prominent situation fronting Bradfield Road (A6101) a short distance from Penistone Road (A61) Adjacent modern retail premises Two, 3 bedroomed houses included Would make a great official owlstalk pre match pint venue
  7. Seems like he specifically didn't mention Wednesday. He'll only make it as a manager if he stops assimilating others managers thought processes that he has worked for, and finds his own voice.
  8. Going off on a tangent somewhat, but what we did with Stuart Gray, we should have done many years before when Trevor Francis was sacked. Ritchie Barker was the brains behind setting up the side, the nouse - arguably i'd have had him as manager in front of Francis, but Francis was a big name. Atkinson had charisma, Francis had pulling power - Barker was the brains - same as Stuart Gray. If only we'd not have gone with Carlos and kept Gray for a year, you have to wonder what would have happened - but similarly not respecting Ritchie Barker back in the 90's as anything more than an assistant was a mistake too.
  9. Never been into the idol thing, but my sister was - talking a long time ago. Chris Woods and Chris Waddle were signing Autographs at ponds forge, my sister had a french pen pal at the time and had been sent a picture of Waddle playing for Marseille a bit before he had signed for us - and she asked if Waddle would sign it for her - well, he took an age to talk to her about the picture - he recounted the game and Woods was tutting and the lot but Chris Waddle really went to ground and loved someone bringing a photo like that for him to sign. I was literally just stood there - never said a word!
  10. Football may be more humble 12 months from now. The whole world may be. I struggle to understand how this can be implemented though.
  11. I remember watching Sibon in a game, think it was a reserve game - and my dad said to me - they have to play him to try to make him learn how to play football. He did have the odd moment of magic in him yes, but he didn't half start slow and those moments of magic I don't think made up for him having a place in the squad to be fair. Not if you way up all the arguments about him at the time - mind you De Bilde didn't match expectations either, not by a long chalk.
  12. This isn't football manager. 30 days wage for these players? They have no incentive to perform - so it does not help either the club or the player.
  13. Love the guy to bits. Unless he's suddenly decided his vocation is coaching, he has no place back with us mind.
  14. The club may offer short term - weekly or monthly contracts. The club may offer some a year extension - I don't see many that we'd want that for, but maybe someone like Lee definately. I would suggest a lot of players would accept if they were financially motivated, if not then - well we play youngsters. Youngsters out of contract is simple, you resign. The cost is comparatively cheap so it's not a gamble.
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