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  1. Manager ain't classy, he comes across as the dimwit in the corner. He is actually thick as pig stuff. The only thing thicker are those that are still getting behind him, I really feel for them.
  2. Wednesday til I die. It's a simple statement, but one that means the most to me.
  3. We know we've been tommy tank, and to be honest we know next season ain't gonna be much better because we'll still have the monkfish in charge, but at least most of you won't be able to watch the first quarter of the season despite having paid your money.
  4. As Howard Wilkinson once said, not too long ago. How the hell can you sack the board, you morons.
  5. People can claim whatever they want - behind the scenes stuff going off or bad eggs in the dressing room. Truth is, he's just a crap manager. Probably was complicit in what a few of his previous clubs have said too.
  6. Ten minutes of training left. Some people can't even count on their fingers!
  7. I have a few thoughts. This isn't a mistake for either player or club, and I think the writing was on the wall regardless. He's not getting any younger and probably wants to be starting rather than sub. He'll get that wish at some Championship sides. He isn't the future of Wednesday, and won't ever be more than he is now, so why not put time and effort into a prospect instead? Plus even if we are under some kind of embargo - no embargo can stop you filling slots up if you are light on bodies.
  8. I'd happily temporary relocate. I still remember my season sitting under the away fans in the lower part. Mind you it was better football back then - 5-0 against West Ham one time and it should have been far more!
  9. Prediction for allowing limited crowds back is October - not all SWFC season ticket holders are likely able to attend in the first phase of allowing stadiums to have fans again too. Unless we open up say away end to home fans and not allow away fans - which may be out of our control anyway, I believe away fans won't be able to attend any game.
  10. I do wonder about one thing - season ticket holders are likely to miss around 4 or 5 games of the start of the season. How is that going to cut it with most fans - not just ours, but the nation over? We've paid our money, ifollow doesn't cut the mustard. The season coming needs putting back, not having a fast track turn around. Anything else is just rinsing fans for all they are willing to give.
  11. Ok, I'll sign up tomorrow, as I say as a pessimist. A very big one, but I believe if you are going to slate something, you need to give it a chance first. Can I ask where else other than this forum you will be putting this information out there? Edit: I'm not saying I will slate this new initiative at all, just that I don't feel it will make a difference.
  12. Success is success. I will re-iterate I don't think they will work here, but you are being a little harsh on what they achieved prior to Huddersfield. I'll then suggest, what they did at Huddersfield was to be expected to be quite honest.
  13. I used it in terms of players improving and improving the infrastructure to allow the players to keep improving, not football on the pitch. You can only work with what you have, and you hope that you can improve on it with time. That is what the word means in my opinion. You make it out to mean good football. One of us needs to buy a dictionary.
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