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  1. Facebook group, anyone else seen it? I was quite shocked when I first saw it, but then was quite reassured to know that others are bothered enough to create a group dedicated to our club. It had 12,000 fans when I checked yesterday, so clearly the piece of dog crap has a long way to go
  2. 10 yards??? There were several occasions where 2 or 3 yard passes were missed
  3. Just been looking over on pigsmad (bummer command thread) what a crappy forum that is. uses about 20% of my screen, and it seems to have a terrible stutter "re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re" - I think the word it is looking for is fool? Anyway, well done to the owls who operate this forum, much easier on the eye, and at least it makes use of modern screens which are bigger than 10 inches!!
  4. Anything by Faithless gets my vote. What was it?
  5. "pass it round, pass it round, pass it round" - genius Come on we've all been there. Yes it can be intimidating sometimes, but if you remove your head from your arsehole you can have a right laugh, even with opposing fans.
  6. Hi Owls, I am considering purchasing a Weekend season ticket for next season. I've not had one before as I live quite far away (would not be able to make mid week games) but my question is... Usually I drag a mate along with me to a game. Now if I did buy a season ticket for myself, what would happen if I wanted to bring a mate and sit next to each other? Can you buy an additional ticket and move to somewhere where there are 2 seats available? How does it work in this scenario?
  7. 12 points out of 15, and even better, grinding out some points from a poor performance. Well done AI and the team
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