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  1. Went to the MK Dons v Charlton on Tuesday night, just to see what we would be up against this season. I was surprised to see Charlton get seriously outplayed for much of the game by some very nice, confident passing football. We could be in for a shock come the end of the season if they carry on like that.

    Morrison, Beevers and Potter all had good games, and Morrison left as a sub to a chorus of "sign him up" (I expect they will get the opportunity!!)

  2. if you ordered a size larger than an XL they are out of stock so that could be the reason for the delay, I went down to the superstore yesterday there are none in the shop either, I was told they will be getting some more larger sizes mid/late August..

    No just a large mate. Hopefully it arrives before the first game of the season, otherwise I may as well have waited until I'm in Sheffield for that

  3. Well you have entitled the thread 'Where's my shirt?" so how on earth are people on here supposed to know where it is?

    Please stop, you are just tooooooooo funny!

    Thank you furious, at least its not just me. If we all rang the shop to chase, they wouldn't have time to actually ship out any shirts!

  4. I ordered the new home shirt last week (Tuesday AM I think) just before the announcement that they were available online. Ive still not received anything so I just wondered if this was a normal delay due to lack of stock, or if others on here have already received their online orders?


  5. Morrison just posted that new faces will be here this week or maybe next

    NO, he said "I think some new faces could be coming this week or next week"

    Sorry childzy pedantic I know, but next thing you know Morrison will be a liar and ousted out of the club by fans, along with Milan for not spending as "promised"

  6. I'm not defensive about it, you just sometimes have to be blunt when you feel like you're talking to a brick wall of ignorance. "You shouldn't sack managers" - Ok, what if you have a poo poo one like we have? (And the statistics support the fact that he's underachieved).

    For the sake of stopping you rabbiting on about this completely unrelated matter; Sven at Leicester, Hughton at Newcastle, Coyle at Bolton, Warnock at QPR, Lambert at Norwich, Boothroyd at Coventry.

    well, it would have been a lot simpler to just answer the question first time round. For the record, It wasnt me who said "you shouldn't sack managers"

    Not a bad list, some maybe a bit tenuous. Hughton would be awesome but i think he's probably not interested in L1 football, and maybe lacks experience in lower leagues. Who would you have, sensible choices only?

  7. Why? It's irrelevant to our situation. You're saying changing managers won't make a difference when you have a poor team. WE DO NOT HAVE A POOR TEAM. It's one of the best in the division.

    Its a genuine question wonderland, you dont have to be so defensive about it.

    I can think of lots of managers who with longevity have performed well, even ones that within the first year or two came very close to a sacking (Ferguson for one) but I cant think of any teams that have achieved by changing manages every 12 months. So I dont think saying "you don't get anywhere by sacking managers bullshit" is bullshit.

    Poyet is a good example, but on its own its the exception to the norm

  8. I asked what the results of this poll would be if it were asked after the 6-2 home win, i was sure there was one done and it turns out I was right


    OVER 83 % Wanted him to stay, which is quite different to the [email protected] you predicted isnt it

    Then 1 week and 1 loss later we get this knee jerk reaction of a thread and all the usual suspects throwing dummys out of prams


    Bet your a real laugh at Christmas,,,,,,,,,,,,,BARR HUMBUG :laugh:

    Quality post! You know what ive realised, we're a nation of MOANERS and it gets right on my t1ts. Its too hot, its too cold, oh the snow is terrible, ive got no money, I cant afford x y and z, the football is poo , i hate AI...... jesus christ!

  9. Wednesday wonderland, keep your opinions on my intellectual abilities to yourself please, this is a football forum.

    You make a valid point that were not a financially poor club. However this has been the case for what, 3 weeks?? And Irvine has been able to change what exactly in that time? However he did manage to bring a number of good players in with sod all in the summer!

    We've made 2nd on the tail end of a devastating period for the club, the worst in our history. That's all over now, let's look to the future, pull together and support the club

    It's not going to be easy, look at our first season last time in league 1, that was horrendous!

  10. I love the comment about "being outplayed by 95% of teams" It wasn't so long ago we were outplaying most teams under laws but still losing, have people forgotten so quickly? I don't care if we play like donkeys for 90mins as long as we score more than the opposition

    2nd in the league, points in the bag an probably 85% on the way to promotion taking into account those games in hand. A couple more top notch signings in jan should see us there, we've still got half a season to play yet!!

  11. No not at all, it doesn't suit my lifestyle so I can usually only make 4 or 5 games a year. big respect to those who go week in week out though, and they are certainly better placed to comment on the football side, hence why I qualified which games I had witnessed as I felt we played well. the regulars would probably agree. Got lucky there I guess?

    For me Irvine signed some decent players with no money in the summer, with the additional concern of admin looming. I believe the team will be much much better given some money to spend in jan. I can't see him signing up any lemons like Jeffers and fat lad, yet most were perfectly happy with Laws as manager??

    So with what is not a bad league position around half way through the season, we should be a stronger side in the second half and be able to push for promotion. I don't care how we play to get there, we tried the fancy stuff with laws and it failed.

    Time will tell I guess, but I get the feeling that even with automatic promotion it still won't be good enough for some

  12. Agree with the OP entirely.

    Were 2nd in the league, regardless of "games in hand" its points on the board and we're at least in a playoff place once other teams play their games.

    We have no devine right to "pi55 the league" and be top from start to end.

    Some of our best players are Irvine signings, and probably the best signings we've seen in years.

    Southampton were tipped to "pi55 the league", and look where they are.

    The games I have been to this year (MK and Northampton) have been entertaining. I've no doubt there has been some dire games too, but thats what i have witnessed myself.

    With some improvements in defence and midfield in January, we should be in a good position to push on and start to secure a promotion place.

    Badges or no badges, I have more faith in Irvine than the armchair Championship Managers on here.

    I dont need our manager to massage my ego. If I had someone unqualified telling me how to do my job, i'd tell them where to stick it too.

    The major dissapointment has been last weekend. To be fair i think we all, including the team walked into the game thinking it was a done deal, forgetting that it was a massive game for a decent side at home who would have been well up for it in poor conditions.

    Lets remind ouselves of of our finishing position in our first season in league 1 (league 2 back in 03/04). We were nearly relegated again!

  13. Thats actually really embarrassing, and i'm annoyed that some believe we have "cheated", it certainly hasnt felt like cheating

    We've been unable to compete on an even level with other teams for 10+ years due to crippling debt.

    We have tried to pay off that debt over 10 years, whilst other teams have gone into admin for fun, on several occassions.

    The bank are a business, and the logical solution is to claw back a few million via a sale (plus all the debt interest they have re-couped over the years) rather than see us in admin and get even less of a return

    A sale means that all creditors get paid in full, rather than potentially nothing via admin

    The board have accepted a percentage of what they are owed, for exactly the same logical reasons as the bank.

    Now the only person that stands to lose out is MM, who is gambling with several million pounds of his own money.

    Perhaps the saddest thing of all is that the blades are exactly where we were 10 years ago, and have yet to go through the same thing (but they dont seem to have realised this). I wonder if they will attempt to pay things off the right way, or will it be Admin with Humble Pie and Eat Your Words Custard for Dessert?

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