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  1. Not a fecking clock in sight though, whats that all about?! Nobody is given the right to nice stadiums, big name players etc etc, it has to be earned. Fair play to MKDons, like it or not they have worked hard and developed the club into what it is today.
  2. Do owls make good household pets? Need to investigate this - Could you get one into a junior replica shirt?
  3. MK Dons is a nice short trip for me, which makes a change from my 300 mile round trips to Hillsborough. I'll be taking my Dad (Liverpool - boooo) and and Uncle (Villa) along with me, and for the first time in bl00dy ages i'm bursting with pride. Cant wait for them too see the lads and experience the best away end atmosphere in the country. Let the bouncing commence!!!!! COME ON WEDNNNNESSSSSDAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!* * Please dont let me down in typical SWFC fashion
  4. You sure it wasn't Charlie Websters fanny?
  5. Wasn't this left behind by Irvine by accident?? Hah! Can you flippingimagine!
  6. Why can't FA Cup games beyond round 3 be played in midweek, rather than moving aready scheduled league games? It's great to still be in the cup, but a decent weekend away game at MK Dons has to be sacrificed for yet another poo draw, away to Blackpool
  7. Spurs at home or mk dons away (20mins away for me and we should do em)
  8. Its the junction of the M1 and M6, so a little further south of Leicester. Full details are here http://www.highways.gov.uk/news/pressrelease.aspx?pressreleaseid=422546
  9. Whilst he was talking positive, he was shaking his head - its all in the subtle body language Ridsdale at Preston to stop them losing money. In other news John terry has got a part time job as a marriage councillor
  10. Why do we wait up for this shuffle? I should be in bed groping the missis
  11. I was just about to post the same thing. It's either that or he's been gobbling on manishes pork sword
  12. "This city is ours.......thanks Milan" fly past at Hillsborough on the last day of the season, then a little trip down to Exeter for the porkers at half time
  13. Commentary is dire. "Cant say as ther'es been a save to make" You've JUST said that the keeper spilled a shot from Madine - moron
  14. I think its a shame that this has still not been put to rest after all these years, and continues to overshadow the memory of the 96. Unfortunatley, as with most major disasters, there wont be any single party to be blamed. It will be a combination of individual circumstances coming together at the worst possible time. People are looking for answers and someone to take responsibility and because of the above it will never happen. What happens next when all the information is released and its still not what people want to hear?
  15. This is seriously impressive. Could this be a record for the highest number of people sat together watching telly?? It will certainly be higher than most League 1 and 2 attendances, and possibly some championship clubs?
  16. .... Dave Allen is crying into his Pigeon feed right now. Cretin!
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