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  1. Was going in the rawson too as its en-route via the tram. If its ticket only can anyone suggest any decent alternatives?
  2. Disagree. It's this attitude that got us where we were 18 months ago, and the catalyst for the 10 years of decline that proceeded our near extinction. However I don't see why we shouldn't be able to compete financially anyway with the amount of revenue generated through gate receipts etc that is far more than a lot of other clubs in the top 8 of the league
  3. Mods will be in bed by now don't worry my lil cherub
  4. When Sean Bean ruins a good film? Useless two hat with his lame fake accents
  5. This can't be true as surely the FA would have spell checked the rule book first
  6. Forgetting about the scoreline, skill, or ability, the two things Wednesday fans always want to see is pride for the shirt and effort. At the moment were seeing nothing of either. NOT HAPPY
  7. haha, can anyone else hear the woman in the background on player ROFLOL
  8. Valentines day innit. Only people on here are those that are single, or those that have a pair of b0ll0cks
  9. Thanks to the powers that be moving the game to a Sunday at 1PM, travel from Northamptonshire by train is a right pain! The earliest train into Sheffield we can get is 1230. Is it doable from station to hillsborough on the tram in 30mins or should we get a cab? How frequent do the trams run to hillsborough? Cheers
  10. ^ This is a disgrace If it wasn't for the man you would have been following the wife round Meadowhall all afternoon instead like a little cow!
  11. Valentines day has got to be be the biggist load of crap going. Just another pointless day sponsored by Clintons Luckily the missis agrees!
  12. This ^ If only there was a close up of his smug then horrified face as the net bulged
  13. Fantastic attendance considering the cold weather, poor opposition, and the fact that Cheatsville brought about half a bus load
  14. Still makes every hair on my body stand on end! Bullens gay celebration at the end always makes me giggle too - hahah
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