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  1. Is it just me, or has this really highlighted how disgraceful it is when players throw themselves to the ground and roll around like they have been shot, when they have barely been touched? Clubs and players should agree to clean this behaviour up, at the very least to show some respect to players who really are seriously injured and stand to lose their career / life I hope Fabrice makes a full recovery, but I fear a big part of his life is now over which is a real shame
  2. Now I love hillsborough as much as the next person, but having a crap there has got be one of the worst places to go!
  3. I think it might be worth highlighting games in the bottom 3 as well. It's getting down to the wire now and playing teams facing relegation can be just as tough as those at the top end.
  4. Was this on the kop to the left of goal a couple of years ago? I witnessed exactly what you just described and was absolutely weeing myself. JJ really smacked it as well
  5. Did we cut to the blades match briefly, I thought it was Frank Carson's funeral! sshhhhhhhhhh
  6. Only beat the pigs by one goal so we sack the manager Now THATs MASSIVE!!
  7. I think its a fair reflection on how shambolic we were as a club from top to bottom. How can you justify taking a poorly set up photo of a "professional" sportsman that looks like 5mins earlier he'd been kicking a ball round the park with his 3 yr old
  8. London Sillynannys I thought (yes, Family Guy reference)
  9. If I ever need reminding of how far we have come on the field, I think of this man useless turd. Even if we have had a bad game or a bad run, it never fails to make me realise what complete dross we have suffered over the years, and that we are a million miles from that now. The future's bright
  10. Buttplug! Oh sorry, not the thread I thought it was...
  11. Fair play that is pretty decent for Paint, and she has captured the dissapointment in that pigs expression perfectly, I actually do feel a little sorry for it (but only 'cos its got that scarf on)
  12. I wont be going, i'm saving my money for the Sheffield Derby this weekend!
  13. and it reminded me of Sheff United's strikers at the weekend...
  14. Jumped into a Taxi on Pennistone Road ont he way out, the driver was a blades fan (why you would go looking for business on Pennistone Road after a match you've just lost is beyond me, perhaps he was a closet owl?) He proceeded to tell me it was a poo match (but didn't go clearly) and that it was ok as they still have a game in hand on us (actually its two pal) Oh, Redknapp and Mandaric are both guilty by the way, and how they got away with it was beyond him..... He had clearly turned down a promising career practising law to be a taxi driver for owls fans instead.
  15. Oooops, I think the guy bottom left farted and just followed through
  16. Happened at MK dons away too, although that was more like handbags
  17. Of the beamback at Bumhole Lane? :)
  18. we had some luck? Looking at the resuts today with everyone around us winning got me thinking when did we last have a bit of luck on our side? I'm thinking stuff like results going our way for a change, scoring last minute winners, suspect penalty decisions in our favour, staying injury free etc etc
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