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  1. Attendances dont mean anything anyway* *Except the financial boost *Except the atmosphere boost *Except potential signings wanting to play in front of bigger crowds *Except the bragging rights
  2. ... prepares for shitstorm on bladesmad
  3. Them grey ones, is it a case of if you have to ask you can't afford them?
  4. Good day that was. Always look out for Norwich games, for no particular reason other than you seem a decent club all round Had a good season this year too
  5. poo hair poo hats poo clothes What were we all thinking in the early 90's!?
  6. The * is against his name, so technically the ref really is an avid blades fan, but his name isn't Colin Webster
  7. If its dons v UTD in the final, like last weekend, I shall be sat in the dons end cheering them on against the piggies
  8. The girlfriends grandparents are having a 50th wedding anniversary party which i am obliged to attend EPIC, EPIC FAIL *I will have Wednesday World on the iPhone under the table for sure, which could get embarrassing if we score and I start randomly jumping up and down un front of 24 guests
  9. Apparently, although it was only the end behind the goal and the corner sections, I'd say more like 4000. Perhaps CSL can confirm?
  10. Had a great afternoon being an undercover owl in the MK Dons home end today. The highlights for me..... MK Dons not letting utd have the ball Ched evans songs 6000 quiet little piggies Big cheer for Wednesdays score at half time Even bigger cheer for Wednesdays score at full time Cowshedlad, I am a little dissapointed you didn't start a bounce?!?!
  11. I'm just going to give dons a bit of extra support as I cant get to Hillsborough, and spending some quality time with my old man in the process. If we could get a bounce going that would be epic!
  12. I cant make it to Hillsbroough this weekend due to the travel time etc, its pretty much a full day out for me from here
  13. Is anyone else who lives local going down to support MK Dons? I'll be there, not sure whether to wear my SWFC threads through
  14. Did nobody think to get in the queue AND take their Smart Phone / iPad and try to book tickets online
  15. Kill him or break his legs ( not literally obviously)
  16. I give blood regularly, am a registered organ donor and am also registered with Anthony Nolan for bone marrow transplant. Anthony Nolan is the only one that scares the crap out of me really, but without donors my missis wouldn't be here today after surviving cancer when she was 3 years old
  17. Download photon. This supports flash on IOS devices so you will be able to listen to the game via the official website..... yes I know you will have to pay for both, stop being tight
  18. Haha, what a bunch of muppets. Next week we'll be signing Terry Henfleet
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