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  1. Liquidation - I would think you would become an unsecured creditor. I don't think fans count as "football creditors" that always get sorted.
  2. Our resident accountant suggests the income might be deferred until we reach the Premier League. Alternatively it can be phased over 15 years initially and then tweaked depending on the terms of sale. The buy back option is problematic rather than advantageous in accounting terms too. There is simply no way all the cash will all be allocated to this season.
  3. Modern football eh? And we wonder why Hillsborough is like a flipping morgue. There's fizz all additional commercial income to be had given how we're run. This is a short term cash flow fix.
  4. But you aren't going to use it if you aren't a regular ST holder surely so it won't be transformational. I can't see a casual fan deciding this is such a great deal they'll shell out five grand to become a ST holder. Plus aren't they marketing it as having reduced risk because you can sell it back to the club? So you aren't tied in.
  5. Actually he's asking for our money. This and the drastic early bird deadline smacks of wanting to get a significant amount of cash in quickly. It will have no positive FFP impact at all. What's it all about I wonder.
  6. It's the thought of what lies behind it that is worrying. We know nobody is being forced into doing it. That doesn't mean it's a good idea. Should we have applauded Club 1867 as an innovative fund raiser or took the wee wee out of it for it being risible? This is clearly a more attractive offer but it's a strange one.
  7. If we are selling seats off cheaply for the next 15 years - or potentially forever - because we need a short term cash injection that’s not good. I have a number of objections. I can see if you have that sort of money to chuck around it’s potentially a good deal but I’d rather see imagination and money used to get Hillsborough buzzing again and encourage fans who haven’t got £6k sitting doing nothing to watch Wednesday. Its just more evidence of an attempt to gentrify the club that our fans would find risible if the likes of Leeds tried it.
  8. And we had to sell the ground to keep the FFP wolf from the door.
  9. Logic says he needs or wants to generate some cash. I have no idea why. My point re its negative impact on FFP is that maybe we are so far gone when it comes to FFP that this is irrelevant because we are fizzed regardless. Or maybe the opposite is the case. Maybe we are in such a good position it doesn’t matter. It’s a mystery.
  10. No way will this be a one year FFP boost - and when has anything about Wednesday made sense?
  11. It’ll make the FFP figures worse won’t it - assuming it’s current ST holders who take it up. Surely that means it is most likely to be cash flow related.
  12. It’s a 15 year season ticket - minimum. There’s no way the money will all be allocated to next season.
  13. At the beginning 15 years. There’s no argument about that. After five years it becomes more complicated.
  14. The STs are for a minimum of 15 years. You can’t account for all that income in one year.
  15. Will still be expensive compared to our peers.
  16. Very niche. I can’t see that this is reason for this scheme.
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