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  1. Fair play Mr Chansiri - he didn’t have to do this. But as regards guilt - it’s Wednesday that should be feeling guilty for making me wait so long for giving me my cash back!
  2. Yeah put some Motown on and cheer up Oops - maybe not this one
  3. Sadly I'll remember him walking off the pitch having contributed nothing in his final game - and chelping at the North Stand during the "You're not fit to where the shirt" chant.
  4. I remember the game. I didn't remember their situation re FFP.
  5. The players won't sign them. That's the problem
  6. I can't remember to be honest. But if that's the case then sounds like we were robbed.
  7. That's not going to happen unless you want to stop good players signing for newly promoted teams. While the PL want them parachute payments will stay. Sadly the onus will be on the EFL to come up with a way to stop them distorting the financial status of the division. They're a funny thing. Looks at the top of the division and teams have them - but look further down and they haven't stopped Huddersfield and Stoke suffering and didn't stop Sunderland going down.
  8. That'll be the clubs collectively taking the EFL - which is basically the clubs - to court.
  9. oops This piece https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/truth-effect-evil-parachute-payments-18208520
  10. It's difficult to imagine what they could do without the support of the Premier League.
  11. Interestingly according to this piece parachute payments haven't significantly increased the chances of relegated teams getting promoted - they've always had a good chance. That's because they often have better players. Of course what this piece doesn't do is talk about what teams in the second tier have to spend to compete.
  12. IT's a matter of finding something that enables the teams getting promoted to try and compete without penalising the EFL clubs. In theory parachute payments are meant to encourage teams going up to improve their squads but not be terrified that a subsequent relegation will cripple them financially. But how do you do that without disrupting the Championship?
  13. It’s not just about signing players it’s about keeping them and paying their wages.
  14. I’ve come round to the idea of not taking the hit this season so I’m glad the panel deferred the points penalty. But if it had been the other way round - right or wrong - we would be saying exactly what they’re saying. That’s the nature of any football fan.
  15. At least he can remember his final appearance with pride.
  16. We were continuing to pay the wages of people like Fletcher, Bannan, Westwood, Lees, Hutchinson, Palmer etc. We've got away with it due to all the delays. There’s nothing wrong with admitting it.
  17. Because our squad was stronger than it should have been - it’s pretty obvious. We’ve dodged a bullet.
  18. Indeed but our points were obtained by players who shouldn’t have been here because we couldn’t afford them. Let’s face it we gotten away with it and we’d have been angry if the positions were reversed.
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