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  1. Christ you took your time. Google alert not working?
  2. In terms of assists, "key passes", even tackles etc he's our number 1. There has to be a very good reason to sell him - footballing or financial.
  3. Maybe he's their Jordan Rhodes style guarantee promotion signing.
  4. The Championship TV deal is always going to be a pale shadow of the Premier League one - especially now Leeds have got promoted. It's not going to save the clubs.
  5. It's not one bloke - it's the whole lot of them and the system they've assembled/stumbled on. Simply blaming Parry - and of course he's one of the guilty parties - lets a lot of other villains off the hook. He's a convenient target drawing fire from everybody else.
  6. Far from happy to be honest. The whole thing is a shitshow and there are many sets of fingerprints on the murder weapon.
  7. You're sticking all the blame on one bloke when he's doing what most of the clubs he represents are happy to go along with. Blame them all.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54531760 Why lash out at everybody? This is a tricky time - most clubs overall will support these proposals. Opposition has to be clever.
  9. It wasn’t so long ago that some people on here were asking for a PL2 to jettison the rest of the League because it suited us. Modern football is poo and we’ve played our part in making it poo sadly. I’ve thought that for a long time and Chansiri is a part of that unfortunately.
  10. But if the EFL back it and rest of the PL don't then it's the fate of 78 clubs being decided by the other 14.
  11. Parry says the clubs support the plan. You can slag one bloke off all you want but if he's telling the truth then the blame is infinitely spreadable. Our fans are as guilty of slagging off "tin-pot clubs" as any other. Sadly after 20 years out of the Premier League and two decades worth of largely poor quality chairmen we're becoming what we have always ridiculed, especially to the teams that are looking globally rather than up the M1 or across the M62. I suspect we'll have to take whatever crumbs the "big clubs" offer - especially with the threat of relegation to Division Three l
  12. According to Conn I the Guardian today - "The EFL chairman, Rick Parry, has stressed his 72 clubs’ support and gratitude for the plan".
  13. EFL clubs could 'disappear within five to six weeks' - Leyton Orient chairman per BBC Sport. It’s the dichotomy Conn identified. The smaller clubs need cash. Man Utd and Liverpool have offered it. If it’s poo or bust they’ll choose poo. An alternative has to be found but will vested interests allow it? You would think it unlikely Parry would go all in on this if he didn’t think he could carry the EFL clubs with him. So it’s probably down to the EPL teams to fight it off.
  14. When I used to have to go down to Hillsborough and the training ground in the 1990s he was always a warm, welcoming presence. Tricky and Pleat far less so - Richie was always delightful.
  15. Something needs to be done to get EFL access to EPL cash but this is a power grab using that as cover. Either Parry is in on it or he sees no other way to stop a cataclysm when it comes to EFL clubs. There could be a full season with no fans and how many clubs will go under? Our ridiculous Early Early Bird with no refunds might help us but lots of other clubs will be in huge peril. Whichever way it's looking pretty grim.
  16. It's a similar pattern across Europe - power and honours consolidated amongst a few big clubs.
  17. Has anybody said that? Or have people merely suggested that for the price they pay, a kit - which probably costs Wednesday about ten bob to make - should be thrown in?
  18. Don't underestimate the other side. It all started with Stuart Linnell. Sportacular? Operation Stop Wednesday more like. And don't forget Steve Banyard and his crew. Gareth Hampshire was a raving Blade - FACT. Luke Wileman? Barnsley - FACT.
  19. If they actually bothered to do a bit of ground maintenance we could watch paint dry too. Oh what fun we're missing.
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