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  1. If it's £6.4m for a number of years doesn't that mean if he hadn't paid the September 2021 payment that the September 2022 payment would be north of £12 million? Or is this an additional charge and the original one still stands?
  2. Remind me how we scored against Bolton.
  3. Totally - reminds me of Gary Shelton, another player who I won’t hear a bad word said about. Hope he gets the same reception we gave Shelts when he came back with Oxford.
  4. Does anyone have any idea what our best side is?
  5. Does that mean the car park will be shut again or can they eke it out a bit longer?
  6. Soz - harrowing day for me because I was living there then and was in with the Cambridge fans for a while.
  7. Could be a Lee Chapman. Could be a Gary Owen. Hindsight will be the only accurate judge.
  8. It's one game and it sounds like we should have won it. Chill.
  9. Amazing what having a football team in a big city can do for crowd figures.
  10. The old Wednesdayite car park was open which was perfect - except for the fact that they have cut some shrubs down to very low stumps and he tripped over one and face planted.
  11. Great in his day but probably past his best now.
  12. There's 2 of us, he's not paying and a lot of midweek games are a no no.
  13. Me too. He pinned me up against a wall after he lipread me calling him a wucking fanker after he wouldn’t let us in one night.
  14. If it's an incentive some of you may know him -he's an ex-bouncer so anyone who went to Faces in the 80s on Charles Street or supped in the Embo, the Ball, the Woodthorpe or the Birley may have been "welcomed" by him. He's a worthy cause.
  15. My dad is now in his 80s and unsteady on his feet. We used to park in the Wednesdayite car park but when it moved it became a bit of a trek for him so a few times I parked in that car park behind the timber yard across from Radio Hallam. You could pay in advance online to guarantee a spot but I can't find any receipts in my emails and can't find a link for the car park either. Can anyone help?
  16. How many GBE points does he have?
  17. Curran and Bannister. Heroes the pair of them.
  18. Looking promising - damn you Wednesday. Similar vibe to the Turner/Sturrock season. A new team that may take time to gel.
  19. It may well have been but good ones aren't easy to get for free.
  20. https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/five-legends-who-wore-the-number-13-shirt/5
  21. My teenage daughter did the same a few years ago. One of the happiest days of my life. A few weeks later we were having blazing rows as she came up with excuse after excuse as to why she couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't go. Best of luck.
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