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  1. I'd say good solid 7/10 appointment. Would have preferred Cook and would be interested to know why one over the other but much happier with Moore than Monk or Pulis. Would also have liked it a couple of months ago. Is any of that unfair?
  2. Certainly in terms of achievement doesn't compare with Cook but seems to want to play good football, has done OK in his previous jobs and hopefully has the character to lift morale at the club so it's the sort of punt I can understand. The only reason I would criticise is if we do badly and Cook does well in his next job. Then it'll be a bit like here's what you could've won. But even then it would be well off Chansiri's worst decision ever.
  3. Cook has the best track record out of all the realistic candidates so I would have preferred him. However, at least we now have a manager and he seems like a good bloke so fingers crossed.
  4. They’ll be fine. Our mistakes at our level have been deadlier.
  5. I suspect Chelsea’s recruitment team is a tiny bit better than ours.
  6. A Tony Pulis side would not have played with verve and zest to go 2-0 up. You did watch us under him didn’t you?
  7. There are only a finite number of jobs. And a manager like Cook will struggle to get a job with a club with the potential of Wednesday. This club is awaiting a hero who could acquire semi-legendary status if he turns us round. You could hang on waiting for the perfect job forever and it might never turn up.
  8. He did save us didn’t he? Then he took us down.
  9. He wasn’t the answer either. Just another atrocious decision.
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