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  1. He's a wide man isn't he rather than an out and out striker?
  2. I thought he was a good guy until he walked off the pitch in his last game.
  3. They can send us all emails to say here's a website, give us your details and we'll refund you.
  4. I would think in the year 2020 there are systems available that would allow refunds to be paid out without having to ring everyone. They didn’t ring me when I paid originally.
  5. It's not 1953. There are things called websites and computers that can automate things.
  6. It's a lot more time consuming to call every single person whether they have a closed account or not. There would have been a way of us giving them our bank details without them having to ring us.
  7. Alternatively they could supply us with clear instructions on how not to get lumbered with Tier 3 and then we could fill the forms in too late.
  8. That's not what I said at all - although your reaction is pretty risible and makes things much funnier.
  9. There is no and - it's a mere observation that I found mildly amusing.
  10. Pulis is refreshingly old school in his descriptions of players. He’s only been here a week but he’s nailed it. Dunks. Reachy, I think I heard him say Palms. Good work Tone.
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