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  1. We were 11th when he became manager - we're 10th now. Steady progress.
  2. We need a touch of the Roy Keanes. Nearly has cost us dearly.
  3. Indeed it was an example of how things have changed. Hillsborough is a morgue at the moment. For the first time in years I am seriously contemplating not renewing my ST. The STs I buy would get me half way to the Musicman Stingray bass I covet. I know our situation has been worse in the past - I did boycott during the Allen regime but welshed when it came to Cardiff. It's just that it's so expensive to go nowadays plus the travelling time it takes mean the shitshow on display has more of a negative impact that it used to. The trouble is I know the POTG prices would mean I would rarely if ever go again and I don't think I'm ready for that.
  4. How could you have gone to the game on Saturday and not used a swear word? Sounds to me that when the away fans sing “is this a library” you’re thinking “if only”. 21st Century football eh!?
  5. Horses for courses. That sounds like going to the theatre to me. Not what I want from my football.
  6. The vibe was different. 1974/75 season for example. We won 3 home games and the manager wasn't sacked until we made a poor start in Div 3 the following season. The players were poor but some were huge heroes and the crowd was remarkably stoical about it all. The atmosphere was better than now despite everything.
  7. And in the process got us into Europe and had Wednesday signing current England internationals. Yep it went boobies up big style but he achieved lots more than Chansiri has during his brief hey day. I’m not a fan of either btw just giving some credit where it’s due. Initially his ambition was to win the League title.
  8. 2 sides of the same coin. They’re hard to play against when they dig in and show determination.
  9. Makes the “10 year” season ticket look like a bargain. We’re not getting promoted any time in the next two decades.
  10. Principle is same. Work your socks off and try and nick something.
  11. They often say 10 men are hard to play against. Only if the 10 men have pride and put a shift in.
  12. Liquidation - I would think you would become an unsecured creditor. I don't think fans count as "football creditors" that always get sorted.
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