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  1. The initial impetus globally was to play behind closed doors which was never going to work. Football was slow to act but so was the whole of the world just about - especially the British government. Before the first weekend of cancellations I was umming and aahing about going. I was really glad they took the decision out of my hands.
  2. The Johnson press conference telling us to stay home and advising us not to go into pubs etc was a few days .after the Madrid game. In retrospect it would have been better if the game hadn’t been played but there were no restrictions in place - football acted ahead of the formal government restrictions and wasn’t flouting any government advice.
  3. Football isn’t racing - they cancelled the games pre lockdown when crowds weren’t banned.
  4. Football is not threatening people’s health. They did the opposite and cancelled games before the lockdown.
  5. I think the plans are highly unlikely to come to fruition but a short sharp end of season before restrictions are put back into place might be the only hope for serious football when the current lockdown ends. As for the rest of it you’re making moral and ethical impositions on a sport when it’s simply doing what every other business will be doing - contingency planning. In none one of this has football said it’s more important than any other sector. They’ll play if they can. They won’t if they can’t. And the decision to try and finish this season is no more or less moral than voiding it. If we were top of the Championship we’d have more of a vested interest in finding a way to finish the season. Anyway at the moment it seems that’s what most clubs want to do and you can see why that’s the neatest option. The football authorities are poo. The game is ruined. But I just happen to think that there’s a lot of faux outrage and pomposity about this particular issue. It’s not football that didn’t plan properly for this whole pandemic, run the NHS down, fail to provide sufficient PPE, send out mixed messages, fail to test and contact trace. Just chill - they’ll play when they can. They won’t while they can’t. They really aren’t going to “jeopardise the lives of hundreds of people” any more than the rest of us will be doing when the restrictions end. Inherent risks will remain when we come out of this thing - the legality of having large gatherings will decide whether football with crowds can resume. Fair enough slag them for naivety or wishful thinking but attacking them for uniquely putting peoples lives at risk is only justified if you assume they will break the law or ignore government recommendations. I simply cannot see that happening.
  6. Some of the players did contract the virus. Thousands of non essential workers are working. Just go online and you’ll be able to buy a new sofa no bother. They won’t play until the social distancing restrictions are gone. It’s a plan they’ll put into place if they can.
  7. And it’s a perfectly valid opinion. But to say football is somehow being immoral by keeping its options open when there is no need to rush to a decision given all the imponderables is, I think, over-egging it. It won’t make my situation any better if the EFL announce they are voiding the season just as them saying they’d like to finish it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference either. I got an email from my work today saying this is what we’d like to do if restrictions are lifted this summer. It’s a plan to restart making cash again, to try and get back to normality by resuming something that is currently parked. It probably won’t come to fruition but I’m not offended or upset that they have a tentative plan.
  8. When has any business been driven solely by moral standards? Football is reprehensible but in this it’s just acting like all other businesses. If they can’t play they won’t play - just like Atkinson’s won’t reopen and Wetherspoon pubs will stay shut. The planning will have been in vain and none of us will be any worse off.
  9. You don’t have to be a key worker to work. But that’s irrelevant- they explicitly say they’ll start up again when government restrictions are lifted.
  10. They’ve not said that, or anything resembling that. It’s like you think the EFL ramblings are more important than Coronavirus because you’re on here moaning about them. Or John Lewis think curtains are more important because you can still get them delivered. Or your local takeaway think chicken madras is more important because they’re still flogging it. They’re simply setting out what they’d like to do. There’s no rush to cancel this season - they can wait to see what FIFA initiatives on contracts turn up and whatever else UEFA are plotting. There might only be room for 9 more games between now and next summer - if so may as well finish this season. The transfer window is overrated anyway. Voiding the season isn’t some noble act that will have the world applauding and allow the Coronavirus vaccine to be discovered. It’s just one of three bad options. They may just be delaying the inevitable but so what?
  11. In 1914 they finished the season. In WW2 they soon found a way to restart football. Just chill - if it can come back it will. If it can’t it won’t.
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