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  1. Wallace was a funny one - could do some dirty tackles but could also be a bit of a nesher.
  2. Worth a shot - as long as that shot isn't a Kadeem Harris injury time free kick.
  3. So those of us abused and slagged off aplenty have got to play nice with people who still think Chansiri is a positive force or a simply a bit unlucky?
  4. Because people who have long opposed Chansiri’s actions have always been respected and rebutted with calm, friendly language.
  5. And imagine you not only haven’t been paid - but you’re just about to not have your contract renewed as well so there’s no incentive to pay you any time soon.
  6. We had a reasonably solid base. Chansiri is to blame 100%.
  7. Anyone under contract we can sell is vulnerable. We need cash to rebuild.
  8. Toiling at the coal face again to make Chansiri look like a flawed hero.
  9. I guess the thing about Bannan is that he does good things to mitigate the bad.
  10. To be fair the pitch, scoreboard and initial investment in players were pretty sound. But the Bristol City price hike was the sign of a bloke who didn’t quite get it.
  11. .....is motivated by contrariness, arm twisting or bribery.
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