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  1. All tied in with the Hirsty disparaging Wednesday comments. There are quite a few of those so I have no reason to doubt there's something in them which is a shame. Hopefully it's about the chairman not the fans etc - although if George Hirst ever plays against us in more normal times I don't think the atmosphere will be benign.
  2. If only every one was as big and loyal a fan as you.
  3. The thing is we have him here. We have a limited budget and we need bodies. It's a matter of prioritising where we need to bring new players. It may be more cost effective to keep VA as a squad player.
  4. I watched the end of the Rotherham game the other day when we nicked it. Man McGughan could take a wicked free kick. What a waste of a talent.
  5. Reach and Iorfa scored 3 league goals between them last season. If we don’t get some new forwards in we won’t score enough goals to survive - regardless of how many chances we create.
  6. Me neither which is why I said regardless of rights and wrongs. You made the comparison in the first place. I didn’t see many people quoting Wigan fans saying nice things about Windass whereas you’ll find plenty of Wednesday fans praising the Hillsborough Two.
  7. Who says they aren't trying? That seems to me an accurate reflection of the state we are in at the moment - a week before our first competitive match of the season. Fingers crossed.
  8. And you'll find a sizeable chunk of Wednesday fans who are unhappy about how Hutch and Westwood have been treated - regardless of the rights and wrongs. Do many Wigan fans think the same about Windass?
  9. And who is to say it would? What other clubs want it? And critically does the PL give a fig?
  10. I've never known such a serially underperforming highly paid player get such a patient, supportive reaction.
  11. How do these two statements go together?
  12. And would have been top if it weren't for Chansiri's plans to deter away fans.
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