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  1. I thought he did well against Barnsley but terrible since.
  2. I'd hazard a guess you'd be wrong. In fact I don't have to guess. Not that I'd expect it to change your view. Average wage in 1980 was about £6k. Now it's about £30k. It's roughly 5 times higher. As for ticket prices. Here are ticket prices in 1980 which were branded as crazy as they were so expensive. It's the modern equivalent of £9 to get on The Kop and £16.80 on the North and South Stands. Under a tenner a game for the cheapest tickets. The season ticket price quoted in the 1980 article must have been in the North or South Stand as otherwise it would have been cheaper to POTG if it was a Kop ST. The cheapest Early Bird ST this year in the equivalent stand this year was £555. That compares with a modern equivalent of £300 for the 1980 ticket. Comparing current later phase STs would be even more unfavourable. It's slightly more complicated though as the ST in 1980 would only have been for 21 games instead of 23.
  3. How do we compare with other teams in the division?
  4. Don't know if it's the case with Blackburn but some clubs offered reciprocal pricing. We refuse I believe. Robdoggery.
  5. I'm neutral on this but isn't taking part in radio phone-ins the very definition of "spouting crap from the sidelines"?
  6. It was a perfect finish. On target is one thing. Right in the corner is another.
  7. Fancy harping on about "events" when 96 people died.
  8. Actually the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  9. Whether a glass is half full or half empty it’s still likely to be a short measure.
  10. Good statement. He’s had to make a statement about Boro too.
  11. His record is alright. Never got a team promoted. Never got a team in the play offs. Given our squad we need a manager to do a lot more than alright. A 4/10 from me. I think we’d had have more chance of going up with a Cowley or Cook. I also think we’d have more chance of going down. A safe appointment that could have been made weeks ago. But football innit? You never know.
  12. I for one wouldn’t have slagged him for a gamble. It’s what we need.
  13. Clearly a topic you know a lot about. We obviously have no knowledge of the FA’s internal mechanisms and rules etc. They may be whiter than white - no pun intended. The real politik as well is I really don’t see Chansiri pursuing, or encouraging, a legal case against the FA. Even though he is adept at exploiting loopholes. My main gripe in this is people linking FF with SAG, FFP and the EFL to imply there is a vendetta against us. Playing the victim card that many on here accuse Scousers of playing.
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