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  1. We had a plan B - 442. Then a plan C - 343.
  2. The two worst bits coming out the North are immediately you hit Penistone Road with people walking down past the exit from the Kop and then the junction with the South Stand exit when you have thousands of people having to force themselves out into the crowds walking in the direction of Hillsborough Park. It's not dangerous so much as flipping awkward - especially when you have an 80 year old in tow like I do.
  3. I met him the day after the Barnsley game in John Lewis in Leeds. He was looking at plates. “Well played yesterday” I said tentatively. After a slight, awkward pause he said “Thanks very much” - with more of a glare than a smile - and then went on his crockery purchasing way.
  4. If an organisation in charge of ensuring crowd safety is given a report from the police that says part of the ground is unsafe it takes a very, brave organisation - which ultimately means brave people - to go against it. Given the report that was submitted it's entirely predictable.
  5. He described the Geordie fans as unique after the Norwich game. Sound familiar?
  6. But you should’ve taken one away because one goal was scored by a player we’ve sold. We have five forwards but I worry for us when Fletcher gets injured. I know why we sold Joao because you can only sell players people want to buy. But the fact other teams didn’t want to pay reasonable money our other forwards indicates how good they are.
  7. I think someone like the Cowley’s are our best chance of going up - but the problem with managers is you can only judge with hindsight- especially at our level. Pep and zillions to spend - yep pretty well guaranteed. But look at the struggle even clubs like Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea have had to find the right bloke. Carlos probably did a bit better than his CV suggested, Jos worse. Who would have thought Dyche and Howe would have been so successful? But then again old-timers like Hodgson step up to do a good job and God only knows how Bruce would have done here. Chansiri just has to go with the vision that matches his and then it’s fingers crossed. If that’s Bullen he could be like Keifer Sutherland in Designated Survivor and rise to the challenge or he could be our Theresa May and be out of his depth.
  8. If he can’t play because of his potential upcoming ban we shouldn’t have appealed. He’d be halfway through his ban now.
  9. Not as boring as banging on about people banging on about stuff. Don’t flipping read it.
  10. Does losing in the Championship play offs qualify a bloke to take over a team that's has an ambition to win the Champions League? Chelsea presumably think so. It's a matter of assessing the man himself. We've seen bits of Campbell on the telly etc. We're all entitled to our opinions but in reality none of us know much about him. He could be amazing. He could be terrible. Most likely he would be something in between. Whoever gets the job - and I don't think it will be Campbell - we have to trust Chansiri's judgement and give the new bloke time.
  11. Although the actual cost depends on adding in the relevant portion of the membership fee too.
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