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  1. rickygoo

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    He’s a knobhead but I love this goal because it makes me laugh - Di Canio’s skill, his look around and the Everton player failing to take him out at the end.
  2. rickygoo

    Keeper comparisons

    Yeah Grant was rubbish. He disappeared after he left us.
  3. rickygoo

    Ashley Baker

    If he is a she that would put the performance in perspective.
  4. This. Why the fizz do they do it?
  5. rickygoo

    Well this is awkward

    The piece said they were sitting behind her. She must have been turning round gawping.
  6. rickygoo

    Sean Clare Signing for

    He'll be lucky - I've been looking for 50 odd years and I still haven't found it....
  7. Chansiri the people's crusader for pensioner rights. Yep - no doubt about it.
  8. I know I was just puzzled why you negged someone for expressing an opinion you say you share. That's all.
  9. My attempt to......obtain clarification?
  10. rickygoo

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Bit bizarre if there's any chance of Abdi being anything like what he was.
  11. Bizarrely he was gutted to have won the semi-final. Interview starts about 1.20
  12. For example @Willow Owl you negged this "It's £33 ffs , only £28 if you have forked out £50 for a membership , that's on the Kop. Either way to it's too much for a game that is live on sky !" If you disagree with POTG prices I don't see why you would neg that other than objecting to the grammar.