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  1. Unlikely though it seemed at the start of the season - when these two came on oo Saturday it gave us some real presence up front - skill, pace and strength
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Worked hard, tenacious, ambitious on the ball and showed touches of wonderful skill. Like the Forestieri of a couple of seasons ago.
  3. Safe standing petition

    And it didn’t cause the disaster - so there you go.
  4. Safe standing petition

    The gate wasn’t rushed or forced it was opened. Look at the analysis of the turnstiles which revealed a problem was going to happen because of the pattern of admissions. Look at the HSE count of how many people were actually on the terrace after the gate was opened. Look at the fact that although a quarter of the dead had been caught up in the crush outside and entered the gate after it was opened all of them had tickets. The Liverpool fans and gate rushing were mentioned in Taylor and dismissed as a significant cause because of hard evidence. Late arriving ticketless fans didn’t cause the crush outside - it was a crush that was building up well before kick off.
  5. Safe standing petition

    Go spout your rubbish in Liverpool.
  6. Safe standing petition

    Still peddling the same old testicles
  7. Safe standing petition

    If you want standing reintroduced it's the only way it's going to happen.
  8. Was last night really that bad?!

    Agree - the first 15 minutes is much more relevant than the final 75.
  9. On Saturday a Chesterfield fan - as I recall - complained about the state of his club and said even Lord Lucan couldn't succeed there. Was Lord Lucan a renowned football coach? I don't remember that being mentioned when he disappeared. His nickname was Lucky. Maybe that's what he was referring to.
  10. How far behind are we?

    That doesn’t sound like 75% to me. I thought you were a numbers guy!
  11. Butterfield

    I thought he was OK in the first half but poo like most of them in the second.
  12. Two bought - only because I know if I didn’t I wouldn’t go at all due to prices.
  13. I wanted Martin Taylor.
  14. Unbiased Press?

    None of which alters the fact that the press aren’t biased against Wednesday.
  15. Unbiased Press?

    I think you’re slightly unhinged. A good place to end the thread.