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  1. Is jos the man ?

    Doesn't seem to me like bloke who's going to be here a long time. Irvine came in and initially transformed results and we know what ultimately happened. Jos hasn't - and that's regardless of injuries because if they are the issue and they are no more than bad luck then Carlos shouldn't have been sacked - but if we stay up he's done this season's job.
  2. Argument in North stand

    What I posted was true - but then again it always is.
  3. Argument in North stand

    I saw what I think was the aftermath under the stand near Kop end. A woman was saying a guy being protected by stewards was a convicted paedophile who was banned from the ground and she had taken his photo. Stewards were calling the police in because of the aggressive behaviour of one man. He in turn was saying he didn’t care because he was right as the other bloke was banned.
  4. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    Given yer man wants to deter away fans that's not very likely.
  5. Jos post-match interview

    I think Irvine made a better start.
  6. Few things we learnt tonight

    Could have been shitola and still achieved that accolade.
  7. I think playing no forwards was the issue.
  8. Going well because of an inspired shot. Can the manager take credit for that though?
  9. Now the team he put out on Saturday is weeing me off even more more.
  10. Short-termism.

    If it boosts season ticket sales above the norm then it could still be about both. It could be a way of encouraging season ticket sales to stay at their current high level which helps with FFP and cash flow issues.
  11. Short-termism.

    We can be cash strapped and still liable to fall foul of FFP. They aren't mutually exclusive - far from it in fact.
  12. Short-termism.

    Surely it will be a contract between the club and the purchaser. The only way a new purchaser would escape honouring it would be if the sale was done via an insolvency procedure.
  13. I think you're allowed one or two special occasions when home fans get in cheaper.
  14. 1 Defeat in 9 Games For Jos

    He hasn't worked wonders - he's done OK. In my opinion anyway.
  15. Let say we beat Swansea

    I'd rather play Rochdale.