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  1. Perspective

    Do you not think there are any wide reaching issues at the club?
  2. Powderpuff challenge by Bannan started that move.
  3. Has their goalie made a save?
  4. Correct depends on the context. If there isn’t a legitimate attempt to play ball I think a sending off is still available to referee.
  5. Man for man they are a stronger team. We aren’t as good as many think we are. But it’s a team game so if we gel...
  6. Fickle Fans

    You’re forgetting plus a manager who knows what he’s doing and not factoring in the relative skills and spending power of the opposition. Your basic arithmetic needs a touch of added sophistication
  7. Fickle Fans

    In fact I’m so happy I don’t feel the need to insult everybody who disagrees with me about something as unimportant as football. Try it you might like it.
  8. Fickle Fans

    But I love my wife and children, curry, Ritchie Blackmore in 1972 and Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. Fickle Fans

    I hate prunes and heights too. Crazy old world.
  10. Fickle Fans

    Yep hate them. My life is great thanks. Kind of you to show concern.
  11. Irrelevant- we are where we are. I remember when we were getting promoted.
  12. Fickle Fans

    The football I can cope with - unpredictable sport innit? The rest - the ticket prices, the lack of stripes, the treatment of corporate customers, the Chansiri branding, the kit prices are all within the club’s control. I’d hate them even if we were top of our Champions League group. I’ve never been a Wednesdayite because we win things. It’s the tradition and spirit of the club I have always loved. Presumably that’s why Rochdale fans love their club - they aren’t in it for Premier League potential. But then I’m r8 old fashioned me and each to their own.
  13. Fickle Fans

    So sensitive
  14. Fickle Fans

    The support will be there tomorrow and at Hillsborough. This is a forum to vent and talkbollocks. As a master of that black art I thought you’d understand.