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  1. But where do you put the brazier?
  2. You mean like they have at Norwich
  3. How many years has he got left on his contract? There can't be that much left to amortize.
  4. Will you come to Hillsborough? Not many did so... Come in a taxi.. You could have come in a taxi. And for those that did.... You're going home in a f*****g ambulance
  5. I saw FF grab hold of his hamstring just before half time.
  6. Oh Oh Oh Sammy..... Still think we should do this for Hutch
  7. One of the few businesses where the paying punters get the blame for lower than expected sales. Blame the people who put prices up to such stupid levels and choked off POTG sales. Why not reward the fans by having reasonable prices for a televised game like this?
  8. Special rare treats like the Birmingham game.
  9. Means tested football. It's come to that.
  10. We go to watch Wednesday in the same place every match. There should be 2 categories - normal and ultra cheap.
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