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  1. I'm puzzled we decided to play a system with 3 centre backs when we only have one fit one.
  2. What no mention of ten bob millionaires yet?
  3. We're short on central defenders - so we play 3 instead of 2. Safety in numbers? Cool. .
  4. Depends how poo those managers were of course but regardless of that fact can we not just say well done Sam, thanks for the memories and good luck with your next club instead of all the snidey comments. What happened to being nice?
  5. Now it's the fans' turn to get it in the neck. Who's next? Ron Springett? Chris Waddle? Roy Hattersley?
  6. There will be very few on here that know the inside story of what happened with him, Monk and Jos. They didn't like him. The first thing Bullen did was bring him back in from the cold. He may be a bad egg, he may be the victim of poor man management - the vast majority on here don't know just like we don't know what happened with McGughan, Bates, Westwood, George Hirst etc. The players fell out with Pleat apparently. Wilson couldn't handle Di Canio - in those circumstances it's the managers who got the blame even though Di Canio and Carbone weren't exactly the easiest players to manage through their careers and Waddle, Hirst, Sheridan etc were always pretty vocal about what should be. Clough and Pleat couldn't handle Sheridan properly - does that make him poo. Should we slag him off? It's all very muddy and if you aren't privy to the details it's very hard to judge. And no Hutchinson isn't as good as those players. So I'm not slagging Monk,Jos, Carlos, Bullen, Gray or Hutchinson off. All I really know is what Hutchinson gave on the pitch and I was pretty happy with that. Time for him to go. Thank him for some good memories and we look for the next player to support.
  7. So on the pitch he feigned it? Another bold statement. He did a good job for us in a solid team - more than just lunging last ditch tackles. I just don't like bitchiness and cattiness. The guy did a good job, thank him and we move on.
  8. I think categorising some of the views on here as not "100 per cent rosy" doesn't tell the whole story.
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