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  1. Repeat after me. The club is not the owner. The club is not the owner.,
  2. Which is why I would never criticise him for not getting us up.
  3. It boils down to one or the other. Like Wednesday or Unit*d.
  4. A judge would disagree. I'll take his his or her opinion ta.
  5. It really isn't. The civil justice system would have to be totally overhauled - something no-one except supporters of FF seem to be calling for.
  6. Who says it's not evidence based? It's just a differing level of proof based on the evidence. The differing levels of proof required in civil and criminal cases is long established. It wasn't invented to catch FF out. It's just a difference between probably guilty and guilty without reasonable doubt.Civil courts use a lower standard of proof that criminal ones. Are you saying the entire foundation of British justice should be amended so FF gets off a 6 match ban? I sense a touch of Contrary Maryism.
  7. Because if you're guilty by criminal standards you'll be guilty by civil standards too. The converse doesn't apply.
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