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  1. Not necessarily. The Sunderland bloke has done OK. As did Dave Jones and Paul Sturrock. Not that I'd get rid of Moore - but there's no guarantees either way
  2. Why wasn’t Byers playing? He was immense at MK. Pick your best team.
  3. Good in his day - but his day had gone. And he was a Judas.
  4. Should have made more of an effort to fill the ground for the final push.
  5. And some managers drop clubs like a Joooodas when a better offer comes along.
  6. He did nothing after, he was a spent Joooodas force.
  7. He used to get slated. There are probably still people who - as with Antonio - don't realise what a quality player he was when he was with us.
  8. I’m assuming you are a parody account.
  9. But apart from embargo, relegation, ridicule, stripping us of the ground, crackpot schemes and extortionate prices what has Chansiri ever done to us?
  10. Oh you mean relegation, embargo, dragging the good name and reputation of the club through the mud, making us a laughing stock, plastering his name everywhere to celebrate, paying what he owes fans at a snail's pace, coming up with crackpot schemes etc etc? A bit more than. saying soz. Maybe another cake ball would be a start.
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