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  1. I think you missed a bit of my post off.
  2. But the former leads to the latter. Collateral damage innit? It might be understandable based on whatever has gone off between the pair of them but it's bound to leave a sour taste in the mouths of Wednesday fans who are the ones who have done feck all to deserve it. We are left with less money to buy players, a tainted hero and a move that is clearly very out of the ordinary. We can't understand the other side of the story if we aren't told it - all we know is what the consequences are.
  3. In the way it's ended up it's Wednesday that have been shafted.
  4. Do you know what a tradition is as opposed to an aberration/abomination?
  5. It’s a bizarre move. You can at a stretch see why it’s happened but regardless it will genuinely damage Hirsty’s reputation amongst a fan base that has worshipped him as a real hero. He was a bit poo after 1993 anyway.
  6. he can pick a pass as well as, say, Maguire did the other night. But defensively he's looked all over the place.
  7. rickygoo

    Our fire sale

    Making stories up about Sheffield Wednesday is really going to sell some copies.
  8. I did - for about 20 minutes wasn't it?
  9. But the one that makes me smile most is this one Followed by Hirsty's turn, charge and deft finish against Hull.
  10. This one was difficult to beat. I was right behind the post it went in at.
  11. rickygoo

    Best free kick

    Shez v Luton is ours.
  12. rickygoo

    Bench seating

    Gi' cushions back
  13. So the goalie who was in the net when we finished 3rd in the League then 7th and 7th, got to two Cup Finals and played for England was responsible for our decline. I think not.