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  1. Light burns on hands and ankles! Wow.
  2. Not been keeping up with the table cos you only need to look at the bottom. What happened to Reading!
  3. Saw something today where the daily mail criticised Marcus rashford for buying houses.
  4. How'd you work that out? Recently back to manager with transfers and a coaching team, spent over 3 hours talking to journalists, sacked said manager, employed another manager on a long-term deal
  5. We were waiting for you mate. I'll let Big C know
  6. Playing devils advocate here, I don't think he's a Wànkpuffin.... More of a cockwomble
  7. Keane's, Harte, Duff, Given etc etc. The he has happened to Ireland
  8. Thinking about it. Surely they are like driving licenses.... You learn to drive after the qual. The coaching quals give you the basics. If they were around, how would you know a certain ex player has the skills and knowledge to start management?
  9. Swimming coaches need qualifications.... From a higher up award, j assume it's also about types of support ie sport science etc and how to work with then?!
  10. Weren't some fans saying they were going down after that ?
  11. Hi. I used to use my surface pro to "Borrow" my dad's sky go, and plug into my TV with the Surface's mini display port... But i broke it (also, sky go when unusbale from most computers!). So, I invested in a Surface dock, and someone uses what I thought was the power input only to let me be able to hock up an external moniotr, usbs etc etc.... However, its looks a biut poo , so I always hide it under my desk. Anyone know if the thunderblock docks etc work with surface pros?
  12. Even if he loses his seat, he'll be back. Looks a good driver. Meanwhile Hamilton 2.5 seconds faster on the final lap. And Stroll back to being Stroll
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