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  1. I know many Newcastle fans. Not one liked/s him.
  2. Can we do away with the notion that Bruce would have got us promoted yet?
  3. I'm sure it's been said.... Players putting the ball on the last 1mm on the corner circle
  4. For me, it blends with the whole structure of the club as people have said above... Most academics are not profitable. We do not necessarily need to "waste" money on the academy... However, if some of that supposably £350m was spent on a new training facility, I think that would have had a positive knock on effect for the academy
  5. And yet on our poll, Cook was more favoured
  6. Yes. A red blooded male is the key requirement. It's goes before anything else..cos....to throw a famous phrase in here "they would not have gotten away with those performances with..."
  7. Has also had accusations of being a bully all over the national press.... Plus grabbed the neck of a player. But he did play for us, so that makes him a success...you know, like Wilson and Turner
  8. Other than taking Leicester into the prem and ending lower mid table with a team that won the prem the following season.....?
  9. Question.... If he hadn't had played for us in the early 90s, would you want him or class him in the same bracket as Monk etc? Also, I still can't get over the "don't worry about me, I can handle myself" comment he made when that player fell into him a few years ago. What an odd thing for an adult professional the say!
  10. For me, I feel he could be the next KPS, just comes in and gets it! A lower manager who has never "failed". Surely that is better than someone who have managed in the premiership and is on the manager merry-go-round (pulis, monk, Pearson etc)
  11. People who don't want Cook have so far failed to provide a suitable and realistic alternative
  12. Do we know what went on among these two and the reason for being banished to the youth squad? If for example, he was damaged there for something he had done/Cook thought he'd done, then there might be issues (IF Cook gets the gig). However, he might have been placed there because he wanted to leave Wigan, and then surely new club, new start for both?
  13. And you want?..... (Not that I want Barton anywhere near this club)
  14. I dont know why we are looking anywhere but here. We've got some reet managers on here!
  15. Viera?! What's he done as manager?
  16. Poch gone to PSG. I thought we were in with a chance!
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