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  1. Where would Man U be if they gave Moyes more time?
  2. https://youtu.be/sdJXMeMLRGk Still gets me
  3. They've all supported him (fellow pros)
  4. Just checked out the United world website. What the hell is it? I assumed the same owner owns all the club's like city, making feeder clubs for United? But it's random sport teams as well
  5. Right .... All managers can say that ... And if it was down to the ginger one, why didn't he do the business?
  6. Played poo in all but 3-4 games.... 5 points from top (we'll ignore the games played)
  7. So, a rough marshall apparently. They are to blame
  8. Epic! Oooohhhhhh yeahhhhhh
  9. What went darn? For us who can't afford sky
  10. Oops! I'm not saying what he's been through isn't deplorable..... But isn't he as bad as them in a way?!
  11. Well, who was England's u21 coach.... Ady whatshisname..awful coach
  12. Just read the BBC summary. Chuff me! A lot a careers gone up in smoke today! How can one club be so rotten..... They horrible thing is.... It's probably not just one club!
  13. Rashid now coming forward to confirm MV said things that could potentially be viewed as racist. Career over?
  14. Ah yes. Someone mentioned that Carlton Palmer named himself on the bench day of the week. He's only 55......
  15. Wildsmith Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Hirst Nilsson
  16. "don't choose the club choose the owner"..... Hmmmm
  17. So basically.... You want a design from the 50-60s? Anyone seen the ambitious plans for molineux? 50k seats.....?!? Right
  18. Two separate arguments, surely? Would a similar argument not be someone who is being bullied at work continues to go to that work?
  19. Someone posted a lot of previous tweets from MV, and some are very close to the bone, especially when the present context is applied
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