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  1. Apparently we did offer a deal, but he wanted first team wages.... He's not first team.... At least 5 strikers in front of him
  2. Now I am a stripe man, but can see why we moved away from the stripes for this year... One thing he is correct about is that we will remember this shirt irrespective of what happens on the pitch. I'm sure we wouldn't remember the early 90s shirts as fondly if we were not playing at Wembley during that period. Not sure how you create an iconic striped shirt that was clearly different from all other iconic striped shirts
  3. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Natalie Portman though
  4. probably shouldn't quote all that
  5. Bannan and João

    On the telly box you could clearly see Rhoades giving Fletch a lot of praise
  6. We've been so good the last 20 mins!
  7. So you don't become bad players overnight. There has to be a reason that most of the team made lots of individual errors yesterday. Moreover, there has to be a reason that we always seem to start games so slowly. Carlos is a football coach. It may be understandable that he might not fully get of psychology of players. However I'm not sure if sport psychologists are used that much in football (Scram?) like they are in most other elite sports. But maybe it's time to invest??
  8. I'm what way? Not listening, but watching, they have every right to be
  9. Wednesday frontrunners soon

    I'm sure many teams can say exactly this. it's the nature of football
  10. Ever wonder if Jones allows Bannan to play with my freedom?
  11. And we started playing him at RB! Did he only move into midfield due to injury of others?
  12. Team 4 Brentford

    So we all agree that Reach is a LB then?
  13. not seen a thread on this yet. Obviously, I am sure we would all like the same team that started today... However surprised Lee managed nearly 90 minutes today and would be even more surprised to see him start Tuesday. Also was it just me that thought Westwood looked injured a few times (a few grimaces after kicking... Or maybe he just wasn't happy with where the kick went)? I'm guessing it will be same again but with Lee out and Butters in