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  1. Did he say they need to play 442 with Billy Sharp up front. And that Wednesday should play that young kid cos his dad was good?
  2. Yeah, I realised this after posting.... Not to mention they also have to divert the public roads etc.
  3. I really liked the yellow and black of Renault.
  4. So, why is Oz delayed yet the tennis is starting soon?
  5. Is, I dont like working on laptops so use a dock for my surface usually.
  6. Hi have a Surface Pro 3 with i5 processor and 4gb of RAM It is about 6 years old and has never missed a beat... However, I’m currently teaching from home and it is starting to struggling, using 95% of memory. It being a surface pro, it cannot be upgraded. Wondering what people recommend, I’m thinking of a desktop, i5 or greater with 8gb of RAM of greater. However, just looking for a refurbished etc, but for work. Any recommendations/advice on this stuff?
  7. I know many Newcastle fans. Not one liked/s him.
  8. Can we do away with the notion that Bruce would have got us promoted yet?
  9. I'm sure it's been said.... Players putting the ball on the last 1mm on the corner circle
  10. For me, it blends with the whole structure of the club as people have said above... Most academics are not profitable. We do not necessarily need to "waste" money on the academy... However, if some of that supposably £350m was spent on a new training facility, I think that would have had a positive knock on effect for the academy
  11. Like he did at Derby, or the Belgium club?
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