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  1. Always found it odd. A chap who has played and contributed to a club gets more stick than someone who has never played for a club (unless the player in question left the club when he was crap, that's okay). We're a strange bunch football fans
  2. So, Fulham get promoted and it's down to S Grey, not their manager or highly expensive squad? As fans we have a load of things to be concerned and annoyed about right now. Replacing Grey with Carlos is not one of them!
  3. Indeed, we still have posted something we bottled the final! No credit to hull, the team that finished above us or beat us twice in that season I believe
  4. Logged back on to see if this ended up in the match day section!! Hasn't Howe spent shed loads?
  5. What do the stars represent? Seems every club does it different!
  6. I know we talk about the lack of real fans at the fa cup, but this year when there are no fans, it suffers more than the other games ... In fact this just seems another game
  7. Surely it's not as the delay isn't a Newcastle thing, but a league thing
  8. We didn't "let him" walk away
  9. I hardly think they are staying in a hotel like a jury...... Unless they are in their own lockdown bubble
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