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  1. Is he with Doyen or whatever you call em?
  2. can how will you fund the operation of the club?
  3. Burnsie

    A few names.....

    Isn't Harry in a jungle?
  4. Burnsie

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Didn't have a problem with anything he said. Said United with very good and they were, said we deserved lots of credit for our defensive display.
  5. Burnsie

    Man of the match

    Got to be cam, he saved the penalty and was relatively assured all night including coming for crosses. Also a mentioned for Fletcher, the effort that Bannon put in, and both centre backs didn't put a foot wrong
  6. Burnsie

    From a player.......

    Not read the whole thread but are the clubs legally allowed to say that players are injured if they are not? Think about a player coming up to the last year of his contract, it would affect his future employability if potential clubs assume that he is injury prone.
  7. Burnsie


    I'd still like Paul Cook in the long run, but that would cost.
  8. Anyone want to know how many Rhoades has scored so far today?
  9. Baker made a good start
  10. Burnsie

    Sam Winnall - Setback

    Wasn't he ahead of schedule anyhow? I'm sure returning to training after being out for so long significantly increases your chances of picking up an additional injury.
  11. Burnsie

    Sheffield, city of students

    They also live pretty close to the stain. Unluckily for them