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  1. I like the fact that Rob is back asking the questions
  2. He owes a street and a hotel but lives down south and commutes by helicopter up to shirebrook
  3. I would have gone for Cook and Chris Hughton before we appointed Moore what do fans know!
  4. If not poor and horrendous error we would have won tother day. And if the scores say the same we being fifth place with a game in hand on a few around us without playing well for entire game
  5. Can you sue a company in admin? What they gonna sue them for 1p?
  6. Chris Hughton was most people's choice, or Cook at Ipswich......
  7. So Lewis should go the slow, long way round the corner that he was in first?
  8. I meant he didn't moan as much..... Which is odd for him
  9. Over the stewards who have access to all camera angles, telemetries etc? Ps DC on channel 4 didn't blame it on Lewis and Horner was very none moaney (even about the penalty), which speaks volumes
  10. Already getting a stand named after her at Bumhole lane
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