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  1. Can you remember all the stick we got for signing players in for the u23s
  2. Watty is trolling. Gotta be? The forum is all opinions.... However his opinion is categorically, unequivocally, 100,% wrong FACT
  3. I personally rely on the wealth of peer reviewed physiological (etc) data out there that says.... You're wrong
  4. Fans moaning players getting injured. Fans moaning players having a rest to recover between games.... Right
  5. as long as BB is allowed to go where he wants (but not back towards the defence the pick up the ball like he seemed to do lots last season under carlos!)
  6. Always found young Indian a bit negative on here (especially when it came to cricket), but is the best of the stations presenters
  7. Hope it's just those overuse injuries they all get when coming back from nearly a year out
  8. Burnsie

    Bands FC

    Wrong wrong. The Monkey's support dem blades, or so we're told
  9. Burnsie

    Joe Wildsmith

    Based upon?
  10. That's the spirit.... Using your analogy, why does Federer have a coach?
  11. Burnsie

    They have arrived

    did nando refuse to travel.... Can't see him. I've heard he's jumped on a mega bus to Swansea!
  12. Burnsie


    If he proves the above in training, then surely he'll get game time. Either way, nothing to lose