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  1. He's also a yes man apparently cos he doesnt over rule the manger and bring back hutch and Westwood
  2. Broke into the first team as a young and experienced professional footballer. Shown on many occasions that he was as good as most about other performers on the day. Went on loan and has been a success Is still very young and we'll have a sell on value
  3. I'd love the developers to simply cut them out the game (or threaten too, i don’t think it would come to that). Literally, gone. No name changes, no fake players, just, gone!
  4. as a 20 year old, in a poor team, where he also had games much better than his much older professionals.... chuff me
  5. and has said it was a mistake.... I wonder if he wants to make an even bigger one
  6. but IF it wasnt for the injuires..... what do you think? A lack luster 10th place?
  7. Neil, do you really live in Poland? Also, course he's going to say that.
  8. No one has picked up on the point that when he reduced his commute, the issues still remained. Clearly the commute didn't have anything really to do with it. Just one of many triggers, once removed something else triggered. Maybe he was thinking that he should feel better now he will closer to home, and the fact that he didn't made him even worse
  9. I watched England Vs Argentina 2002 yesterday. Much better that! Forgot how well we played
  10. ONly scored taps ins and pens. They dont count
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