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  1. I've heard it's white and blue stripes. Freaky
  2. Not sure if Scram has posted in this topic before, he must have. I think there's research out there comparing grass pitcher to astro etc and not found an increase injury, so that suggests it might not be the facilities (although, I'm not sure what our treatment options are like etc)
  3. Looking forward to the right back poll....
  4. And I've just seen it on Facebook again (I know it's past the date, but still. Don't know what else could be done? Would be interested to know how successful it was though, baring in mind that owls in the park is always a success.
  5. I knew about this event. It was all over social media. Not sure if I got an email about it though as I generally don't read generic marketing emails.
  6. And the last time you saw fessi have an impact? Least Boyd has set up and scored a goal in the last 2 games
  7. Really? Boys has played many a premiership game. fessi has not. We must assume that Boyd has been better??
  8. Bazza going off lost us that game. Flipping villa. We were all over them
  9. Ps. Was Lee the chairman when the world cup plans came out? Would be interested to hear to detail behind them (ie was it just concept or was there more detail there about what could and couldn't be achieved on the site etc) Does Lee still come on here?
  10. I find this thread an interesting…social experiment almost. There are people saying we should NOT move as it’s our home (well, maybe in your time watching Wednesday, yes). But where does that end? Are we allowed to move when you pop ya clogs? Are we ever allowed to move? All change is bad etc etc. Have you ever moved house? Then there are those who say “world cup plans”. But these plans are already many years old. What were they other than removing the pillars from the Kop (yay), and extra tier on the West and some computer labs on the North? What about the rest of the infrastructure? Even if the World Cup Plans are implemented, it doesn’t really make the stadium a long-term home? What about the facilities (yes, some say we can build out from the Kop, but can we, are we allowed, what about the foundations/Tree?!). Compare the size of the concourse in the south/north compared to modern stadiums. Surely, what everyone wants is a successful team, and our ability to attract better players and pay them will be linked to a good stadium and the ability to generate money all year round (which Hillsborough can never do…parking etc). What about player’s facilities? Yes, the changing rooms have been redone since Mr C arrived, but I bet they are hardly the best. What about physio space and rehab space for when a player comes off injured? Indoor warm-up areas such as an area to stretch and prehab? What about corporate (maybe then we can charge as much as we do!)? We then have those who say we “cant have a soulless bowl as you can’t generate atmosphere”. When was the last time you described Hillsborough as having a better atmosphere as those who play in a bowl. I can remember it being very quiet at times… to the ned that me and my friend jokes about bring a book. Surely the atmosphere is a direct result of the same fans + team performance anyhow? There are those saying “we only got 30k tops the last time we were in the Prem”. Yes, true, but that was a long time ago, football is different now (change!!!) So, to me, people who say “stay, at whatever costs” are those who will be complaining when we can’t compete (more so). I would vote move….if….. we can still have a stadium to be proud of (i.e. something a little unique, hey, it can even have 4 stands if you want!). No Derby, Sunderland, Boro etc. Failing that, revisit World Cup plans, update and modernise. Failing that, sort the west out Failing that, paint the blood West. Failing that, a win tomorrow.... However, and the flip side, I can’t wait to walk over that bridge tomorrow.
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