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  1. "owls heading top" Main BBC sports news currently
  2. I never get why people are obsessed with these plans. Yes, they were great, but are over 10 years old already. We have no idea if they were ever feasible (ie the north stand entry/exit as per this weekend). Be nice for Lee to fill us in!
  3. I found that the players are bigger than the numbers, so I just looked at them
  4. I think I have found a new design element. Anyone else, or is my top extra special?
  5. I'm sure clubs won't give a fudge about this if they can benefit by getting their youth player some game time.
  6. So, people are discussing this like it's a remote possibility?!
  7. Least we are interviewing, making progress and doing something
  8. My cat's breath smells like cat food
  9. Bullen out. Wednesday are a joke. Can't believe we've thrown away 3 points to these! Typical Wednesday
  10. I see Bully as our First Seargent Lipton!
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