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  1. Wednesday frontrunners soon

    I'm sure many teams can say exactly this. it's the nature of football
  2. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Ever wonder if Jones allows Bannan to play with my freedom?
  3. And we started playing him at RB! Did he only move into midfield due to injury of others?
  4. Team 4 Brentford

    So we all agree that Reach is a LB then?
  5. not seen a thread on this yet. Obviously, I am sure we would all like the same team that started today... However surprised Lee managed nearly 90 minutes today and would be even more surprised to see him start Tuesday. Also was it just me that thought Westwood looked injured a few times (a few grimaces after kicking... Or maybe he just wasn't happy with where the kick went)? I'm guessing it will be same again but with Lee out and Butters in
  6. Hunt sky mom? Reach and Hooper before him
  7. Reach has been decent today (so far)
  8. Wait.... How dare you say you say some individual at one of the best clubs in the world be better than one of ours how hasn't done even as much as a small percentage of what Rashford has achieved
  9. Love it. Not a moan in sight
  10. Opportunity for George Hirst

    It's almost...almost...like they are different people. Maybe people develop at different rates (or, by your analogy, I should have been playing professional football by that age too!). But sorry, I'm getting distracted, lets keep comparing him the greatest international goal scorer this country has ever had.
  11. winnall gone but nuhiu stays

    Does OP not realise that in order for someone to leave the club, another club must bid for them?