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  1. Well, for 2 of the first 3 they defo will..... They will have had a manager who who organised the team, with slowly improving results until they finished in the playoff places...... Sounds familiar
  2. By one point. So therefore you believe we should be able to win both game the football, cos of one point? We beat them 3-0 early in the season but it was much closer game then that suggests.... Their 5-0 however....
  3. The fact that we finished so high at the league suggests that what you say is indeed false.
  4. Nop. That's football. I think they should have been higher in the league with the players they have
  5. fizz off Bez Also, food business to be in currently, that and renewables. Isn't the forest green rovers owner that's all a about suitable and eco friendly club?
  6. Best player in league.... Right
  7. I'm sure Moorsey will sort it out at half time, getting bazzy up, and luongoy on
  8. That's already many years old and doesn't solve all the issues.
  9. Pep doesn't like making subs, does he?!
  10. Would love another city goal just for fun
  11. If you take the best 11 on that pitch, the vast majority will be Liverpool players
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