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  1. hirst to united

    This a wind up I assume?
  2. Player Ratings

    Encouraging that most keep saying "best game yet" after each game Pelupessy
  3. 3 players...

    JJ has no 2 and no 3
  4. Idea To Boost Attendances

    Best me to it
  5. SonAll teams near the bottom have lost points from a winning position.... I'm in shock
  6. Yorkshire post

    Would you expect an employee of any company to blatantly lie to someone else's face?
  7. Support For Rob Staton

    He is a bit of a negative Nelly when on here if I can recall.... Especially when it came to cricket
  8. So, who chose ours this year?
  9. Who normally chooses them. Serious question
  10. So .... What page of this thread do the updates start?
  11. Carlos really likes a dull first half!
  12. George Hirst

    No. I'm making cheese on toast
  13. Artic monkeys are blades you know
  14. Team for Villa

    Was coming in to post the exact same team (as long as it's Hirst Jr of course!!)