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  1. Just have a feeling that it will be a scrapy game We'll play at their level
  2. Geeerrrrrrtttttt stuck in! What you like on the sidelines of ya kids games
  3. There's something in most sport called Relative Age Effect. Ie the kids born in the early part of the selection window progress as they are usually bigger and stronger, but not always better. But being big and strong and fast means you get more ball time and more time to impress. A lot of the top academies are looking to reduce the the RAE influence by bio bandning so they don't miss out on those who might be binned off for being too small. Give the lad some time... Look at someone like Andy Murray, always getting cramp etc and being too skinny when he was young. Then turned in to a bit of a beast (hip notwithstanding!)
  4. They have one this year...of sorts.... And the teams have been forbidden from arranging friendlies I believe
  5. Klopp has a point though re the winter break and replays
  6. It was a simple miss kick. There was no real pressure. We were 2-0 up with seconds to play. A simple back pass to boot out. Just one of those things. Someone misses a great connection on a volley.... Is that a bottle too?
  7. Hardly. Was just an error by CD. Unfortunately it led to a goal.
  8. It's almost like the other team wants to defend their goal!
  9. What about the points won late in games. Are they like pens, don't count? What about the fact that most foals are scored between 80-90mins (I think....or that could be injuries!!)
  10. My friend hates the word mosit.... Just saying
  11. I get your point, but a strange analogy... No one knows how we'd react to war and it bears no relation to sport.... That said, Hutch would have kicked some Nazi ass!!
  12. So, is there something fundamentally wrong at Forest?
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