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  1. Oh yeah, even better than
  2. Me too!! Been to watch on play a couple of times. The Cowley brothers are doing amazingly well and the attendances down there are very impressive for a League One Club
  3. Burnsie

    New Kit

    Blue needs to be ever so slightly skyier
  4. Burnsie

    Sean Clare

    2 wrongs n all that, especially with ffp
  5. Just posted in another thread. He looks right footed (takes pens with it). His PNE goal was cracked with his left! Makes it even better!!!
  6. Just watch his goal compilations on YouTube. Surprising to see how many quality goals he scored was little flicks and back heels etc. Also the goal he scored against PNE was on his wrong foot. Never realised he was so two footed before
  7. Burnsie

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Wait... He's only 28???
  8. Burnsie

    M.o.m & Ratings

    Thought Dave had a good game even without the goals. João was a bit quiet apart from the quality for the first goal.
  9. Burnsie

    hirst to united

    This a wind up I assume?
  10. Burnsie

    Player Ratings

    Encouraging that most keep saying "best game yet" after each game Pelupessy
  11. Burnsie

    3 players...

    JJ has no 2 and no 3
  12. SonAll teams near the bottom have lost points from a winning position.... I'm in shock
  13. Burnsie

    Yorkshire post

    Would you expect an employee of any company to blatantly lie to someone else's face?
  14. Burnsie

    Support For Rob Staton

    He is a bit of a negative Nelly when on here if I can recall.... Especially when it came to cricket