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  1. When's it official? It's not officially official until the thread says official
  2. Anyone mentioned how channel 4 are team ex Red Bull.... DC still does a lot of them too I think......
  3. Surely it should just take Messi or Ronaldo or an equally big sports star to phone each other up and say, let's quit Twitter for X of time. Enough do it, Twitter will react. The problem is, no one appears to have the balls to do it... probably cos it will cost them money
  4. People get confused by "free speech". That doesn't mean they can say what they want to people and not have any consequences. People were also saying wearing masks impinged on their free speech. WTF
  5. I started a thread on the topic saying similar a few months back. It's like some of the regular callers think they are doing us a service or that they need to call in "I said to the wife I just need a book me call w'i radio" or the show will fail that day. "I'll speak to you Monday pal", "I'll call again at end of week". More content seems to being pushed online "for full interview, go to".... I'm guessing and hoping that the interviews are now more wide-ranging? The specials I do are great, when they bring referees on or the people from SHU. The show that still grinds my gears, was a few years ago when they asked if Sheffield should do more to be recognised as the home of football... The overwhelming consensus was yes.... But surely as the the radio station in the area it is up to them to therefore try and push something rather than waiting for Brian blade to contact his MP for wider recognition for Sheffield
  6. He still come on here? When he had hair....
  7. Italy were my favourites before the tournament, so it went to form
  8. Perhaps Rhodes refused to take one
  9. Have a feeling sterling will miss. The Italian keeper is huge
  10. He did compete with the best.... He lost but definitely competed.
  11. Has to be said Kasper schmeichel is an excellent keeper
  12. How fit is sterling. Still sprinting around
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