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  1. I knew that would happen. What I'm more interested in is HOW they missed it?
  2. And so they should. How the hell does the VAR ref no see Pickford ko Van Dyke?!! Surely there needs to be some accountability from refs to protect players
  3. I don't get the argument here. Games that would have never been shown live are now being shown behind a paywall.... For teams you don't support.... With the money going directly to the team and not the broadcaster
  4. I think I heard the Rotherham boss saying the other day that most loans have to have this break clause
  5. I live in Linc's and everyday I hear that Andy Burnhams name on the local news! Anyway, let's see how this pans out.
  6. Problem is, you can't make teams agree to it.... Hence the prem breakaway in the first place
  7. Notice how RS didn't push Tony Stewart on the fact that no fan has phoned up in support of it?
  8. In fairness, it's not the big 6 power grabbing (currently). Is the top two thinking of ways of making more money and they can only do it with the other 4
  9. Unfortunately, it's like the EPPP, a lot of smaller clubs thought it was a good thing as they will never be aiming to be a lower half prem team like us
  10. The only reason people talk about Maguire as a starting centre-back is onbecause he plays for Man U and we don't have many others. However, Cody has followed the same path (ie playing for better and better clubs). I can't see a reason why Cody shouldn't start over Maguire
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