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  1. Looks good. Wonder what his remit is? I assume to oversee S&C and blend it with medical?
  2. Which game will we secure automatic?..... That's the question
  3. You ever get the feeling threads on young Hirst I'm not really about the egos of DC vs DH.... But more about the egos of those ITK on here?
  4. Without wanting to read through the whole thread that will no doubt be Nuhiu bashing on one side and Nuhiu supporting on the other.... Are these rumours or any truth in it?
  5. Oh yeah, just keep him injury free.....
  6. Waiting for the criminal charges to be sorted first, I assume
  7. What's his agenda? Anyhow, delighted about the Lincoln game, as that's where I live and couldn't go last year
  8. Be very surprised if professional athletes 1) need reminding of this 2) let themselves go that much in a few weeks, this isn't the 1990s anymore
  9. Everyone seen that Nico saying we're after £7m
  10. I would like an owner (or owners) to hire a crack team of lawyers, and legally challenge the flip out of FFP
  11. I don't think so. Can't keep up with this thread, but it appears to be based on a third party report
  12. Forgot he had him, same with JVA
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