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  1. Burnsie

    Sheffield, city of students

    They also live pretty close to the stain. Unluckily for them
  2. Burnsie

    Sports psychologist

    Brain tells body to move. Brain not working properly =body doesn't move correctly resulting in impaired performance or injury. IMO these guys are just as important as any other non-playing side of the game
  3. Burnsie

    Gary Hooper

    I assume the medical team at Hillsborough do....
  4. Burnsie

    clean sheet today?

  5. Burnsie

    clean sheet today?

  6. Burnsie

    Talk about defensive!!!

    If fletch was on, that would have been a goal!
  7. Who came on for Fletcher? The commentator didn't say and you can hardly see on this red button
  8. Usual slow start then
  9. Burnsie

    Mid table team

    I agree... But where do you think forest will finish this season?
  10. Burnsie

    5 points from the last 3

    Forest let a 2 goal lead slip too, last kick of the game too
  11. Winnall would have been perfect for this situation. Can run and has strength
  12. Yup...cos they'll be pushing for a goalz leaving loads of space behind.
  13. The idea was to hit them on the break. Made sense to me
  14. Was onomh not brought off after having a hand in his face?