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  1. I have a spare seat i live at aston how do we get in touch
  2. How did Liera have a shocker against blackpool, he didnt play he was cup tied.
  3. He wasnt full of wind and wee wee when he saved us from going under.
  4. Teale didn't make him a bad defender he was bad before Teale came.
  5. Took the wife to that game it was her first game & guess what it was her last, Sat onthe front row leppings lane stand pissed it down with rain.Man city did everything to help us win,somebody forgot to tell the sub Boyer that we had to win &the rest is history.
  6. Can i have some of that your smoking,if you think he's been out standing you have not seen many good footballers,he runs about and does nothing.
  7. O'Conner back to his normal game chasing shadows.runs about gives 110% no end product.
  8. We dont want a thrower like Keegan, he cant do without a shitload of money &if thats not working he walks away, he bottles it.
  9. I bet milan is regretting not getting rid of him earlier.
  10. Beevers is a liabilaty every time he gets the ball at his feet,cant pass a ball to save his life.He is absolutly dross.
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