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  1. He is an awful footballer. He is constantly 5 yards behind chasing the ball. His reactions and reading of the game are terrible and is always out of position. When we have the ball he's even more of a liability. when he's in a 2 its almost impossible for us to retain possession. You can see the other players reluctance to give him the ball. He a complete liability and would almost play anyone in there in front of him. Im struggling with the obsession of moving Iorfa around. His and Borner partnership is the one big success of this season and should never ever be broken up if we can help it. He shouldn't be shifted to right back or midfield. FFS we've somehow stumbled across an amazing centre half and some people want to shift him into midfield, its crazy.
  2. How can you say that after sitting through the games we’ve had to sit through. To sit there and watch how unbalanced, awkward and deflated the team are is depressing. I’d take anybody, at least there would be a chance then. The only direction we are going under jos is down, might as well roll the dice and take a chance. Its just about bout as bad as it gets. I could take it if I were paying £20 a game and watching james o’connor And Darren potter play but we aren’t. Even without counting the exiles there’s enough quality in that squad to put in a decent performance.
  3. I just don’t see how anybody sitting through what we’ve had to sit through this year can defend him. We we don’t have any consistency or fluency in our play. Having sat through game after game this year I’m still struggling to understand what he’s trying to do. If if it wasn’t for a handful of wonder goals we would be in the bottom 3. That bolton game was like punching myself in the face for 90 minutes. Completely indefensible.
  4. It’s anybodies guess as to what kind of craziness is going on behind the scenes. There is a lot of guessing going on. The reality is Jos’ position is completely untenable. Anybody who has had to sit through any game this year knows how bad we are. A series of disjointed displays, constant team and formation changes, expensive players sat twiddling their thumbs and complete apathy in the stands. i don’t care who’s pulling the strings and lets be honest nobody really knows. Anybody who says they do is just guessing and perpetuating the myth of poor old Jos hos hands are tied. That’s a load of bull, whether he is manager or head coach he is failing badly at his job and it’s time to go.
  5. Brilliant We look so much more balanced with FF on and one less defender. Quality substitution.
  6. exactly the point, we have more points this year than we deserve.
  7. This is just insane everybody who looked at that teamsheet could have told you exactly what would happen and it happened. Awful defensive nonsense with zero attacking intent against a poor team. I just don't understand what he thinks he's getting out of us playing like that. He must want us to play like that because we do it all the time. The second half against leeds being a prime example. It's about time he realised we havent got the players to play a tight defensive game. If we play our best team and attack the opposition we will win more than we lose. I can't watch this its burning my eyes and breaking my heart. I have hated, loved and been indifferent to managers, this one just completely baffles me. Its crazy so many changes tactically and personnel wise from game to game. Players look confused and the shape is so unbalanced. We will never go up with Jos in charge. The bad thing is he will do enough to keep us in the lower half of the top 12 and people will think hes doing a good job. He really isnt at all.
  8. I don't understand why he seems not to wan to win football matches, even when its a very winnable tie like this one. Just sitting back hoping for a set play or reach to bang one in from miles away. why just why ? I wasn't a massive fan of carlos but at least he tried to win games. This is ridiculous.
  9. its easy really. This is not a good Bristol side they've gone backwards since last year. Pick your best team and go out and try and win a football match. clueless
  10. This isnt good is it. Such a poor team selection. How can we get any consistency when the team and the tactics are totally different from game to game. We have no intention of attacking them whatsoever. Really poor. Offering nothing.
  11. Lets just hope hes learnt his lesson and sorts the recruitment out this year. Last years reactionary scatter gun approach to recruitment has hurt us. Buy players we need not just get good players because they are available and try to squeeze them in. He needs to be ruthless in trimming the size of the squad and bring in 2 or 3 quality players. And for F**ks sake get some pace into the side
  12. When Hutch does drop back it Leaves Bannan on his own in midfield, which is what was happening on friday when they over ran us in the second half. We couldn't get out. FF has had some of his best games for us from the left, Huddersfield at home last year for example. If we play Rhodes and Winnall we need to get the ball out wide and get crosses in, with FF in the middle we will again be too tempted to cut inside and we will be easy to defend against, like we have all season. we can't rely on our fullbacks to put good crosses in because apart from that cross on friday Hunt has barely put a decent cross in the whole time hes been here. The way we play depends on the quality of our full backs and for the majority of the season they have been awful. We can't rely on them for our creativity. With our squad 442 is the only option, we just don't have enough centre halves to play it for a sustained period and our fullbacks aren't good enough.
  13. We can't play 352, we haven't got the squad to sustain it. we've only got 4 centre halves and one of them is Hutch. He won't do it, if he was even thinking about it he would have bought at least one more centre half.
  14. Play FF on the right and Reach on the Left. Get them staying out wide and getting crosses in for Rhodes and Winnall. We have a strike pairing that thrive on balls into the box we need to start feeding them and for me we can only do that if we have a left footer on the left and a right footer on the right.
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