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  1. Clearly doesn’t rate Stockdale. Can’t even bring himself to call him a keeper
  2. The problem that we have as a club is due to decades of non investment by various regimes in the infrastructure, we have so much catching up to do. Replacing one stand which would cost tens of millions of pounds, and that’s just for one, that isn’t going to be enough. We need three new stands (and a new training ground) and replacing 3 stands on the current site will almost certainly be more costly than a new purpose built stadium. I think its pie in the sky personally.
  3. He is better than what we have and a definite upgrade. Hope it’s true
  4. Where would you put the away fans then? Or would you have it split between home and away fans? It just seems a bit daft to me to spend tens of millions on a new facility that would be putting away fans first!
  5. A new stadium is what the club needs not just replacing the West Stand. Whilst any improvement would be great Hillsborough needs a minimum 3 new stands not just 1. And if any upgrade was to happen it should be for home fans first. The Kop or North Stand should be the ones earmarked for upgrade before the West Stand.
  6. Like you I only saw the Playoff games but I too thought he looked decent and a worthwhile punt on a development type player. I see he has signed for Tranmere this evening
  7. He was poo at Hearts mate. The boy had one good game out of 20 odd and flattered to deceive. He has ability but I honestly wouldn’t want him at Hillsborough. Hearts were looking at offering him a deal after his loan but he didn’t do enough.
  8. He was rubbish in his first spell. I seriously hope not
  9. Went on loan to Motherwell and after a few games couldn’t even get on their bench.
  10. We have a much better chance of winning promotion with him at the club than not. Bannan has genuine quality, he is almost always fit, he works hard and he is a genuine match winner. If he left we would not be able to get an upgrade in terms of skill set in League 1.
  11. I would be happy with either mate. Both good keepers and an upgrade on the two we have but Siegrist would be the better option.
  12. The Glasgow clubs are both interested in him as a backup and I believe English Championship teams are looking at him too. Siegrist is a good keeper but League 1 would be a difficult sell I think and he will have plenty options. I really hope Hibs sign him. Absolute cart horse. Stockport/Morecambe is his level
  13. Sell in January? If he is injured again nobody is spending a penny on a 29 year old in January with 6 months of his deal left. The time to sell is now and especially if the player wants out too
  14. Was wondering who would be daft enough to bid a million pounds and just seen the manager of this Argentinian bunch is Pedro Caixinha. Explains everything. Thanks for the memories Josh
  15. I sometimes really like kits when they are a bit brave and try something different. I like the look of that one. One things for sure it will be strange seeing their GAA kits having someone different to Supermacs sponsoring them too!
  16. Tommy Spurr - used to get pelters from fans but should be dining out on that goal at the Lane. Guy Whittingham - scored a winner at Anfield and was a far better player than given credit for. Wim Jonk - was streets ahead of the squad at the time, had great vision, and often made passes that if the movement of other players was even half decent would have been dangerous. Proper footballer. He was disliked because he didn’t run around like a headless chicken closing opponents down.
  17. Both Rudden and Connell would be gambles and haven’t played at anything like a decent level yet. Are you a fan of them? Youngish and definitely time to improve but I’m not sure they’d be ready for playing week in week out for us if we want to get promoted. They’d be projects for me Same hopefully he doesn’t leave!
  18. Marc Leonard is an ex Hearts academy boy and a Scotland U21. He’s a very good player, two good feet a proper footballer, and highly thought of by Brighton, he has been performing well in their Premier League 2 squad. I think it’s doubtful they’d loan him to League 1 to be honest but he’s almost certain to go out on loan next season. Another ex Hearts man (and Blade) David Weir is Brighton’s player pathway manager BTW. He’s in charge of a lot of their loans
  19. Precedent has been set. McBurnie should be jailed too
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