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  1. Support grass roots football indeed! I hope that (Worksop) Parramore are going to help support the grassroots football of Worksop by letting Worksop Town play for nominal rent (or rent free) in the ground that got stolen from them? If you are interested in helping grassroots football Its the least you could do until Worksop get back on their feet.
  2. If you havent managed to get this season's shirt why not follow our smaller cousins and have a go at making your own? http://www.s24su.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-official-home-made-shirts-thread.35623/ I knew there was a reason that so called template kits were a decent idea!! (Apart from robbing your own club of money - obviously)
  3. they are gonna have a pretty solid squad for that league.
  4. Taylor would be a good signing for me. Solid, experienced, dependable with experience of this league and higher. IMO thats what we need to bolster the squad now, a few seen it and done it proper championship players.
  5. I wish I could write like that at 13!! Good work. Have you done the blogging sort of stuff through school?
  6. Maybe the physio department want to keep his muscles as warm and as active as possible. We need to look after him. He will be worth his height in points this year!!
  7. Try Pecnic in the middle tonight. JJ and Antonio on the wings.
  8. I am surprised he hasn't been mentioned much. He would be a good signing.
  9. If they sign Rhodes as well as Pogrebnyak that means ALF will be even further down the pecking order. Anyone fancy another 50 page ALF transfer thread?
  10. I must admit I find it strangely amusing all this nonsense about the shirt. It is as though we have had nothing else to moan about for months so people have chosen to vent and unload their pent up negativity on this quite trivial topic. As suggested above, if you don't like it, don't buy it. also, If round necks aren't for you, buy a flippingpolo shirt!! If you think £6 postage is too much, work out how much petrol it would cost to drive there and back and how much you value your time. If it is less than £6 - get a life! If you cant get one for 2 weeks so what?? If you are so in need of being the target of 'admiring glances' and whispers of 'he's got the new kit already what a superfan'. Then go and see a doctor. ( In any case the people who are looking are really laughing inside and thinking ' middle aged fatties shouldn't be wearing polyester football shirts'. If your kids want one and want it NOW, - sit them on the naughty step untill they learn that they cant everything instantly. But anyway, what about the new tracksuit?? Charcoal? WTF why is it charcoal?? Wednesday trackies should be black!! Also the grey stripe is much too thin/fat (delete as applicable) the owl should be 1cm more towards the middle. Gok Wan said so. Why does it have a zip neck type thingy? That isnt gonna suit my octagonal neck. Should be a dodecahedron. Even Gok said so. I usually buy my trakkies from Matalan for £9.99. Saved up all my dole money for this and they cant even deliver it 6 hours after I ordered it. Sort it out!
  11. Not seen much of him, but he has Championship pedigree and held his own in a team that finished 10th last time out. Might not be the most exciting transfer in the world, but seems a relatively solid one to me. Step by step we seem to be building a proper, solid championship squad. Now for a few curve balls to give us that sparkle.....
  12. The last time (a while ago admittedly) I was in that shop that I can only describe as a jumble sale, they had loads of United shirts and shorts. I have seen them stock Wednesday stuff, but only old stock that is about to get changed. i think they sell whatever they can get cheap.
  13. I am sure he does love Wolves. But he is a professional footballer. He has worked here for about a year and a half. Probably had the best few months of his life here and now. That might just change things. Maybe this is now his preferred 'home'?
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