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  1. Watching iFollow, with all its streaming/bandwidth problems, is like watching the match from the South Stand whilst having some kind of epileptic fit.
  2. I understand this also means that the clubs in the National League can spend more than those in L1/L2. Bizarre.
  3. Most likely helped him keep the job, but not get it. His dad, Irving Weaver, who is chairman of Strata Homes (which used to be Weaver Construction for those of us old enough to remember) stepped in to buy the club when Bill Fotherby (Ex LUFC Chairman) decided to sell up. Simon had been there around 2 years by then if I remember correctly. The company I used to work for did a lot of business with Strata and subsequently a little bit with Harrogate Town, so I've always kept an eye on them.
  4. Champions League really is a misnomer. Right load of rounduns when you can finish fourth and 30+ points behind the actual champions and still qualify!
  5. Hope someone can help me here! Im trying find out the qualification criteria for the old UEFA competitions. Namely: 1) European Cup 2) UEFA Cup 3) European Cup Winners Cup Cheers!!
  6. Wasn't he in goal for ToyTown when we won in added time and fatty Evans trousers fell down?
  7. Apologies in advance for this.... Robin van Persie?
  8. Perhaps he ought to share that gem of knowledge with himself!! 😀
  9. Would it be naive of me to think that the out of contract players that signed extensions didn't do so purely for the love of the club and an extra month's pay? Wouldn't it be likely that offers are already on the table for another year at least?
  10. Like that's the main reason not to join Rotherham! 😀
  11. Mine keeps stopping every 6 or 7 minutes for about 5 seconds.
  12. EFL are saying that seats will have to be disinfected/sanitised after every game. This already takes place in the South Stand due to the high levels of incontinence, so it's a no brainer that this stand will be re-opened first.
  13. Went with a friend on the 'Inter City Owl' coaches. When we got to the pick up point in the morning the coach we were booked on only had one seat left, so we had to wait around until they found space on another coach. I think we were the second last to leave. After the game, we went back to where the coaches were parked and the one we had travelled down on had already left! After about half an hour of being messed about we ended up on the coach we should have travelled down on in the first chuffin' place. Everything after that is a blur.
  14. Just switched on the Brentford game and noticed they've obviously had the same idea. Looks good in my opinion.
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