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  1. They do if their legs are made from cream crackers.
  2. Megastore assistant: Three blue smoke bombs? That's 30 quid please. (Punter hands over cash and starts walking away). Megastore assistant: By the way mate, it's illegal to take them in to the ground but cheers for the 30 quid!!!
  3. Every time someone passed to him he looked shell shocked.
  4. Got a call from the ticket office this morning. They've reimbursed the difference but still managed to slip in to the conversation that it was because 'I didn't realise I had to renew it myself'!! I didn't have the time to argue the point.
  5. Let's hope so. I've actually spent half an hour looking back at every news release on the website that had anything to do with season tickets and the only thing I can find is them telling us not to do anything as the ticket office will do it automatically! Also wasted 5 minutes looking through their Twitter feed until I realised it hasn't been updated since June 2020!
  6. I wasn't contacted, someone at the game on Saturday mentioned they had seen your post. I went online to renew my ticket last night and have had the full £510.00 for the North deducted from my credit. Not a happy chappy! Strongly worded email to the ticket office has now been sent!!
  7. It's definitely been done at Sunday League level I can assure you. Not for a fan on the pitch, obviously, but a referee (who shall remain nameless) once had a penalty retaken twice for an even minor reason!!
  8. Don't be so f****n stupid. It will be Bannan at CB.
  9. Excellent. We were great for the first twelve minutes and then absolute cack for the rest. Nowt to worry about then.
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