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  1. There used to be two back to back near the stairs I use, but one of them never worked properly. They've got rid of one of them and put the other on the wall. No prizes for guessing which one!!
  2. Brammy

    Daniel Arzani - Man City

    Man City obviously don't want him playing at a decent level then.
  3. Brammy

    Good Feelings

    Because when you hit rock bottom you can't get any lower?
  4. Chedwyn Michael Evans & William Louis Sharp.
  5. If that's the case then what's the point of managers/coaches attending games?!? Whether or not they were trying hard is irrelevant to the point I was making. You could stick 11 of us on the field and I'm certain we'd all give 100% for the cause. But if what we were doing wasn't working what difference would it make? Surely that's where the manager fits into the equation?
  6. Passion doesn't make a great manager, but encouragement and direction go a long way. I don't see either from Jos during the game.
  7. Brammy


    Second worst!!!
  8. Brammy

    Tell you who we miss

    It was either row Z or goal of the day, but at least we knew what to expect.
  9. I think it may be too short notice to relocate the fixture!!
  10. Brammy

    Swansea - perspective

    If the only opinion is cliched 'balls', better to offer no opinion at all.
  11. Brammy

    Swansea - perspective

    Could have been worse. Could have mentioned concentrating on the league. Oh.
  12. Brammy

    Team for Saturday

    Pudil hasn't got the legs to play as a wing back. More's the pity.
  13. If KFC are still short of chickens, tell them I know where they can find some headless ones.
  14. I've searched the dictionary and decided the word has yet to be invented.
  15. Brammy

    Ref for Cup Replay is

    No foul given. Apparently he didn't have a very good view. (BTW, if anyone can tell me how to make the clip dimensions smaller feel free!!!)