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  1. No matter how many times I see that goal, I'm still convinced he shins it. I reckon if he catches it properly it flies miles high/wide. John McShinn.
  2. He’s a typical nobody who has dropped on with his job of a lifetime. When they come back down next season he’ll be sacked and go back in to obscurity.
  3. Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Bloody birthday weekend!!
  4. He was awful but didn't affect the result. I seriously thought he'd never taken charge of a game at this level until I looked him up.
  5. I don't understand what your agenda is. That's why I negged your post. Very adult of you to spend time and search for one of my very few posts just to neg it. It was a post mocking the pigs too. Are you a closet blade?
  6. Just their obligatory weekly dodgy penalty. Each city with a football team gets an allocation each season. Unfortunately they pinch ours.
  7. Before I start, I can't stand Mick McCarthy so there's no bias in this post. So, can anyone explain why if someone posts that he would do better than Jos for the rest of the season they get asked 'how do you know?' and shot down? However, if someone posts about getting rid of Reach, Bannan, Westwood, FF etc. in the January window for however many millions it's taken as read? Where SWFC are concerned, surely it's most definitely a buyers market?
  8. Just my opinion but I reckon the problem Jos has now is that because he has backed Dawson as his number one and we've not kept a clean sheet in the league he's in schtuck. If he drops (rests) him and the replacement (Wildsmith) keeps a clean sheet right away, he's going to look a bit of a wally. To that end (rightly or wrongly) he's got to persevere with Dawson until he's the one that keeps the clean sheet. Its sort of a matter of pride.
  9. I thought it was just the midweek games that were available on the red button?
  10. There used to be two back to back near the stairs I use, but one of them never worked properly. They've got rid of one of them and put the other on the wall. No prizes for guessing which one!!
  11. Man City obviously don't want him playing at a decent level then.
  12. Because when you hit rock bottom you can't get any lower?
  13. If that's the case then what's the point of managers/coaches attending games?!? Whether or not they were trying hard is irrelevant to the point I was making. You could stick 11 of us on the field and I'm certain we'd all give 100% for the cause. But if what we were doing wasn't working what difference would it make? Surely that's where the manager fits into the equation?
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