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  1. That's my mum! (The one on the left before anyone makes comment!!) 84 last month and still a season ticket holder on the North. She'll find these funny when I show her.
  2. The station closed to regular passenger traffic on 15th June 1959. The same day as Oughtibridge, and Deepcar. Summer weekend 'anglers' trains were run until October 1965 and the station was also reopened on an infrequent ad-hoc basis when severe weather closed the roads and buses couldn't run. The final time that happened was for 5 days in February 1979. Football specials used the station frequently into the late 1980's but this stopped completely after the railways were privatised in 1996. The whole of the Woodhead line was closed to passengers in 1970.
  3. The Google ad choice in your post proper threw me for a minute!
  4. Actually, all I did was point out that we hadn't scored. And I think everyone (including yourself) understood that I meant during open play. You chose to run with it in the way you did. Let's face it, if we'd have lost on penalties you would have dressed it up as them being a lottery, there'd have been no recognition for the opposition and rightly so because that's exactly what they are, a lottery. Your other comments are a bit weird to be honest.
  5. So if Josh Windass scores 2 against Cardiff next week, the stats will show him on 3 for the season will they?
  6. Straw clutching. We best pray the EFL adopts Cup rules in the league then. That way we can try and win 0-0 on penalties every week.
  7. Watching iFollow, with all its streaming/bandwidth problems, is like watching the match from the South Stand whilst having some kind of epileptic fit.
  8. I understand this also means that the clubs in the National League can spend more than those in L1/L2. Bizarre.
  9. Most likely helped him keep the job, but not get it. His dad, Irving Weaver, who is chairman of Strata Homes (which used to be Weaver Construction for those of us old enough to remember) stepped in to buy the club when Bill Fotherby (Ex LUFC Chairman) decided to sell up. Simon had been there around 2 years by then if I remember correctly. The company I used to work for did a lot of business with Strata and subsequently a little bit with Harrogate Town, so I've always kept an eye on them.
  10. Champions League really is a misnomer. Right load of rounduns when you can finish fourth and 30+ points behind the actual champions and still qualify!
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