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  1. Go on then, ill try make past round one this time, Swansea please ;)
  2. 100% this, why when we lose do we try to find something that isn't there,. We played 100% the same way as we did against Barnsley and Reading, 433, wing play, tons of possession, tons of crosses and scuffed shots, end result simply lacking today. And again an uncharacteristic error by Westwood cost us, they offered little other than that. We didn't get the rub of the green at times BUT Millwall defended like lions and deserve credit for that., weve done similar in past games. Bring on Luton.
  3. Good points there, I also had a look at the final championship tables for the last 4 seasons, at least one of the top 2 teams lost 9 or 10 games, which is incredible really, thats almost a quarter of games. Its the draws that are key, they kill you. And not to mention the blunts lost their first 2 games, so were 6pts better off already at this stage. Early days... but were finally looking a prospect. 1-1 win Saturday.
  4. Its an awful state of affairs, not sure if you heard their "new" chairman on Talksport other night, the debt he inherited was 12M > 13M. Players on up to 9K a week! For league 2... In his words the previous chairman was running Bury like a premier league team. Bonkers ;/
  5. RIP, sorry for your loss :( keep the good times in you heart, she will always be with you all.
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