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  1. Yep, proper shame it went downhill. Was like a cut price mourinho really, difficult 3rd season after starting with a bang.
  2. Contact the ticket office today. Pretty sure they'll just refund one of em for you. The staff there are fantastic, never had an issue with anything they've done for us. Also, as an aside, was good to see at least one of em at the MK game. They're fans just like us.
  3. My lad plays for Handsworth U15s so we've seen a few of their games. Hallam v Handsworth Derby next season.
  4. Pigs have away fans lower, home fans upper. How are we different?
  5. I don't think there's a vendetta against Sheffield Wednesday as far as refs go. I k ow a bloke who swears blind there is because of Hillsborough but that argument doesn't stack up at all. However, I do believe that under VAR we would do better. I k ow people are saying that we forget the ones that go for us and I can see that to a point, but nobody is actually listing all the stuff we've 'forgot'. We don't forget other good stuff such as goals and wins and funny comments by fans and players doing good stuff for charity etc. So why can't anyone remember all the times the refs have acted in our favour as blatantly as he acted against us yesterday? Is it cos it doesn't actually even itself out over the season? Or at all?
  6. Abysmal 2nd half that. Nobody took control, nobody looked up for it. Everyone round us getting points. Shocking day that.
  7. Staying off here and social media cos stream we're watching is well behind. But we've been the better side and we were robbed by the ref for the goal. Typical.
  8. Whatever will be will be. Owners can be great or they can be a nightmare. Obviously I hope this one falls into the latter category but if he doesn't then the pigs have been lucky. Really hope they miss out on promotion this season but tbh, if the owner is decent it'll be a case of when not if they go up. Parachute payments still coming in so they're an attractive prospect I guess.
  9. I was convinced we had a shot at autos until I saw thus thread. Now I see there's no way it'll happen because George Hirst might play against us. Got to say I'm gutted, I was just starting to believe.
  10. Where we're going, we don't need Rhodes.
  11. Ticket office doesn't shut at 4 on match days. Go in and speak to em and they'll see you right. The staff are brilliant in there.
  12. Can't wait for tonight. Hopefully the players won't go into it thinking a win is nailed on, they need to be at it from minute 1. We need 3 points however they come. 4 games left, win all 4 and its a sniff at automatics.
  13. Probably. Guess that makes me thick too eh? We cheated and got punished last season, they cheated and have been punished this season.
  14. Not sure it matters. Whenever they come out of Admin it'll be soon enough cos the league are making it up as they go along o reckon. I'm assuming a team can't start the season in Admin, but I reckon if they tried to they'd be allowed so as not to upset the fans or create fixture chaos.
  15. 3 playoff campaigns and the 2 that we ended up in the final we were at home for the 1st leg. I'm ambivalent about where we finish tbh as long as its top 6. Or 2 obviously. We have enough to beat anyone over 2 legs and enough to beat anyone in a one off game so bring it on I say.
  16. Saw they'd conceded so nipped downstairs to look. Saw the stat that brizzle have dropped 33 points from winning positions this season. I'd advise calm before anyone starts gloating
  17. Glad I'm not watching. Pots washed, tea on, might watch a bit of the 2nf half but tbh I don't want to see them score. No idea how pigs watch us, it's just horrible.
  18. That's what I'm looking for tomorrow night. We'd need a ridiculous amount of things to go our way to grab an auto spot but you never know. If we do our bit then we can dream.
  19. Good. Massive amount of cheating over multiple seasons, plus they always beat us it seems so I hate em. Hope they rot in league 1 for a bit too.
  20. Every pig I know watches Wednesday when we're on sky. I've watched 15 minutes of this pig match and I've had enough. I'm going to go and wash the pots and make tea. Don't want to watch the next installment of their spozziness, which is nailed on today.
  21. I'm tyring not to be complacent cos I've seen what happens when I get like that. I'm allowing myself to be somewhere between upbeat and confident.
  22. That'll do for me. Need to win tomorrow now by whatever means necessary. Decent crowd in Hillsborough with some positivity to push the lads on please. I'm utterly convinced that the team seeing us in the stands in those numbers on Saturday gave them the edge at the start then the strength to hold out. Keep Hillsborough as a fortress and we've got one foot in the playoffs and the other hovering over the autos if results go our way.
  23. Wilder doing them a big favour today. Even Rhodes is scoring and assisting.
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