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  1. I've got this on video, outstanding film.
  2. I've got this on video, outstanding film.
  3. My little un has just got hold of my laptop and pressed loads of keys. As a result i cant scroll down pages using the cursor keys. I'm using firefox. Can someone explain how to fix this in simple terms, i'm garbage with this kind of thing. I also seem to have lost the icons on my desktop. Kids, wonderful little creatures.
  4. Not sure if its been mentioned but this is a fantastic gesture. Well done mate, kudos to you.
  5. I didnt see it but was talking to someone about it today.She believed that if her son went on the internet he'd see child muck. Straight away. Like it was the only thing on there. She said after watching the programme she was thinking of having the internet disconnected in her house. I asked if she was going to throw her tv out too as sometimes rude things were shown. She said no, she can control what he watched. I then asked if she was going to throw out all her tins of alphabetti spaggetti cos you can spell the words ****, tugger etc with the contents. She said i was being ridiculous. I pointed out her reaction to the internet and explained it was possible to filter it for children. It passed a few minutes and i enjoyed her face when i asked about spaggetti.
  6. I've just filled mine in. I left the questions i didnt feel able to answer blank.
  7. Samba and bamba are adidas, but its a good idea. Blue and white puma roma, basket or clyde would be good. Similar type of shoe. Puma do some excellent footwear at the moment, some good retro stuff and modern styles. Get the colours right and they could shift a few pairs. Same with the boots range.Ask them if they'd like a trainer addict with management experience to run the puma concession for them, i may be looking for a job in a few months. I'd jump at that kind of thing.
  8. Can anyone from Wednesdayite confirm whether there is any truth in this thread or not? There are a lot of rumours going round that its true and i dont know what to believe. I'd be annoyed if the main guys had pulled out unless other investment was lined up. I'd also like to know why they've pulled out TBH, after all, we all heard why gregg pulled out, didnt we?
  9. Only sell the shirt through our own shop and our online site. Surely this would earn more money.
  10. Vulva, you know nothing of peoles circumstances. You can attend every game it seems, lucky you. I and many others cant. If the new investors cant be bothered we'll all 'suffer'. What point are you making if its not the old 'i'm a bigger fan than you' point?
  11. Oh yeah, i forgot. Erm, i've just seen lee strafford coming out of kevin mcabes office, and his pockets were empty. I think our investment has funded their promotion push and the shirt giveaway. Also, i saw wednesdayite laughing about it. I think they voted for him to do it. They wont be happy til we've moved to leeds with bates. And they should give those shares back too while they're at it. (face with shifty eyes)
  12. I'm more confused now than i was when i opened this thread. I'm going to leave it now and wait to see what happens. Hopefully we'll need clarification on the issues raised in this thread.
  13. I'm not sure i like the idea of agreeing to a share placement for people we know nothing about. I'm sure many other shareholders will feel this way too. Surely to get 75% approval from those who vote some info is going to have to be given. If not, i'd worry about who they were. Got to be some give and take. I'd hope that Lee understands the mindset of us supporters after so many years of false dawns and supposed investment and takeover. We are now a suspicious bunch, the sheard affair has taught us not to get carried away, which is a good thing. We love our club and want whats best. As a fan, i trust Lee feels the same way. Show us its the right deal and we'll embrace it. Hide behind anonimity and the old 'businessmen like to be secretive' routine and i can see problems ahead.
  14. I've seen 2 weeks mentioned. Whether thats a legal thing or not i dont know. As for the wednesdayite board voting on our behalf, i'd be happy for them to do that in some respects, but i'd prefer it if a ballot could be taken. Can see another stick to beat wednesdayite with on the horizon if they dont listen to the members. Hopefully, the club will liase with the wednesdayite board over this timescale issue and give them the notice and time to do what they need to do. If it comes down to it though, the directors are owls and will do what needs to be done in the best interest of swfc, no matter what some say. Fingers crossed we can come out of it with as much credit as we did over the sheard affair.
  15. Catdog, at the risk of sounding patronising, have you read this whole thread? Have you read the answers already given to many of your accusations about wednesdayite? Seriously, what is it about wednesdayite that you hate so much? What are your opinions on supporters groups as a whole? Do you feel there is a place in football for supporters groups? How would swfc be different today if wednesdayite didnt exist? How can you say the trust in its current guise is the same as the trust when it was first made? If you buy a brush in 1998 and replace the handle twice and the brush head once, is it a 10 year old brush? Or is it a brush that looks like the original but not the original? Currently, wednesdayite are working with the club. Would you prefer them not to be? If so, why? I'm sure the directors would appreciate the feedback.
  16. Thats the point. There is no real reason to hate wednesdayite. Ask people why they dont like them and you never really get a rational answer. They want to run the club- no they dont. They backed bates-no they didnt. They ruined the gregg takeover-what takeover and what did they do. They didnt sell the shares to allen for 500k in the player kitty-how much profit would he have stood to make on that and would it have been another 'gift'? What would have been gained by doing that, really? Thankfully, many fans are seeing that wednesdayite arent the devils incarnate that certain people and members of the media painted them as. There will always be some not prepared to see but thats human nature. I dont expect everyone to join but i cant see why some people object to them existing.
  17. Fair enough. Apology accepted without reservation.Now get back to winding people up.
  18. Obviously. Your comment was still offensive. And i'm still on my horse.
  19. How was it intended? Pretty extreme tasteless comparison if you ask me. And if you served in Ireland you should know the level of feeling towards them.
  20. No its not you flippingtail. The IRA murdered people, a member of my extended family was killed in a car bomb attack by those w@nkers. You are usually amusing, this time you're a tail.
  21. I could see the headline,'Internet Poster Poisons Owls Supremo' probably a wise move. As for wanting fan ownership, never gonna happen at SWFC. Just isnt feasible in the long term, believe me, its been discussed to death on here. I think fans should have a voice though, they should have input.
  22. See thats the problem. Unfortunately posts like yours only add to the problem, you say they should not try and run the club then admit they dont in your next post. Lots of people believe they want to run SWFC and its just not true. All they/we want is a relatively succesful team to support, one that can fulfil the potential we have. Will you raise this misconception with LS? Is it your meeting with him today? If so, have you got some good questions for him and will you do a summary of your findings?
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