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  1. We need a title for the coming season. I'm torn between a witty one as put forward earlier in the thread or just calling it 'pigs'. It's blunt and to the point.
  2. That'd be about the pigs level. Bid half the asking price for Twine so their fans think they're at least trying before taking Gregory. They'd lap that up cos it would get one over on us. The fact he's at the end of his career wouldn't even enter their heads.
  3. I can see derby finishing above us this season. Wonder if it's possible to get odds on this?
  4. A truly horrific state of affairs and those figures are a damming indictment on chansiris tenure as owner. Money wasted right left and centre because he either listened to people who have taken advantage of him or refused to listen to people who know what they are doing. There's no other way to look at it, these losses are on him and him alone. Our relegation was on him. If we go up then that'll be on him too before his usual lapdogs start, but going up is harder to do than some people think. I still fear that he will either walk away or offload us to somebody worse, which is possible BTW, but this isn't me saying careful what you wish for. I reckon if I'd have had his money I could have done a better job than him. I certainly wouldn't have done any worse because I'd have been more careful and I'd have paid people who know how football works.
  5. They said at the time that he wouldn't be judged on his success on the pitch, but by the way the football side is run. Roughly translates to we don't care where we are in the leagues as long as we are making money.
  6. The natural high you get from the endorphins released when you run is great. I know that when I run it makes me feel good. I also know it's sets me up for a good day because I feel like I can justify an extra bit of cake or a treat. This is good for my mental health. But yeah, what a bunch of losers, imagine running at a festival, should just be getting so wasted that you miss all the bands, that's the best way to do it. Or go out and smack someone while you're coked up, that's a reight laugh that. Proper lads
  7. We go on holiday each year to a place near Lorient in France, so we've been to 3 Lorient games. Always stand with their ultras and always get welcomed warmly when we get chatting to em in my broken French. Once they see us celebrating as much as they do they love it. Can have a beer in the stands and it costs about a tenner a ticket. We're over there for the new season too and the home game is against Lyon. Won't be easy but be nice to see em play a big team. Allez Les Merlus as they say.
  8. I'm gonna assume they have more evidence than those pics cos they don't charge without having a good chance of getting a conviction. The aggressive stance In pic 2 paints a picture but doesn't prove owt. If they're taken from a video then the whole thing will be shown in court. Freeze frames and screen shots can show a totally different story to the whole video.
  9. What am I looking at here? I assume that's mcburnie in the middle pic that doesn't show the bloke in the red t-shirt on the floor? What are those 3 pics supposed to prove or show?
  10. So a 23 team league means that the team who has a bye week on the last day of the season could be at a disadvantage. I am now utterly convinced that the EFL are expecting Derby to fold and that is why we play them last game of the season even though we played them last game 2 seasons ago. Pure vendetta against us dressed up as a coincidence. And if they don't fold they will have had the maximum time possible to gell as a team and will be stronger than they have been all season, thus having a better chance of beating us. I will not be listening to reason on this subject, I'm going down the full on pure rage conspiracy theory route and I won't be swayed. They hate us and will do everything they can to hurt us, except when decisions go our way which I will conveniently ignore.
  11. Was getting a bit of stick from some pigs the other night about how they'll be on a break when the world Cup is on etc. One of em said there'd be games that clashed so we'd miss out on seeing em cos we're playing forest Green hahaha hahaha. Absolutely wounded I was. Not sure if I'll recover from that.
  12. Wtf? Just when I thought this club couldn't get any stranger it's why I love it so much. Really want to know the full story now on this.
  13. He was very good when he played. He changed the midfield dynamic. But Byers and vaulks can probably slot in with bannan as a 3. That'll do for me. ML says he doesn't want to be here so it's so long and thanks for all the fish. I'll ways remember him positvely, which is rare for our ex players in the end.
  14. Fixtures will already be sorted, they're released Thursday I think so they must have been doing em for a while. It takes a few days to sort em out cos there's a lot of things to consider. There was an article on it a bit back that was a good read. I'm assuming they've just put Derby in there and if the worst happens there'll be no fixture for a club each game week. It's too late to promote or reinstate anyone now so EFL must be praying they survive. Would explain why they're actively trying to save them unlike with teams in the past who were just allowed to die cos the league washed their hands of it.
  15. Not seen the rumours you're alluding to but seems like Tom Lawrence has had another 'car crash' error of judgement going golfing with Kirchner. I still think you'll survive and be fine in a season or 2. The league really don't want you to fold and are bending over backwards to help you. Almost seems unbelievable that you haven't been saved yet. Bury and Macclesfield were gone by now, and for far less. I do wonder if there's more to your situation than we realise, and your comment about domino's falling intrigues me.
  16. Were we playing football in friendlies etc before The Wednesday club was formed? Cos it sounds like this palace team weren't a proper team really, just some mates playing friendlies and training in the cricket off season. Spurious.
  17. Meh. Can only really go on last season so for me we can get just as good a player to replace him I reckon. He looked good for a spell then didn't. Annoying how DM used him as a striker/forward as he was more effective on the wings I felt. If he doesn't want to be here then get gone.
  18. That's a pretty damming read. Explains why the EFL seem to be bending over backwards to sort Derby out cos they've obviously backed the wrong horse in a big way.
  19. You can just see it can't you? Probably at our expense at some point too.
  20. Cue Mike Ashley swooping in on a wave of sky sports news positive spin and picking up the club for a pittance. Signings galore and they'll finish above us and go up this season before going up in the playoffs next year as a fairytale rags to riches magic of football story.
  21. Hadn't read the statement until just now, seems like preferential treatment from the EFL when they say they are going to negotiate with buyers etc. At Bury the owner was refusing to sell and basically just ran them into the ground. Why didn't the EFL step in there and save them? Same with Macclesfield? Derby seem to be given a lot of time and a lot of chances compared to others. I'm assuming the situations are completely different which is why they're being treated differently.
  22. My main take away from that is that African football teams have reight names.
  23. I think I see what you're saying here, but I'm not sure it fits. We see protests and shows of solidarity at every game. To then take a place at a world Cup in a country where the things we are supporting and showing solidarity for are illegal does seem to smack of double standards a bit. Qatar is a country that pretty much goes against everything we strive to be. Tolerant, inclusive and equal. A world Cup there is an attempt to sportswash a regime that is an absolute affront to human decency. We should be doing all the things we are doing and more to promote equality.
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