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  1. Last desperate attempt. In town now, if you have spare will make sure I double your money. Message me if know if one. WAWAW
  2. ha true. Was meant to be off on holiday yesterday, moved to Monday, now gutted
  3. morning all, huge punt here but anyone with a couple spare please let me know. Live in hudds 5 mins from ground so even if very last minute let me know.
  4. Booked hotel and days off work, only 480 points etc etc Anyway will be in manchester with the wife drinking with you all before and after so if you're there and any no shows contact me on here. Doesn't come across as to desperate/needy does it?
  5. I sing the Harry Belafonte version myself
  6. If i remember right back in the mid nineties we used to have upside down bins that the participant had to knock over with the ball from half way line and underneathe there was various 90's prizes, Playstation, Furbies etc etc?? Memory might be playing tricks. Pretty sure even then that the bins were painted silver, but then we had puma cheerleaders too. 20 years on we have a council bin and the wednesday community dancers.
  7. standing ovasions for players leaving pitch now banned, plays havoc with MM new money saving plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfgN5tUgjb8
  8. I thought he was able to clench both fists, apparently not
  9. 10:49 Bristol City have announced the signing of Rotherham United striker Kieran Agard. Bristol City FC @bcfctweets EXCLUSIVE: Kieran Agard signs for #BristolCity #welcomekieran http://t.co/Vqz8jpcr23 http://t.co/fWEhFXWmzl
  10. apparently they arent using DHL or UPS, instead burnley use 'Sondico distribution Ltd'
  11. Every time i speak to my mrs about Jacques she still cant understand why we dont sing it to 'My Sharona'
  12. So the same rather confusing feelings washed over me, then it clicked.
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