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  1. Doesn't really address your point, but I'm a proud son of Sheffield living in Leeds. And Leeds is a bigger city in every sense.
  2. Pretty sure I remember you moving there... you were on here back then I think? Christ that makes me feel old.
  3. Don't think Owlstalk has been around that long pal.
  4. Just back from Florence. Beyond it being a cracking city it was fantastic to experience it super quiet...no Americans, no Chinese or Japanese. Ryanair are irresponsible buggers though. The flight was 95% full, and they're still choosing to sit you next to a stranger rather than partner/family, to encourage paying more to sit together. Not sure how they can get away with this in the current climate.
  5. Few years back I drove up to Fiskardo with three other lads plus bags in a 0.9l Panda. The fast roads up the hills were...interesting. Up to second...nah back down to first....up to second again....back down to first. Locals presumably chortling as they hurtled past at 60.
  6. Roy Keane was a crap captain who never won anything.
  7. Another vote for Lisbon over Barcelona here.
  8. I did indeed enjoy it...in January when I went!
  9. I live and work in Leeds and agree that they've nicked it from us, but it's much more prevalent here now than in Sheffield. Hell, I've just driven past a digital advertising board on the side of the West Yorkshire Playhouse with "All Leeds Aren't We" flashing at me in six foot high letters.
  10. Going to start Dark this week. Not my normal thing but I'm intrigued.
  11. I'd prefer that to what I'm being targeted with on here..
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