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  1. Oliver

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Bruce Dickinson. Introduce a bit of metal into the team.
  2. Have you been told tomorrow's lottery results too?
  3. Oliver

    Saudi owners?

    Close but no shisha
  4. Not seen any news in the last few weeks then?
  5. Oliver

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    I did an event at the MegaCentre on Bernard Road yesterday - it's only 650 capacity but from experience of looking at venues is about the next biggest place in Sheffield. Otherwise, Magna?
  6. Do we actually have to collect tickets from the club as the booking page suggests, or is it names on the door?
  7. He will still be here Monday.
  8. Pelupessy just watched Dack run through and shoot then. He must think he's on his sofa watching it on the box.
  9. What is Carlos going on about in this moment?
  10. Oliver

    Commercial department missing a trick

    I was driving past Hillsborough today and popped into the superstore for the first time in probably 10 years. It's SO SO much better than it used to be, so full marks to the team for that. I thought about buying a retro shirt, and normally wear a large. I could probably lose a few pounds but I'm not overweight. Went to put the large shirt on.....could tell it wasn't even worth trying. Tried the XL, nope. 2XL still showed off plenty of lumps and bumps. Couldn't bring myself to try the 3XL! Now I'm sure these skintight shirts are great for Love Island wannabes and the like, but for a normal bloke? When did they start making replica shirts like this?
  11. Pelupessy should have fouled him.