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  1. Wasn't his agent the recently departed Mino Raiola? Wonder what impact his passing has had.
  2. Three fifths of a Grealish... Bonkers.
  3. I live and work in Leeds and I'd echo this 100%. As we're in a 2 club city we're never going to have quite the advantage Leeds have, but it's incredibly frustrating experiencing just the different mindset - the club and the city are lightyears ahead.
  4. Saw it Sunday and loved it. I don't think you need to compare it to the Bale films - which I thought were terrific too - they are so different one doesn't need to be better than the other.
  5. New Everton stadium will be open by then.
  6. Power of the Dog. Slow build. Cinematographer earnt his fee. Brilliant acting from Cumberbatch. 8/10. Tick tick boom. Meh. 4/10.
  7. Watched it last night and wholeheartedly support this review.
  8. We've just finished the final season of Superstore. Came to love it - gutted it's finished. Now on the latest season of The Sinner.
  9. But they wouldn't. They'd charge £21. What difference is a quid going to make?
  10. Oldham mate sent me this
  11. Watch out for the local firm. Proper nawty lot.
  12. That was brilliant, thanks for sharing.
  13. I'm not sure logical thinking and anti-vaccination particularly go hand-in-hand.
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