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  1. Seem to remember getting to ground about 5am for Cardiff tickets and getting to front not long before midday. Worth it.
  2. I love that all the London teams share a stadium at Kings Cross.
  3. That was the place, great ice cream!
  4. I wish either me or the wife worked in a profession where we could move over there one day. Met a family from Newcastle in the queue at the ice cream place in Alberta Arts - he worked for Nike. Not you is it? Oakwood, near the clock.
  5. Of all the places I've visited it's the one I'd love to live in one day. Very jealous.
  6. Oliver

    Stadium location?

    Just been having a look on Google Maps for ideas. Given the abundance of brownfield land in Sheffield and the surrounding area i’d imagine getting planning permission for anything on a park, or in close proximity to residential areas wouldn’t be so easy. Is the land circled here still empty? I live in Leeds now, so apologies if something has gone here that I don’t know about. It’s more than big enough for a stadium, other commercial ventures and a car park. No residential nearby. Good transport links. The most obvious downside would be the lack of local watering holes.
  7. Pat Nevin was just speaking about us on 5Live, about the injuries, manager and the Villa game. To be fair to him he was pretty much bang on, which was a refreshing change from the normal BBC tripe.
  8. Summer 2020 is 30 months away.
  9. If only we'd waited a week...... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/42633218