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  1. If as usual you’re offering a download afterwards, I’d appreciate a link.
  2. I bloody love Sam Hutchinson. I'd divorce the wife in a second for him.
  3. Not seen anyone suggest this, but another option would be walk straight up North End Road to West Kensington (15 mins ish), get on the District Line (different branch to Fulham Broadway so shouldn't be anyone on it) and change onto Victoria Line at Victoria. Might be a bit more convoluted but would completely avoid the crowds. Saying that - this is the London Underground not the Sheffield Supertram. You might say they have a little bit of experience of dealing with large crowds and certainly have plenty of capacity.
  4. I used to live about 20 seconds walk from there, it's not a bad boozer.
  5. Bruce Dickinson. Introduce a bit of metal into the team.
  6. I did an event at the MegaCentre on Bernard Road yesterday - it's only 650 capacity but from experience of looking at venues is about the next biggest place in Sheffield. Otherwise, Magna?
  7. Do we actually have to collect tickets from the club as the booking page suggests, or is it names on the door?
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