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  1. Pelupessy should have fouled him.
  2. Sorry, I did look first! Oops.
  3. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united/leeds-united-fan-denied-tickets-for-cancer-stricken-dad-to-see-sheffield-wednesday-clash-1-9371250
  4. Penney doing really well. Baker worrying me.
  5. Booked a parking space at the Holiday Inn for £3.50. Football Ground Guide says this: " However I did locate a Holiday Inn (Reading South) which was around a 15 minute walk away. The hotel had a small bar inside it, but then attached had a larger Irish themed separate bar area, called Callaghans. This bar had Sky Television, but as you would expect was very crowded with away fans and served drinks at what I can only term as 'hotel prices'. Across the road from the hotel is a very good fish & chip shop. " Anyone else heading there?
  6. I like Jos but his comments are completely unprofessional and do him (and Westwood) a complete disservice.
  7. No No Bingo Knew I recognised the name. https://www.thestar.co.uk/whats-on/out-and-about/fans-163-10m-sheffield-wednesday-takeover-bid-read-the-full-interview-1-1834183
  8. Sorry if the Pope’s dead, but Frickley’s manager once tried to buy Wednesday.
  9. The last seconds of that video (it’s a sign...)
  10. Seem to remember getting to ground about 5am for Cardiff tickets and getting to front not long before midday. Worth it.
  11. I love that all the London teams share a stadium at Kings Cross.
  12. That was the place, great ice cream!