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  1. Don't think Owlstalk has been around that long pal.
  2. Roy Keane was a crap captain who never won anything.
  3. I live and work in Leeds and agree that they've nicked it from us, but it's much more prevalent here now than in Sheffield. Hell, I've just driven past a digital advertising board on the side of the West Yorkshire Playhouse with "All Leeds Aren't We" flashing at me in six foot high letters.
  4. I'd prefer that to what I'm being targeted with on here..
  5. I live in Leeds (don't worry, had my jabs). There are plenty of brill places for beers in Leeds centre. If you're not wearing colours, I'll recommend a couple within 5 mins walk of the station and on the right side of town for getting to Bellend Road: For just beers, there's a new Thornbridge pub called the Bankers Cat on Boar Lane (right by the station). I was in there last night. Afraid they don't sell any of the Wednesday beers. For beers and food, head to Assembly Underground, about 5 mins walk up the hill from the station. It's a bit like a
  6. So playing helps him to put weight back on after having the shits for a bit? Stupid decision to risk him.
  7. He's only missed a couple of weeks. His fitness won't have been massively affected.
  8. That save onto the post from the Barnsley keeper was class - the best I've seen in our league this season.
  9. To be fair, what have we ended up being for old-timer Bruce if not a stepping stone?
  10. He's burning his bridges with those comments in an attempt to get Wednesday to let it go through. If it doesn't, clearly his position here is now untenable (by design, from him). Had he refused to comment at all then there would have been a way back for him at Wednesday, but less incentive for the Chairman to agree to a deal.
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