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  1. Summer 2020 is 30 months away.
  2. If only we'd waited a week...... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/42633218
  3. Might solve some of our goal scoring problems too
  4. Jupp Heynckes

    Bayern Munich pre-season?
  5. We're going in with the Mexicans...
  6. Gone downhill on the coat front.
  7. Thing in today’s YEP saying Leeds want him.
  8. Interesting comments.

    Worst in our history? You high or something? Even recent managers like Chris Turner, Terry Yorath and Alan Irvine conveniently forgotten.
  9. Lees is degenerative? So he’s going to get injured more and more? Maybe @scram can answer.
  10. I switched off after 5 seconds: “Matt, you’ve been at the club since the age of 8, now 19, how much would you say you’ve developed since then?”
  11. Wolves on sky

    Definitely Southampton. Lichfield alien 1 devonshire owl 0
  12. Went to a college football game In the US a couple of weeks ago and the same rules applied there. You were allowed larger than clutch bags if they were transparent, and lots of women had them so they must be used to it. Just the world we’re in now