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  1. Bannan and pelupessy need to push up this half, Bannan way to deep looking for Hollywood ball every time.
  2. Came out fighting after a lacklustre start, can’t really ask for much more in our current predicament.
  3. People spent 2 seasons moaning (rightly) about Carlos only playing his favourites and now people are upset that jos isn’t using the same failed philosophy.
  4. Nostradamus. Can you predict me a lottery win.
  5. He’ll still be here, getting paid for nowt. It’s the Chansiri way.
  6. He might believe his own B.S. he’s definitely coming across as deluded.
  7. He would say that though wouldn’t he. The mans made of teflon.
  8. They should maybe pay the sound engineers so the stop cutting out the commentary for half the match.
  9. Accepting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it. Chansiri is still living in denial.
  10. It’s irrelevant how much he has he can’t put any more in to satisfy p&s.
  11. You can’t ignore the budget advantage Carlos had, when comparing him to previous managers. When the pressure was on he was always found wanting.
  12. Bannan was great going forwards, really need to cut out the no look pass across the back 4 though.
  13. And the budget of the previous 10 managers combined.
  14. New lads did well. Matias working really hard, loads of tracking back and helping.
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