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  1. He'd have to ok the decisions, and the board has let the situation arise that half the team are out of contract simultaniously and clearly this is leading to an 'i have nothing to play for attitude' Is the manager responsible for that. No!! I'm sure he's trying his best, the question is, is his best good enough?
  2. Just being better than Allen doesn't automaticly mean LS is the right man for the job. The playing side has disintegrated under his leadership.
  3. I agree, but i think the players also know that and as a consequence have given up rather than fighting for a new contract, and letting several players do this together when we have no alternative players to replace them with is a major contributing factor in our current possition.
  4. Not let half the teams contracts run out at the same time for a start, they aren't professional enough to give a flip about what league we'll be in next season cos they'll be out on there ear.
  5. the board have a lot to answer for allowing half the teams contracts to run out at the same time placing us in a situation where the just dont give a flip (cue abuse from the happy clappers)
  6. I'd be really depressed if I wasn't emigrating to Australia next week..
  7. Thats the doomsday scenario, the other possible outcome is someone comes in and buys the job lot at a massively reduced price and we are debt free. that said i still wouldnt want us to go down the admin route.
  8. Just read it too, someone has way to much time on their hands.
  9. daveyboy, why are you such an obnoxious tool..?
  10. Who do you suggest buys our crap player?
  11. i didnt say i wasnt giving time, said i was reserving judgement till its done. people on here seem to only read what they want to in posts on here.
  12. Did you not read anything i wrote, then i appologise davey boy send me over some of your sand and i'll bury my head too. LS has 2 major jobs at wednesday to appoint a manager the result of which we dont know yet and bring in investment, which hasnt been done yet. So if me wanting to see how they pan out before buying a ticket to the sycophant show wee wees you off so be it. If it works i'll buy a front row seat just for you.
  13. I can see things are improving slowly, just cant understand the spanish inquisition ANYBODY who doesnt subscribe to the everything is perfect school of thought gets, if things were really as rosey as they make out we wouldnt be languising second bottom of the division. Discussing this or pointing it out seems to be a no no though. I appreciate a lot of the criticism LS gets is due to years of mismanagement that was nothing to do with him, but that is the legacy he has been left and trust is hard to regain once its been lost, ask any scorned wife..
  14. Saying that the chairman shouldnt be getting in verbal fist fights with fans (customers we so desperately need don't forget) is justified. go and read the paper it was enough for tom hicks jr to resign from liverpool for doing it once, never mind the multiple times its happend on this forum,Many people probably went a bit overboard when AI was appointed and have since calmed down but much of this was fueled by the new years message that massively raised expextations that a blue chip manager was about to be appointed. and my other posts mearly state that the jusry is still out on his tenure, as there is no tangiable proof of any improvement. i dont want him to fail and i genuinely think he's doing his best and hope to god he succeeds.
  15. sorry for having a mind of my own daveyboy, are we not even allowed constructive critasism now. Is this a cult where freedom of thought is not permitted.
  16. Don't think Lee does himself coming on here and calling out fans, especially doing it the same day as tom hicks jr, who has just resigned from the Liverpool board for basically the same offence. Not becoming of a club chairman imho, it just undermines any good work he has done.
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