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  1. I'm worried a big win will just paper over the cracks of AI's ineptitude, and prolong his sorry tenure.
  2. Simple goals win matches - we dint score any. See the problem?
  3. Change does take time, unfortunately our change is for the worse, quite an achievement considering the season we had last year.
  4. What possessed AI to do a "nobody in particular" and gob off to the press, it was never going to end well for him.
  5. I could tell you but if you haven't got a coaching badge I doubt you'd understand!!
  6. Shame he's not got Strachen's integrity :Dark Sad:
  7. The fact a new manager would add 2-3000 fanns per game would pay for the new manager, at the moment were plummeting towards the 15000 figure that HW said would be terminal for us. Can we afford NOT to get rid of him??
  8. I agree to pay off the taxman and limp on with the current board is just putting off the inevitable.
  9. he'll get crucified in the championship, can anyone hand on heart say they don't think he'll be sacked before Xmas which would then put us back in another relegation battle. Better to take the hit now in a league where we have a bit of room to maneuver.
  10. Go, he had more money at Preston and failed with it and has shown no sign of doing any better here.
  11. What use is the investment if irvines crappy football has halved the match day revenue.
  12. Can anyone post a copy for us overseas owls?
  13. We'll see how good irvine really is now, without the excuse of having administration disrupting the squad.
  14. Not sure if I'd want him to manage us, I'd hate to see the fans turn on him( which they would) and spoil his legend.
  15. He would have tore this league a new arsehole...
  16. How is that a defense, he brought in almost a full teams worth of players, stating he'd picked them for their mental strength. He should have brought in some pacey muscular bruisers for his kick and rush ideology.
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