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  1. The Stars Wednesday reporter reporting on Wednesday. How dare he!
  2. So your normal modus operandi is to lie then Chansiri. That fills me me with confidence.
  3. It might not guarantee success but it might stop us hemorrhaging fans by the thousands.
  4. ‘You believe’ - so you don’t know either. Find your own evidence
  5. No. He’d get a competent lackey to run the club properly.
  6. I can just see sheik mansour nipping down for a chat with the man city players.
  7. We’ve just come out of a 4 month embargo. The other teams are well aware we don’t have a pot to p1ss in.
  8. We need someone to keep us in this league first.
  9. The club for letting it get to this point.
  10. Jos started with a bad hand and the proceeded to chop a couple of his own fingers off.
  11. Par for the course from Chansiri. The mans an idiot.
  12. Their problem was the owner getting money out of China to pay the taxman. Their Ffp problems will kick in at the end of this season.
  13. So your proof it’s not a dodgy company is the fact you know of another dodgy company. Ffs
  14. If you think a taxi company with no taxis isn’t fake, then I don’t think anyone can help you.
  15. I believe every word the man who set up 2 fake companies says 100%
  16. More to do with terry burton, jones was found out for the fraud he is as soon as he left.
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