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  1. There’s pretty much a team saved from relegation every season by changing the manager.
  2. Is our long term vision to be in league 1?
  3. We only have 3 injuries. The others are just not being selected.
  4. 3 games we might actually get some points in.
  5. If trawling through years of my old posts gets you off so much fill your boots. Whatever fills your your sad lonely nights. Youre coming across a bit jilted ex wife though.
  6. The fact you have a list says everything about you. Sad little muppet.
  7. I see you’re trawling through my posts to neg again you loser. You really are pathetic.
  8. Allegedly. It’s hard to tell these days.
  9. Name 3 player who should have come on in front of Conner Kirby and not squandered a 2 goal lead against West Brom?
  10. Everyone on here has got the same amount of experience of managing a struggling second division outfit as pep. None.
  11. He had the first half and half Swansea Fulham scalf. True Story.
  12. People love to blame the fans to deflect from the pigs ear Chansiri and his two chuckle brother managers have made of running the club.
  13. You don’t get much faker than a taxi firm with no cars ffs
  14. Or spend within the rules. He chose to go over the ffp limits 100% avoidable situation.
  15. Carlos’s error doesn’t have to be fixed by doing the exact opposite. A happy medium was required.
  16. Why would any decent player sign for us when they see the way players are treated here.
  17. No fan wanted him to mismanage the finances so badly we were and probably will be again under a transfer embargo.
  18. Yep it would be awful if someone clueless came in and gave us the highest prices in the league... oh wait
  19. I lack your faith in Dawson, who’d struggle to catch a cold never mind a cross.
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