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  1. It’s an analogy. Obviously above your pay grade.
  2. Yes he says it’s down to jos on who plays or not, then forgot what he’d said and said Abdi is banned from playing.
  3. Chansiri has done all the things people protested about Bates for.
  4. It’s not like it’s the first player frozen out, it started with Mcgugan then Hirst, Clair now Abdi that we know of and you’ll never convince me Westwood is thought of by anybody as the 3rd best keeper at the club. You’ve got to ask what the common denominator is in all these situations. Players talk, even if he hadn’t completely stuffed up the finances, why would any decent players join us when this is an emerging pattern on how we treat our players.
  5. Chansiris reign has been like the emperor's new clothes, some fans saw a long time ago that he didn’t actually have any clothes on and started telling other people. This caused a lot of friction in the fan base as lots of people didn’t (and some still don’t) want to believe it.
  6. It’s not the fans fault clueless can’t manage his chequeboook properly.
  7. Chansiris version of the truth is not necessarily the actual truth.
  8. Only chansiri can dismiss the bullying culture rumours at Wednesday by setting up one of his own players for dogs abuse
  9. And 700 quid a season for a season ticket.
  10. Yeah he probably should have got a better translation of keep it under 39 million.
  11. Chansiri is the mammasdog or the likes.....
  12. You’d have to try really hard to come in and spend 50 million quid and make the team worse.
  13. Ok, I think you’re a really good poster and not at all a n0bhead.
  14. The Stars Wednesday reporter reporting on Wednesday. How dare he!
  15. So your normal modus operandi is to lie then Chansiri. That fills me me with confidence.
  16. It might not guarantee success but it might stop us hemorrhaging fans by the thousands.
  17. ‘You believe’ - so you don’t know either. Find your own evidence
  18. No. He’d get a competent lackey to run the club properly.
  19. I can just see sheik mansour nipping down for a chat with the man city players.
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