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  1. If Westwood leaves we’ll need to sign a new keeper. Neither Dawson or Wildsmith are good enough if we want a top 6 spot.
  2. P&s is nothing to do with making the league more competitive. Clues in the title, it’s to stop owners loading the clubs with debt and sending them to the wall.
  3. Wtf have I just read let’s lose all our attacking threat from free kicks and corners because Bazza isn’t tall enough. Ffs
  4. Did they show the stats on failed set pieces?
  5. 80 grounds and tha still knows nowt about football. That’s some achievement.
  6. We never get in the box. if a lucky potshot from 30 yards doesn't go in we're fizzed.
  7. Maybe it was a double whooshing, whooshing the whoosers
  8. What’s it go to do with anyone else. Stop putting words in my mouth.
  9. Oh Mr C, you crack me up with your incoherent ramblings
  10. That’s the problem though it’s looking increasingly like it is his only plan.
  11. And he spent more than the previous 10 managers combined to do it.
  12. Surely at some stage someone will challenge p&s in the courts, we are in a position now where our most viable option is to sell off our prized assets at below market value to comply with the arbitrary loss levels, which actually makes sustainability worse.
  13. It’s not pedantic to point out his retcon of his 20 million quid overspend to ‘stay in the division’.
  14. Trust is earned. Chansiri contadicts himself everytime he opens opens his mouth. Then wonders why people don’t trust him.
  15. Yep it’s definitely Jordan Rhodes fault chansiri can’t balance his chequebook.
  16. The man who’s overspent by 20 million quid and looks like having us in yet another embargo really shouldn’t be commenting on football experts.
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