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  1. I’m not against Bully getting a shot but lost a bit of confidence today. We lost all tactical shape and just put random players on out of position. More brainless substitutions than bold.
  2. Mirroring doesn’t work. It’s a rights thing. I have to hdmi my laptop to the tv
  3. That green kit is very hard to see on the tv
  4. I just watched a video with 2 moms and a borner.
  5. Some of our fans love to be offended
  6. The main thing I Wanted Bruce to do was teach Chansiri the value of selling players. We’ll never progress until he learns this.
  7. I think Single matches are only an option on match day.
  8. That sort of thinking is why we’ve been in an embargo 2 seasons running.
  9. Bullen could work with a decent director of football, but don’t think Chansiri has it in him to make that role viable.
  10. I’d be far happier to see 3 or 4 outgoings than new signings. Need to see some evidence Chansiri has taken his head out of the sand.
  11. We lose 20 million a year. We’re probably over the 13million limit already.
  12. No one wants to buy at chansiris over inflated prices.
  13. We’ve literally just sold the ground because of our inability to sell players. It’s a trick that only works once. By all means keep burying your head in the sand.
  14. No we just let most of them rot in the reserves and pay them for years.
  15. For the love of God just sell someone. Still can’t believe we haven’t learned this lesson yet. Roll on the next embargo next window.
  16. Yeah fancy having a manager on the list who would actually want to be here.
  17. Absolutely liability. Hope this forces mr C into getting a replacement.
  18. He’s the only name out of the list who you get the impression would love to be here. After 2 clowns who seemed to be her under sufferance that puts him to the top of the list for me when all their other attributes are pretty much the same.
  19. The fact we still haven’t shipped anyone out is more worrying than having no manager. Despite signs of learning some lessons from Chansiri this is still the big ***** in his armour.
  20. Hoarding all these players is the reason we’ve just had to sell the ground.
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