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  1. So your wanting another press conference to discuss what they are going to say in the press conference.
  2. A definite step up on Jos, I just hope we haven’t got him at the Jordan Rhodes stage of his career.
  3. I don’t think they downed tools at all, if anything they stuck too rigidly to Jos’s failing game plan of trying to play out from the back. Long passed the time they and the fans could see it was a terrible idea.
  4. Maybe it doesn’t stand in your revisionist history. His last 3 managers have all started him from the bench.
  5. That’s not true either, he came to us as mainly a sub from Watford and Carlos also played him from the bench regularly.
  6. A loan wouldn’t help p&s. chansiri already has cash, he just can’t spend it.
  7. It’s not though is it? We’re in the mess we are because we haven’t sold any players.
  8. He wasn’t in the match day squad for months. How was he going to help?
  9. I bet you were sat down when you wrote this. probably have a tash too.
  10. He’s normally kicking it back to the centre circle for another kick off.
  11. Of course he’s not consistent, he’s played in a different position every week since he got here.
  12. To be fair we didn’t have that kind of money, that’s why we’ve been fizzed for two and a half years.
  13. Rubbish. Carlos likes wingers like vampires like garlic.
  14. It’s not to do with owlstalk, the chairman said it and told the press they could report it. The ambiguity comes from whether it was a throw away threat from being p’d off at the conference.
  15. The first appointment before even a new manager should be a director of football who can get some sort of plan in place and get a suitable manager to carry out the vision.
  16. Nope. He doesn’t acknowledge any failures so he can never learn from them. The fact he he publicly admitted he hasn’t got a plan going forwards is staggering bad.
  17. Commentary only here in Australia, it’s being shown on Bein Sports.
  18. It wasn’t aimed at you. Just some of the unnecessary comments in this thread.
  19. You can think it’s the right decision for him to leave without having to be a belend towards the guy.
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