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  1. They’re fine, when there’s no expectation or pressure. Add either and there’s more spine in a jellyfish.
  2. If chansiri had done his job properly half of the team would have already have been moved on.
  3. We were getting battered before the sending off.
  4. One of the possible penalties is chansiri being banned from football. So yes we’d be screwed.
  5. We’re the epitome of bang average. not much worse than the good sides and not much better than the poor sides.
  6. Meh. trying to Nick a 1-0 in the last ten minutes doesn’t scream spot on to me.
  7. We can’t we only play for 85 minutes. Like our owner the players don’t seem to be able to count properly.
  8. He’s the only son not on the tuf board. I think we know why.
  9. Dawson couldn’t catch a cold. Even in the rain.
  10. This attitude is why we’re always bang average. Decent teams are planning transfer windows for next season at least.
  11. Until about 2 months past when dc should actually have sacked him.
  12. We’ve been under achieving for 20 years...FFS
  13. He should make it one. They’ve fleeced him out of 25 grand.
  14. If dc doesn’t start letting managers sell player, it doesn’t matter who we get in.
  15. It’s not hindsight to willingly choose to ignore the rules and overspend on the ffp limits. You’d think this amazing businessman would be able to balance a check book.
  16. You can tell he knows all about football from the embargo’s we’ve been in for 50% of his tenure. Or by selling the ground to fund the likes of Urby Emmanualsons Physio.
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