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  1. This attitude is why we’re always bang average. Decent teams are planning transfer windows for next season at least.
  2. Until about 2 months past when dc should actually have sacked him.
  3. We’ve been under achieving for 20 years...FFS
  4. He should make it one. They’ve fleeced him out of 25 grand.
  5. If dc doesn’t start letting managers sell player, it doesn’t matter who we get in.
  6. It’s not hindsight to willingly choose to ignore the rules and overspend on the ffp limits. You’d think this amazing businessman would be able to balance a check book.
  7. You can tell he knows all about football from the embargo’s we’ve been in for 50% of his tenure. Or by selling the ground to fund the likes of Urby Emmanualsons Physio.
  8. Wouldn’t have to add anything. Getting the right people in the right positions could save money in the long run. As as we have already started to see the benefit from with Bruce’s recruitment guys he brought in.
  9. It’s not after a couple of defeats though is it. Bruce left nigh on 2 months ago.
  10. I’m not getting up at for 2am kickoffs to watch flipping Pulis.
  11. To be fair to the chairman he was pretty quick at putting up the prices.
  12. Problem is they’ve all been bad. Including the ones we won.
  13. It’s not the applicants, it’s the man sorting through them.
  14. Just when you start to think Chansiri might actually be starting to get it, he takes 7 weeks and counting to appoint a new manager.
  15. Schoolboy style. Put loads of attackers on and let em do what they want. Badly.
  16. Poor performances always catch up with you in results. Only the opening day you’d put down as a good performance.
  17. If our hopes are to finish mid table then Bullen will do a decent job. People are hoping for someone to get more than the sum of its parts from the Squad and nothing so far shows Bully is that man.
  18. It was throwing the kitchen sink at it that cost us the game. We lost all our shape. Very naive offensively.
  19. As long as it’s not someone with no football experience that would massively ramp up prices to spend on aging hasbeens to fund a few years of mid table obscurity and embargo’s... oh wait.
  20. Reach has many skills, tackling isn’t one of them. He was shocking when Carlos played him there and hasn’t recovered from this for some fans.
  21. 2 higher mid table finishes for 100 million quid and 2 embargo’s. Bargin.
  22. And the managers responsible if they’re not following his instructions.
  23. Ah the old apologist question. Its irrelevant who any one on here would pick. chansiri needs to pull his finger out and make a decision.
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