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    Not as good as we would have been with a couple of clean sheets thrown in.
  2. kingsidney


    The focus is on we haven’t managed to keep a clean sheet yet.
  3. kingsidney

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    Probably because he has eyes.
  4. kingsidney

    song for sammy hutchinson

    One foot in the grave.
  5. Combined finances of a generation. Spent it all on crocks with no resale value. Still won nowt. End of thread.
  6. Bannan and pelupessy need to push up this half, Bannan way to deep looking for Hollywood ball every time.
  7. That’s no way to talk about your wife
  8. Because he keeps passing to marked defenders.
  9. kingsidney

    Listen to this...

    Came out fighting after a lacklustre start, can’t really ask for much more in our current predicament.
  10. kingsidney

    Slightly worried...

    People spent 2 seasons moaning (rightly) about Carlos only playing his favourites and now people are upset that jos isn’t using the same failed philosophy.
  11. kingsidney

    As mad as it sounds....

    Nostradamus. Can you predict me a lottery win.
  12. kingsidney


    He’ll still be here, getting paid for nowt. It’s the Chansiri way.
  13. So a perfectly used sub then. Well done Jos.
  14. And that’s over egging the action.
  15. Loads of running from matias, none at all from nuhiu.
  16. Just shave it off Bazza lad, you’re fooling no one.
  17. He might believe his own B.S. he’s definitely coming across as deluded.
  18. He would say that though wouldn’t he. The mans made of teflon.
  19. kingsidney

    This Would Sound Great

    Sounds familiar
  20. kingsidney

    Wednesday In One Word

  21. kingsidney

    iFollow - Money Share

    They should maybe pay the sound engineers so the stop cutting out the commentary for half the match.
  22. kingsidney

    We need to know

    Accepting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it. Chansiri is still living in denial.