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  1. Chansiri has got everyone thinking we’re cheats already.
  2. He’s added 200 million to Newcastle’s value. Chansiri has done the opposite here.
  3. Because our awful boring anti football is serving us so well?
  4. Monk had us playing option 2 up to Christmas. It’s awful anti football and always a couple of defeats away from getting the fans offside.
  5. Sure Brentford will love the 50 yard pass backs to the keeper.
  6. I believe that was the cut off date for administration points deduction, no date for our situation.
  7. Avarages a goal about every 30 games over his career. Not great at defending and is lightweight in a 2 man midfield. Plus points are his assist record. Good player. not great.
  8. people are literally begging for it all over social media and ratting out anyone who doesn’t comply.
  9. Sad thing is you can’t even see the irony in what you just posted.
  10. That’s not what the staff who actually work with him say.
  11. Overspending by 30 million quid and having to sell the family jewels to balance the books is hardly being attacked. It’s being a fuckwit.
  12. You’re conflating the 2 issues. Guilty or not he’s done a terrible job to put himself and the club in that position in the first place.
  13. What a load of testicles. If he had run the finances in an appropriate manor he wouldn’t have been in a position to be charged in the first place. Not being guilty is vastly different from being innocent.
  14. You’re the one who’s seemingly confused. You’re the one stating people are frustrated Chansiri is not guilty, People are just pointing out being not guilty doesn’t mean he hasn’t still been a pretty crappy chairman.
  15. You’re confusing being innocent with being a bit poo...
  16. it’s pointless money pumped in pointlessly. Causing 3 years of embargo’s. How in any way shape or form does that warrant respect.
  17. And what if they break a leg. Why would either the player or the club risk that?
  18. Yes your right I’m not a melting snowflake about an experienced premier league player laughing at the farcical way Chansiri runs the club. It’s hardly a shock.
  19. There was literally nothing bad said about us. some of our fans love to be offended.
  20. Overspending the allowed amount and getting numerous sanctions is the opposite of support.
  21. I can’t see what anyone’s getting upset about I. That video.
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