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  1. They should maybe pay the sound engineers so the stop cutting out the commentary for half the match.
  2. Accepting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it. Chansiri is still living in denial.
  3. It’s irrelevant how much he has he can’t put any more in to satisfy p&s.
  4. You can’t ignore the budget advantage Carlos had, when comparing him to previous managers. When the pressure was on he was always found wanting.
  5. Bannan was great going forwards, really need to cut out the no look pass across the back 4 though.
  6. And the budget of the previous 10 managers combined.
  7. New lads did well. Matias working really hard, loads of tracking back and helping.
  8. That would be earlier to believe, if we hadn’t already frozen out numerous other players under chansiris regeme.
  9. Better than a poor kids parents shelling out 250 quid.
  10. He usually says ‘it’s the fans fault’ and ‘expensive crock, yes please.’
  11. Or shows he hasn’t got a fizzing clue what’s going on.
  12. Totally agree. Its not the fact we went for it and failed that annoys me but the complete lack of plan to get us out of the mess we’re in. He’s just doubling down on the fizz ups he’s already made.
  13. We made the mistake when we didn’t sell any for 3 years and ended up with a team of crocks.
  14. Trust the man who got us in the embargo in the first place? That ship has sailed unfortunately.
  15. Give Carlos a ring, apparently he’s got a list of 199 other gems just like Van Aken.
  16. Have a day off ffs. Not the day for your constant trolling.
  17. His word was he would run us is a sustainable fashion and not break the financial rules. His words worth squat.
  18. I don’t think we did gamble, we were just massively mismanaged. We signed a load of aging players with no resale value in positions we didn’t need to strengthen. That’s without the ludicrous wastes of money on players like Urby Emanuelson.
  19. It’s not the fans place to have to have caution. It was chansiris who was in position of the cold hard facts of the accounts. Ridiculous blame shifting to say the fans didn’t moan.
  20. Because there’s no middle ground between those players and getting us in an embargo is there
  21. Ok, well done chansiri for getting us out of the embargo you got us in. Feel better now
  22. Only to a certain extent. we know the previous 2 years accounts and we’ve hardly reduced costs from last year.
  23. Can’t see that we’ve done anywhere near enough if the guys from the ffp special on the Wednesday week are right.
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