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    Love it.
  2. kingsidney

    Steve Clarridge

    They'll have to mention us when we go top of the league....believe.
  3. kingsidney

    Too many for M.O.M

    Have a day off mate, just enjoy the win ffs.
  4. kingsidney

    Darren Purse on Talksport

    Can't believe the hate for purse, our goals against tripled last season when he left.
  5. kingsidney


    The missing ingredient is a manager who can win away from home. Megson is not this man. Ask the Forest fans.
  6. Just like you've never been a clever wee pipe before.
  7. kingsidney

    how do you wind the grunters up

    Remind em they picked up our old nickname like a tramp eating a sandwich from the bin.
  8. I'm Orlando trustful too....
  9. You obviously are, as you missed out the full stop that bothers you so much.
  10. kingsidney

    all the moaners

    Rjb makes a triumphant return.
  11. I know im gonna get slammed for this, but I don't like stripes, I'd love a bit mor variety in our kits.
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    I thought I was the only Sydney owl.
  13. kingsidney

    Totally gutted with Megson

    I remember getting the same abuse when I was gutted about irvines appointment, remind me how that worked out. Saying that I don't have the same sick feeling this time, think Megson might just save our season.
  14. kingsidney

    Keegan did same job at Fulham

    I hope he brings his badges...
  15. Should have snapped Warnocks hand off whilst we had the chance.
  16. kingsidney

    Alan Irvine

    This ^^
  17. kingsidney

    Howard Wilkinson

    Not sure I agree with how big a role HW had in the takeover, MM was the only person ever in the race as he was the only one who actually had any cash.
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  19. kingsidney

    What did AI get for Xmas?

    Some more badges