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    Message for Lee

    . But we did manage to not get relegated without one. Or have ridiculous "I can smell the money" soundbites. Plus if it is true that he held off sacking laws because of these jokers which ultimately is a decision that has relegated us then that alone is a reason to fall on his sword. The man has failed every target that he has set. The man is a loser and he's dragging us down with him.
  2. kingsidney

    Dear Mr. Strafford...

    How much money has he wasted courting these wee wee takers.
  3. kingsidney

    Support Lee Stafford

    When did this club change it's name to lee Strafford f.c. I was under the misguided notion that I supported sheffield Wednesday. Just because people didn't like the Allen regime doesn't make strafford automaticly the right man for the job. The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.
  4. So then why didn't he hire warnock, who's spent his whole career managing teams who don't have a pot to wee wee in. We'd still be in the championship now if he had.
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    Lee Stafford

    wow, still happy clappers.. wtf has to happen to make you realize the mans a numpty
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    flip you, Weve just been relegated, I'll moan all i rumbleen want
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    Lee Stafford

    the man replaced a striker with a useless midfilder in a must win game. cant wait for him to have money to spend
  9. theres's only spur who looks bothered
  10. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys like irvine.. nice one strafford!!!
  11. gotta wonder if irvines cut out for this..
  12. kingsidney

    owls fans down under

    Another Sydney owl here!!
  13. kingsidney

    Irvine Out

    I said at the time A.I. was appointed it was madness to give him a 3 year contract, but got shouted down by the happy clappers led by davey boy 66. If a rolling one year contracts good enough for alex fergeson, why not for us. How many managers even make it to 3 years these days. Should have snapped warnocks hand off when we had the chance.
  14. kingsidney

    Alan Irvine

    I have to admit I wasn't impressed when we signed him, but I'm happy to have been proved wrong.
  15. there is no black and white here, Allen wasn't all bad just as Strafford isnt all good. its all just shades of grey.
  16. kingsidney

    season so far as a film

    Its like watching rocky in reverse.
  17. kingsidney

    where's lee?

    The old addage of 'You get what tou pay for' is starting to ring true..
  18. the document only highlighted a problem alredy there..cough
  19. He'd have to ok the decisions, and the board has let the situation arise that half the team are out of contract simultaniously and clearly this is leading to an 'i have nothing to play for attitude' Is the manager responsible for that. No!! I'm sure he's trying his best, the question is, is his best good enough?
  20. Just being better than Allen doesn't automaticly mean LS is the right man for the job. The playing side has disintegrated under his leadership.
  21. kingsidney

    Marcus Tudgay

    ^^^ this My gran's could score more..
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    I agree, but i think the players also know that and as a consequence have given up rather than fighting for a new contract, and letting several players do this together when we have no alternative players to replace them with is a major contributing factor in our current possition.
  23. kingsidney

    Absolute Disgrace

    go on dave smash him :laugh: