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  1. Beating the Pigs at Webley stadium. We should have scored abou 10.
  2. I cant believe all the blind faith for Mandaric, I know he bought us and Am greatful for that but the one constant in all the managers being sacked (at all his clubs) is him. What makes people believe so blindly that this is going to work out any better than the other 20ish failures he's had in picking a manager.
  3. A win will calm everyone's freyed nerves, and calm down the infighting hopefully.
  4. That's the problem for me, if there's money available to pay off megson, why wasn't it available for transfers which would have probably staved off the poor form in the first place avoiding this situation. If he was sacked for non footballing reasons I'd rather just be told the truth.
  5. It is if it's jones, lower than a snakes belly stabing a serving manager in the back. We'll have an owner and manager with no moral compass.
  6. I agree, might explain the lack of transfer funds he was given in the window.
  7. I live in Oz, it's really hard to post cos by the time I read 12 hours later most of the relevant points have already been made.
  8. I agree with Eaton ^ It's hard to get behind Mandaric again now the trust has gone, especially as I suspect the dismissal was more for his benefit than for the good of the club.
  9. Or fail, get no money post season lose a couple of games and get a new man in too late to flip up another season. Its the mandaric way.
  10. If megson were to get a school report he'd have probably a B. I would have rumbleen killed for a B.
  11. MM has seriously misjudged the mood of the fans, there's too much smoke for their not to be a fire.
  12. Got to see the season out regardless of today's result. Uto
  13. Not strictly a transfer but big Ron leaving for Villa was the beginning of the end.
  14. We've never been very good at turning a profit on our players.
  15. Originally Woodhouse, now Sydney Australia.
  16. Can't even get commentry here in Oz. Maybe it's a good thing today :(
  17. They'll have to mention us when we go top of the league....believe.
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