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  1. It’s not like Rhodes where we still owed loads of cash on him, ff should be paid off or very close to.
  2. It’s bad enough reading your posts once without having to trawl through old ones.
  3. kingsidney

    Selling Players

    Selling players is just as important as bringing new ones in. Something chansiri clearly hasn’t grasped.
  4. kingsidney

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    Wembley proved winning has nothing to do with the backing you get. If that backing wasn’t enough then there’s no hope.
  5. Supporting Wednesday and supporting the car crash that Chansiri is becoming on not necessarily the same thing.
  6. kingsidney

    ifollow abroad

    Yeah the pitch mic drowned out the commentary. John Pearson sounded like he was using Milan’s underwater phone.
  7. kingsidney

    Any positives?

    Rotherham conceded 5, so at least we’re not bottom
  8. Wtf are the defence doing.
  9. Down to banans awful ball
  10. If it’s any consolation the pitch mike is drowning out the commentary John Pearson sounds like he’s reporting from the bogs.
  11. Hutch was shocking.
  12. That’s been pretty poor too, granted.
  13. That’s the attitude that got us into this mess.
  14. Chansiri didn’t sign Lee or Hutchinson.
  15. 1 Westwood 2 dawson 3 wildsmith
  16. kingsidney

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Thats not true though is it. People saw through Carlos and the falling standards from at least Christmas in his second season if not earlier.
  17. Far too early to write him off. I’m sure the same things were being said about Vydra who ended up top scorer last season, when he scored around 5 in both the 2 previous seasons.
  18. There’s no mention of adding commentary.
  19. kingsidney

    Preslav Borukov

    You could apply that to every thread!
  20. kingsidney

    Westwood interview

    That’s not true though is it.
  21. You’d be blubbing like a little girl if someone had said that about Carlos.
  22. kingsidney


    Good shot stopper, more scared of crosses than a vampire.
  23. Don’t think we should be too critical of trying something different tonight, all the games we have remaining are pretty much dead rubbers.
  24. Can you ever do a post without being a complete bell end?
  25. There’s definitely still a goal scorer in there, look at Vydra top scorer in the league this year with the right management had the same barren seasons as Rhodes.