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  1. Dawson was on a hiding to nothing today. Any mistake would have been magnified after a half decent performance from Wildsmith. He’s not far of finished here now. Terrible management.
  2. Pointless only people who turn up are the lickSpittals like casbahowl.
  3. Colin would have got us promoted if all the wet fannnies hadn’t kicked of a few seasons back.
  4. The only thing in the universe slower than Dawson’s reactions is this site on matchday.
  5. Dawson really is the worst keeper I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt.
  6. The new rules are profit and sustainability, nothing to do with a level playing field. How can being forced to sell your assets at less than market value ever fit under that remit.
  7. There’s not much between them in all honesty. I do think Dawson’s head drops a bit when he makes a boo boo and Wildsmith seemed to recover a bit better from the setback.
  8. Our entire team cost about 6 million quid they had at least 6 players who cost 50million each. Get some perspective ffs.
  9. Hunt was the highlight for me, that will do his confidence the world of good.
  10. Easy to say. You’d be crying like a little ***** if we actually had got spanked 6-0.
  11. Who did this lauded Oxford team play in the next round of the cup?
  12. Mate you’re just embarrassing yourself now. Wigan beat West Brom on the Weekend does that mean Wigan are now the best team in the league?
  13. People read your post. they just thought it was moronic.
  14. Couldn’t disagree more. a hardworking performance against a superior team. what were you expecting?
  15. If we did get relegated, I’d take it as far as I could legaly if I were Chansiri. it’s no longer financial fair play but profit & sustainability and does losing millions from the relegation plus then having to have a fire sale on our best players fit under that remit.
  16. I should have put my glasses on, I thought old baz was gurning for DeBruyne
  17. Pointing out that a man who self admittedly knows nothing about football is unsurprisingly doing a terrible job isn’t abuse, it’s just the truth. Turnig 100 million pounds into a relegation push doesn’t scream success.
  18. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Yeah because losing 100million quid in a little tantrum is better than selling up and recouping some money. grow up ffs.
  19. I couldn’t give a flying fizz if they’re poo in training as long as they’re good on match day.
  20. No ones talking about walking away. Selling up is completely different.
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