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  1. I would hope the next guy stays within the rules and doesn’t spend 57m unnecessarily and lumber us with another 3 seasons of embargo’s.
  2. Inside training; I thought this was gonna be a picture of hutch and Westwood’s living room counting a big pile of cash for doing fuckall.
  3. You test the metal of a man in adversity. Hows he coping with that?
  4. I thought this was going to be your new login.
  5. Call Sherlock homes then for the mysterious case of the missing threads. 🧐
  6. Challenge is keeping the paixao secret quiet even if he’s had a word with owls talk police.
  7. My take is there’s a reason idiot son is the only non TUF board member.
  8. Bannan is playing nowhere near his best. Hes been phoning it in for weeks.
  9. Top of my list. Floaty corners want to make me rip my own eyeballs out.
  10. I’m waiting for the English translation to come out.
  11. Money talks. loads of mercenaries out there who’d jump at the chance. whether they’d be any good is a different story.
  12. You know your owners a crackpot when someone who worked for Vincent Tan passes you up 🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. Why is everyone so binary. It’s not a case of it’s Chansiri’s fault, or Monks fault or the players fault. it’s all of them. They’re all doing just about the worst job you could imagine. The only one with the power to change it though is Chansiri & he seems to have done a disappearing act.
  14. When the takeover first happened it was announced as a consortium, then changed to Chansiri only.
  15. Your daily blame the fans post. well done
  16. He’s definitely A problem. It’s all sticking plasters though until Chansiri and his stuffing Mate move on.
  17. Well done. there have been some doozies but this is definitely the dumbest thing I’ve seen posted today.
  18. Coronavirus could cripple EFL clubs Chansiri: Hold my beer!
  19. And that’s why we’re forever doomed to mediocrity.
  20. It not improving a bad lot though is it. might be the difference in scraping a few wins and avoiding relegation.
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