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  1. kingsidney


    Handling that pressure is the difference between top players and average journeyman players.
  2. Our movement off the ball is abysmal.
  3. Need to start closing down. Making it too easy for them.
  4. kingsidney

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

    Spot on. He was great today.
  5. kingsidney


    Finding a country that isn’t showing the match is the answer.
  6. kingsidney


    It’s on Foxtel, here in Australia.
  7. kingsidney

    What do you expect?

    No he’s delusional, but he’s set the expectations for people to follow.
  8. Bet he couldn’t have picked a youth player out in a line up.
  9. kingsidney

    Club record?

    The actual league table is more relevant. Are you really arguing for not keeping clean sheets.
  10. kingsidney


    Not as good as we would have been with a couple of clean sheets thrown in.
  11. kingsidney


    The focus is on we haven’t managed to keep a clean sheet yet.
  12. kingsidney

    Dom Howson not a Pelupessy fan

    Probably because he has eyes.
  13. kingsidney

    song for sammy hutchinson

    One foot in the grave.
  14. Combined finances of a generation. Spent it all on crocks with no resale value. Still won nowt. End of thread.