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  1. There’s no mention of adding commentary.
  2. kingsidney

    Preslav Borukov

    You could apply that to every thread!
  3. kingsidney

    Westwood interview

    That’s not true though is it.
  4. You’d be blubbing like a little girl if someone had said that about Carlos.
  5. kingsidney


    Good shot stopper, more scared of crosses than a vampire.
  6. Don’t think we should be too critical of trying something different tonight, all the games we have remaining are pretty much dead rubbers.
  7. Can you ever do a post without being a complete bell end?
  8. kingsidney

    Two Major Concerns with Jos

    There’s definitely still a goal scorer in there, look at Vydra top scorer in the league this year with the right management had the same barren seasons as Rhodes.
  9. kingsidney

    Stuart Gray

    In Stuart’s case because dc doesn’t know what he’s doing and has bought into the foreigners are best myth.
  10. Maybe someone should teach you how to scroll past threads
  11. Clapping and typing at the same time. Impressive.
  12. Because people expected Carlos to behave like a responsible manager. That’s the most ridiculous cop out I’ve ever heard.
  13. Yes. Look what happened after bringing Kieron Lee back in just those circumstances.
  14. Seems sensible after Carlos the destroyers reign. Nurse him him back to fitness for the new season.
  15. See the usual clappers just want us to bury our head in the sand as usual and pretend everything’s been great.