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  1. kingsidney

    Sheffield Star

    Maybe they’re letting you know what really happened without outright saying it.
  2. If they didn’t ask people would complain about not asking tough questions. They can’t win.
  3. Don’t forget it’s all the fans fault.
  4. kingsidney

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    1 would be enough.
  5. kingsidney

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    Until Chansiri learns player sales are just as important as signings we’re only heading in one direction and it isn’t upwards.
  6. This offer is 2 seasons too late. People who have got out of the habit of going will be hard to get back you’re idea of basically a 4th phase pricing is ridiculous. We’re obviously trying to get people back not punish them like red headed step kids.
  7. kingsidney

    How to run a Football club ?

    1. ask Chansiri for advice 2. Do the exact opposite.
  8. kingsidney

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    There’s only one way we’re getting out of this division under Chansiri and it’s not going up. Mainly because of decisions like making our highly paid international goalkeeper play for the reserves. Just remember it’s the fans fault.
  9. kingsidney

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Chansiri says it’s promotion or bust this season. Why shoot yourself in the foot not playing the best players. If it’s as bad as he makes out we’re screwed next season.
  10. kingsidney


    Must be true if it’s on Twitter
  11. kingsidney

    Gonna be a long old season

    Perspective is Fletcher has always been poor at finishing.
  12. He also said he didn’t know if we were under an embargo. So I’d take anything he says with a pinch of salt.
  13. Got Chansiri’s fingerprints all over this. Lurching from one fizz up to the next.
  14. kingsidney

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Freezing players out is becoming worryingly commonplace under Chansiri. Scary that people are actually applauding it. Cant be good for player morale working in that hostile work environment.
  15. It’s not like Rhodes where we still owed loads of cash on him, ff should be paid off or very close to.