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  1. We never get in the box. if a lucky potshot from 30 yards doesn't go in we're fizzed.
  2. kingsidney

    Tom Lees

    It’s owlstalk inception.
  3. kingsidney

    Tom Lees

    Maybe it was a double whooshing, whooshing the whoosers
  4. Banan needs all the help he can get. He was atrocious.
  5. kingsidney


    What’s it go to do with anyone else. Stop putting words in my mouth.
  6. kingsidney


    Soo overrated.
  7. kingsidney

    Club 1867 Launch

    Oh Mr C, you crack me up with your incoherent ramblings
  8. kingsidney

    Club 1867 Launch

    That’s the problem though it’s looking increasingly like it is his only plan.
  9. kingsidney

    From a Wigan fans forum

    And he spent more than the previous 10 managers combined to do it.
  10. kingsidney

    Will P&S kill us and the FL?

    Surely at some stage someone will challenge p&s in the courts, we are in a position now where our most viable option is to sell off our prized assets at below market value to comply with the arbitrary loss levels, which actually makes sustainability worse.
  11. kingsidney

    Chairman’s statement

    It’s not pedantic to point out his retcon of his 20 million quid overspend to ‘stay in the division’.
  12. kingsidney

    Chairman’s statement

    Trust is earned. Chansiri contadicts himself everytime he opens opens his mouth. Then wonders why people don’t trust him.
  13. kingsidney


    Yep it’s definitely Jordan Rhodes fault chansiri can’t balance his chequebook.