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  1. Have you ever done a post talking about football and not the poster.
  2. This is probably his biggest failing for me.
  3. Half the players out are now professional crocks and are likely to miss a big chunk of next season too.
  4. Not many manage to spend as much as the last 10 managers combined and make the team worse though. 1 trick pony.
  5. Danny Mayor

    Did anyone else read the title in Danny Dyers accent.
  6. You should stop starting them then.
  7. Points dropped from a winning position

    And then get worse.
  8. Good to hear a nice story coming out of Hillsborough for a change.
  9. He didn’t say they should be too 6. Just that they equally shouldn’t be bottom 6.
  10. Oh look it’s Captain Superfan
  11. And they’ll be made in actual adult sizes.
  12. You must be fit to burst now the new buttons gone.
  13. Jos the joker...go now

    I’ve no faith in Chansiri to make that call.
  14. Players Cheating

    Something definitely wrong behind the scenes.