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  1. It was happening before covid. I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  2. Transfer embargoes, points deductions, not sticking to EFL rules, selling stadium to himself, most expensive tickets outside PL, most expensive kit prices outside PL, 6 managers in 1 season, not paying player wages on time, not refunding season ticket holders on time, dodgy unknown kit manufacturers, D taxis. If we hadn’t started this season on -12, we would’ve attracted better players. If we didn’t receive the -6 points (in the end) we would’ve stayed up. How anyone can not blame Chansiri for the state the club is in baffles me.
  3. Jesus noooo. can you imagine some of the numpty’s on here having part ownership
  4. We’ve just been relegated not on merit but 100% down to the ineptitude of our clueless owner. it’s not up for debate it’s a fact.
  5. it would be impossible to tell the difference. chansiri has checked off just about everything on the list of things you don’t want an owner to do.
  6. You’d have to try REALLY hard to find another owner as inept as Chansiri.
  7. We already have the worst case scenario owner. It would take a special effort to run us worse than the current idiot.
  8. I bet you were shocked about Freddie Mercury too.
  9. Wrap up warm and put the heating on. Not sure that requires a degree.
  10. Says he hates negative football, hires jos, monk and pulls. Stupidity not circumstance.
  11. We’ve just had 2 failed dour anti football managers on the trot. let’s go and get another one, that should improve things. definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
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