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  1. If the game plan was to wait for their keeper to roll it out to us 18 yards out then you’re probably right.
  2. That goals gonna mask how wrong Bullen has got it tonight.
  3. Getting bossed in midfield by Jacob Butterfield, pull your finger out Bully.
  4. Back to walking pace football. Not a great start. missing Palmer down the left.
  5. I’m not against Bully getting a shot but lost a bit of confidence today. We lost all tactical shape and just put random players on out of position. More brainless substitutions than bold.
  6. Mirroring doesn’t work. It’s a rights thing. I have to hdmi my laptop to the tv
  7. That green kit is very hard to see on the tv
  8. I just watched a video with 2 moms and a borner.
  9. Some of our fans love to be offended
  10. The main thing I Wanted Bruce to do was teach Chansiri the value of selling players. We’ll never progress until he learns this.
  11. I think Single matches are only an option on match day.
  12. That sort of thinking is why we’ve been in an embargo 2 seasons running.
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