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  1. Wrap up warm and put the heating on. Not sure that requires a degree.
  2. Says he hates negative football, hires jos, monk and pulls. Stupidity not circumstance.
  3. We’ve just had 2 failed dour anti football managers on the trot. let’s go and get another one, that should improve things. definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
  4. He should have gone after last season. this was always going to happen.
  5. We need an attacking football manager. Dour managers are done for as soon as results dip. Who wants unattractive losing football. Hillsborough is best when we have something to get behind not when we’re only trying to not go behind
  6. Choosing between Dawson and Wildsmith is like choosing if you’d prefer to get punched in the face or liked in the nuts.
  7. Some people will just focus on the 2 and a half games from this season rather than the travesty of the rest of his reign
  8. We did in a way. The elf had to change the charge half way through the proceedings. we weren’t charged for the stadium only exceeding p&s.
  9. 0 - monk will bring in players and be sacked in the first 10 games.
  10. We’re run by a madman and the only way we’re leaving this leave is through the trap door.
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