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  1. Both Dawson and wildsmith need to go out on loan. Neither is ready to be no1 here. Signing Westwood has to be the top priority for next season.
  2. We’ll not consistently score enough to make up for having Dawson in the net.
  3. Lees had a stormer too. Hector was ok, the rest deserve about a 3/10.
  4. I don’t care who they sell to get enough cash to re sign Westwood.
  5. If Westwood leaves we’ll need to sign a new keeper. Neither Dawson or Wildsmith are good enough if we want a top 6 spot.
  6. P&s is nothing to do with making the league more competitive. Clues in the title, it’s to stop owners loading the clubs with debt and sending them to the wall.
  7. Wtf have I just read let’s lose all our attacking threat from free kicks and corners because Bazza isn’t tall enough. Ffs
  8. Did they show the stats on failed set pieces?
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