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  1. He's not well as it is. Are you trying to kill him?!
  2. So Pulis turned it down and we going back again if Bullen doesn't pick up results in September. Cracking. All the while, Rowett wants the job and I firmly believe he would be an astute appointment for this league. Chansiri is letting this season drift away again. It's costing him money and we are going to be in trouble next year again with FFP.
  3. Would not be a bad appointment at all. Bullen could consider himself very unlucky this time around. Can't help but feel that Chansiri remembers the Burton game where he stated the club needed a new manager to sort the team out. Long term, not sure that has done him any favours
  4. He's 3 out of 3 when it comes to managerial appointments here under Chansiri. He called Carlos, Jos and Bruce. What he says has to be taken seriously. If he was pushing Hughton, there would be a love in for him on here. If he is right, it does sound like another odd choice
  5. If you had to guess plan B, you think it's Rowett??? I don't think the foreign coach route is way to go this year myself. We need someone who has a solid track record in this division IMO
  6. Thanks a lot for replying. Does Chansiri hoping to have a manager by weekend or is he not under pressure??
  7. We concentrating on him for now so? This is where we need to be IMO. Can't be helping us the fact the transfer window is closing early this year
  8. Maybe they bonded over their mutual hatred of Mike Ashley
  9. If it's Rowett, I would be happy with that. Good fit and ticks a lot of the boxes. Will be able to work to a budget. Coleman is favourite for the job and other than a successful period as Wales manager, club level is patchy at best. We cannot afford to get this one wrong.
  10. I do hope Biggs is wrong. On both occasions that Bullen was in charge, he seemed relieved to be handing over the reigns, especially the first time when he was like a horse wanting to be shot to put him out of his misery. I fear when the pressure will inevitably come on him that he will not be able for it. The last thing I would like to see is a true Wednesday legend getting hounded out. I am surprised he wants it. We will see. It is very quiet, speculation wise. We can always let Bullen start the season as caretaker and see how he fares. Out of the list per the bookies, Hughton is the stand out candidate but does not want it. Van Bronkhurst is a pipe dream. Pulls bombed in end at Boro. Monk is under investigation so we won't be touching him. I do like Holloway. Not sure Bannan does reading that article. Rowett would be the best of the lot left. Bruce has left us royally in the sh!te here With a bit of luck, it will end in tears for him.
  11. This. Not sure why the hate. We have a very capable set of players. He got Blackpool and palace up with less talented. He won't be expensive either and he gets the club. It's very much a yes for me.
  12. Bruce has shown his true colours. What gets me Is that his agent instigated the move. People are angry as Chansiri bent over backwards to get him and gave him time off. Bruce is the true definition of a mersonary. Time to move on.
  13. Is your reason for being the only one yeaterday to think it wasn't happening, because Ashley won't pay the compensation Chansiri wants?
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