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  1. Agree. I do not see what Green brings to the table. Yet to be convinced by a long long way
  2. Think him and Sam will be competing for who has the most yellows though
  3. I would imagine that we will get motoring this week with a few signings. Need at least 6 looking at bench today.
  4. Other clubs have had issues similar to ours with lesser paid and lesser skilled players. Some of those clubs survived. Some of the "performances" put in by some last season was pitiful to watch and hard to take. They are professionals at the end of the day. I am not surprised not many have got fixed up yet.
  5. This has been the case for months. Pulis would have brought a bit of quality in if he was left and we have sneaked it. We are atrociously poor going forward. Have been for a long time.
  6. We did and a lot of that was down to both of these. Chansiri either does not have the funds or has lost interest. Either way, we look like going down
  7. This is madness by them. Having watched the ROI under 21s under Kenny a good bit; he has been one of the stand out players. I don't believe we will be interested but we 100% should be. He will be a Premier League player one day. Very creative and not afraid of a tackle
  8. So Pulis turned it down and we going back again if Bullen doesn't pick up results in September. Cracking. All the while, Rowett wants the job and I firmly believe he would be an astute appointment for this league. Chansiri is letting this season drift away again. It's costing him money and we are going to be in trouble next year again with FFP.
  9. Would not be a bad appointment at all. Bullen could consider himself very unlucky this time around. Can't help but feel that Chansiri remembers the Burton game where he stated the club needed a new manager to sort the team out. Long term, not sure that has done him any favours
  10. He's 3 out of 3 when it comes to managerial appointments here under Chansiri. He called Carlos, Jos and Bruce. What he says has to be taken seriously. If he was pushing Hughton, there would be a love in for him on here. If he is right, it does sound like another odd choice
  11. If you had to guess plan B, you think it's Rowett??? I don't think the foreign coach route is way to go this year myself. We need someone who has a solid track record in this division IMO
  12. Thanks a lot for replying. Does Chansiri hoping to have a manager by weekend or is he not under pressure??
  13. We concentrating on him for now so? This is where we need to be IMO. Can't be helping us the fact the transfer window is closing early this year
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