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  1. djstatic


    We signing Lombardo as well?? About time. Only 22 years too late?
  2. djstatic

    Atdhe Nuhiu today

    How he can produce the form at end of last season and play like he has never a football this season is one of 2 things? He's either the biggest confidence player I've seen or one of the laziest. Either way, I wouldn't be renewing another contract.
  3. djstatic

    If its not Steve Bruce

    It is Bruce. However, I completely agree. Holloway is a good fit for this club. I wanted him when Jones left but he fell out with Mandaric previously and Gray did an excellent job as caretaker.
  4. djstatic


    I see it that way too. He seemed to having a good pre season as well. I'm sure it's just a coincidence him being linked with a move away on same day.. This is what you get with him. Brilliant but this is the 3rd pre season in a row there has been a flashpoint. I was optimistic a week or so back about the new season, the events of last night certainly have dampened it a lot
  5. Think Smart is a midfielder according to a few sources online. 20 years old. Can't imagine this is something major we are working on. Club must be disappointed Fred went elsewhere.
  6. Obviously we would be laughing at others giving out if we were the ones Mendes was helping, not Forrest. The football league do seriously need to look at it regardless of whether Forest go up or not. Modern day football is not the type of football I grew up with. There were always big clubs and clubs who got a sugar daddy owner I.e Blackburn and Newcastle. However, if you told me 20 years ago, that an agent would have enough influence and financial clout to pick a championship club at random to get them promoted, I would say that's taking away the competitiveness out of the league and could only last so long. The championship as a league is vastly underrated and the fact that Sunderland finished bottom were the only team not to concede to the top team shows that anything can happen. It would be a travesty if that was to change
  7. Alex Lopez released from Sporting Gijon. Would anyone take him back on a free? For me, not sure it's a priority area. If the likes of Abdi were to find an alternative (retirement) home, would defo consider.
  8. Just the kind of signing we should be making. Looks a good player. Hopefully this summer we may see the club sign players who can develop as well as tried and tested.
  9. djstatic

    Tell it straight!

    The qualities we had last season are a distant memory. We are slow, clueless and resort to knocking it long to Forestieri. We miss Lees and Lee badly but no excuse. Carlos should leave at end of season when we don't get promoted. As others have said, results have papered over the performances. Leeds were bang average as well.
  10. djstatic

    2 TEAMS

    This. As Tom Lees said, good teams don't do what we did on Friday. Some of our passing in last 20 minutes was a disgrace. We invited the pressure on and got what we deserved. How we are 6th is beyond me based on our performances.
  11. A Norwich fan I know reckons we are in for Alexander Tettey. Haven't seen him play in ages so can't comment on how good he is.
  12. djstatic

    Lay off Carlos

    Whilst I want to agree with you, I don't see how Hooper coming back will improve us that much. My problem is that we aren't creating enough to score. We look clueless going forward. We win a free kick in a good position and decide to take it short and keep the ball instead of hitting it into the box. It's not as if we have a small team. The Newcastle game aside, the performances of late n in the main this season have not been good enough by a long chalk
  13. I agree with this. Ipswich, Leeds, Rotherham and Wolves at home were all awful performances. We have only scored 28 goals in 25 matches which is shocking. A result like today has been coming. Carvalhal is bulletproof to some on here but not me.
  14. We should be much better than this. If i was Chansiri, I would be looking back at the money I have spent over the last 18 months. He certainly has not got value for money. Carvalhal has a lot to answer for. Some of the performances this season have been dire and awful to watch.
  15. djstatic

    Hillsborough Memorial Scarves

    Those Pokémon go feckers knicked them all.