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  1. Play offs a million miles away m8 . You've just seen what we have to call on if and when we get ant injuries
  2. And he's the one most fans said is the one they want out the first . Tells u all u need to know
  3. It's just their not very good m8 that's what it boils down to . I think Neil was making a statement tonight making 11 changes to the board .
  4. We need a few more additions based on this . 11 changes or not not one of them staked a claim to be in the squad on Saturday we have been woeful you lot have bossed it from the start . Yous have some decent players to call upon if you get injuries whereas we could be a couple of injuries from implosion . That's what happens I guess when u spend no money . Well done tonight and good luck going forward in the season
  5. Probably too good for us then thanks for the reply
  6. What's your thoughts on Hector. We've been linked today and I believe he had a spell at Wednesday?
  7. I reckon we will be Bass Hume Wright ballard alese Dajaku onien Winchester diamond Embleton Roberts There u go Mr Moore set up your team against that ha . 10 changes I reckon from Saturday
  8. What do yous reckon your team will be on Wednesday. I think we will make a few changes and give some game time to the likes of Roberts onien Wright bass alese etc who haven't had game time yet this season . I'm expecting about 8 changes from Saturday but should still be a decent team we manage to put out hopefully
  9. Yeah m8 should get on the train around 5 past midnight . Been worth the long day for the 3.5k following . Pretty happy with the start as should yous be from 2 tricky looking games . Think both teams will show a few changes when we meet in the cup this week
  10. Just seen pictures of your away following whilst I'm sat on the train from Bristol. Absolutely tremendous following and been a great day for both yous and us . Long may it continue safe journey home folks
  11. Hi . Off to your hated neighbours on a Wednesday night soon. Anyone be kind enough to advise me how far a train station is from there as trying to sort travel see if I can make it back on a night game. Thanks in advance
  12. Just highlights that we need to bring in some experienced heads especially on the 2nd half showing . Coventry made a triple change of experience and it swung it in their favour . We counteracted it by bringing on the onion who all things being equal should be nowhere near a championship side . Young lads need someone in to calm them down at times . Big few weeks till the window closes going to define our season . When we take Pritchard off we have to have better quality to replace him . Hopefully that will be addressed or its going to be a very long season . We got away with one there 2nd half
  13. Was it a good point in the end after going down to ten men . Sounded like a cracking game never expected yous to concede 3 goals like but it's a point on the board on the way to your target
  14. Probably because your one of the best clubs down in league one bit similar to ourselves great fan base great tradition and a proper club . Talked to many of your fans on the times we played last season and a friendly bunch with good banter . Goes a long way in football that
  15. Never seen nothing of him so hopefully your right as we are short in striking dept only have Stewart
  16. Was all planning too got the tickets etc . I work for myself and there is issues with the delivery of my materials and had to put the job back and it clashes now with the cup date . Still going to try my best to get away earlier and drive down all things being good . Be gutted if I can't but unfortunately work comes first in this instance so if I miss it I will he gutted but hopefully get down next season in the championship . Just checked your signings seem to have got a decent group in hopefully they will give you that bit extra needed as yous weren't far away last season . Good luck
  17. That's the problem next to know one.. A centre half from arsenal who was at Preston last season. A kid out of west hams under 23s and bass the keeper from Portsmouth who was on loan at Bradford last year. Really worrying as still miles short
  18. Can't see it myself . Think we going to struggle big time with the lack of signings
  19. On behalf on many fans here at sunderland wish u all the success this season and hope yous smash it . Personally think your great value to go up and hope to renew acquaintances in the league very soon . Your support deserves it and will be looking out for your results every week .
  20. Am coming back to your place again for the cup game . Perfect tie for me couldn't of worked out better . Would much rather be coming to Hillsborough rather than the other one a week later
  21. We play your not so good neighbours on 16th August on a Tuesday night . Looking at possibly getting train down rather than drive . Any ideas if I'd make it back to the station by 10.10 pm for the train never been to their ground before . Will it be as relaxed as it was when I walked to your place last season or these lot a lot more edgy than Wednesday? Just some general advice off a good bunch of fans please ?
  22. Decent set of signings them lot . Yous were one of the better sides last season fairly confident yous will go up as a lot on our forums are hoping yous do . Just hope we don't trade places so can visit Hillsborough again hopefully on a Saturday next time
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