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  1. So did it actually happen? 4 pages with no evidence yet, just a small amount of heresay. Is this going to turn into another eposiode of Oxford away last season, where accusations of throwing tin foil were made - again with no evidence?
  2. Wonder if it was the same guy from the MK Dons game the week before. Exploded his guts up then passed out
  3. You can see the club did the right thing only offering him a minimal contract
  4. The Council have certainly managed to close off more roads in Sheffield than the Germans in WW2 - and do a better job of killing the local economy.
  5. I did have the quick 'crap ive been cleaned out' thought myself
  6. The manager when he doesn't play them.
  7. I was having problems with paying by card. Was buying 2 tickets, so removed my friend from the transaction and still the same. Tried a different bank card - still got the error. I eneded up having to go to the ticket office yesterday to purchase. I mentioned the issue and the chap said a few people had flagged it, but as it was an issue with the payment provider there was nothing he could do.
  8. This season just try and get as many as you can, next season you will be fine. If you can get 10 tickets this season (incl. cup games) you will start next season on 560, which should get you in or around the 3rd or 4rd group for sales. That should get you to most away games. If you buy all of those you should be in the top two groups for the season after that (24/25) I actually think the system is really fair
  9. The mental side of the game is just as important as the physical side. We don't want players who are lacking in either department. If you can't handle the pressure, get out. Simple.
  10. I think it was number 42 for them, worst player I've seen in a long time.
  11. I'd certainly be looking to play the fringe players that currently aren't up to the pace. Brown, Sow, Palmer, Patterson.
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