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  1. Not having a go and fans celebrating just saying abusing players and running on during pointless games is just stupid
  2. Yeah agree mate apart from city winning the league on the final day all the pitch invasions have just seemed pointless and tinpot. Like fans want to pitch invade just for a bit of popularity on social media to hide the tinpot clubs they really are
  3. Now the EFL seasons are finally over think it’s about time we talked about the pitch invasion “trend” going on recently. To be honest at times it’s embarrassing. I’m all for fans enjoying the moment but attacking and abusing opposition players is just poor to be honest. Not only that but watching Everton the other night from a neutral perspective was just embarrassing too. Fans running on the pitch before full time and when they escape relegation they are celebrating like they have won the champions league. Despite that enough action is not being done I’m not against pitch invasions but I think there’s a time and a place. There’s needs to be a rule regarding point deduction for pitch invading in low priority games it’s the only way to stop this. Again I’m not saying ban them but they needs to be a systems in place to stop the pointless invasions. thoughts people?
  4. Feel free to share your memories from that special season below here’s one of them!
  5. Yeah but the point I’m getting at he’s not gonna sign a new contract
  6. Surely the ‘thanks for having me’ confirms his departure great goalie all round pulled out some brilliant saves when we needed him but he deserves better best of luck in the future to him!
  7. seen this debate going round quite a bit recently and personally I’m Darren to stay I feel like if we sack Darren the team will lose momentum like we have seen in the past after Carlos left. Although arguably he hasn’t met his target there is still a team there. problem is some days they don’t turn up (hence us dropping points in games we should be winning). If Darren can work on this and try and improve the players mindset on the pitch (seeing out the full 90) I feel like we could have a real chance at promotion next season because ability wise we are one of the best teams in league one. opinions below as usual, change my mind
  8. I agree mate hate the idea of knocking things down and modernising everything I love the old feel of Hillsborough and I feel the ground will lose its personality if we just make it into a fishbowl type ground. Renovations not replacements!
  9. Yeah mate Chansiri really f the whole club up since early 2020 things haven’t been the same since then in general
  10. Hate to be one of those people to complain about how many games you should be going to or wether you should have a season ticket or not because I understand everyone has different circumstances but I feel like our home support this season when it’s not a big game has been really poor compared to past years. Don’t get me wrong even this season Wednesdays support his miles ahead of other teams but for Wednesday I feel like we have been poor when it comes to numbers and noise. I get the fact we are in league one and people don’t want to come to games anymore and I’m not being a c4nt saying we are all ‘plastics’ because we are not but I just putting this out hear as a general message that we need more numbers a more noise at Hillsborough next season if we want promotion! Put thoughts below I’m willing to have my opinion changed (again no hate to anyone just a general message)
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qNcTs_erXNw fishcake classic
  12. was going on a bit of a nostalgia trip yesterday and remembering the days about 8-9 ish years ago when I had a season ticket at the top of the kop and the first person that sprung to my mind was the mighty fish cake. He was a legend even holding his own chant but when I’ve looked him up I can’t see anything on him since about 2012 onward anyone have an idea what happened to him ? if so please tell me below
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