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  1. We were a man down. Plans go out the window big chief
  2. Can't pick and choose who's at fault when they all are.
  3. Mate I watched the full 90+ Stockdale walked into the goal with the ball
  4. What do you mean? He was caught all ends up and ended up walking into the net with the ball Bloke was going walkabout
  5. The ref is right next to Gregory when he's fouled on the break an waves play on. But he can give an instant red from 15 yards away
  6. Foot was high but slow, clumsy. Posh player over reacted. Yellow at best
  7. Playing well. Only chances Posh are getting are via this glass eyed ref
  8. Deary me this ref needs to give his head a wobble
  9. Even when we're winning we're infuriating to watch
  10. Altitude sickness as soon as we get near their 18 yard box
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