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  1. So whats your general thoughts on your fixtures? I must admit it was nice to see the likes of The Boro, Huddersfield, Burnley and Watford on our list of fixtures for a nice change. I will hand on heart be looking out for your results this season and I really do hope yous come up. You are far too big for that sodding league
  2. Another instalment of the Owls v The Black Cats. Even though I am not sure the early rounds of the league cup get any of us going to so to speak. Might get 1,000 of us down.
  3. Love this reply. Deffo club before country for me pal
  4. Whats your thoughts on him, I was surprised to see yous sign him as I am not sure I rate him as a keeper but dont know your thoughts on your current Number 1
  5. Great post pal! Oh yeah it does wind me up as well don't doubt that mate. They are up there with the most deluded fans in the country in my opinion. I have a good amount of mates who go home and away with them, I cant "hate" them but my god it comes close.... Honestly I have never bothered with taking the time to register and then regularly post on other fans message boards, no interest. However, with you's I have a different thought process, I also see a great resemblance between Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland, both huge passionate fan bases, been poo on over the years and as you rightly touch on, no sense of entitlement. I took a step away when we beat you's as the last thing I ever wanted to do was p1ss off those who I had started interacting with. If you's had gone through I can honestly say hand on heart you would have had my best wishes at the final, in fact our game should have been the final. No mate, I wont be a stranger.
  6. Millwall for me, went there with Sunderland in the 90s and had a drink near the ground and not one bit of bother, West Ham another one / always found it great there. Had the worst trouble away to Middlesbrough over the years and had bits of bother away to your city rivals
  7. Honestly not sure mate, Stewart Donald and Charlie Methvan are still lurking around, I have no actual hate for them like some up here do, they tried and failed. I think, if, we had been promoted against Charlton at Wembley in the Play Off final it might have been a different story... But as the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason, the young kid Dreyfus comes in and has apparently some family wealth behind him but as you rightly say seems very reluctant too purchase more shares / ownership in the club which you think would just be automatically the case to the average fan like us, the reasoning behind him not wanting to buy more shares is up in the air. Whats Wednesday ownership position, is everything find and dandy or not?
  8. Cant deny pal they are with all that money behind them. I have a lot of great mates who are Geordies who go home and away. I have total respect for any fan who goes to games regardless of the team
  9. 3 tough games there mind. It certainly will be a tough season but that's what its all about, I honestly do hope you boys come up this season and will be casting an eye over your results
  10. Yeah I have mate, would you be happy with any of them, I always class this time of year as "Silly season" and until they are on the website with the obligatory scarf above the head photo I never believe the rumours, nothing major really up here and still all quiet. Pre-season friendly away to Dundee United which I will go too
  11. Harrogate is a great cheeky little one mind, I love pre-season games and the chance to go to grounds you'd otherwise not get to visit.
  12. No not really mate, just wanted to see how everyone is and how the summer is going?
  13. Ha Ha. As much as I do love my football I also do like the "Boring summer months" however another couple of weeks and I will be wanting some footy, what are you pre-season friendly's?
  14. Evening All. How are we? How's the summer months coming along? What's the news inside Hillsborough? Thoughts and hopes for next season? Not much footy about apart from England. Whilst I will watch England play but certainly club before country. A few mates were over in Munich thoroughly enjoyable few days away but my god watching England is a boring hobby.....
  15. In my experience certainly at Sunderland, I think we are just as bad. Don't believe the current hype over Lyndon Gooch as a lot of our fan base have this season really got on his case so we can be as bad at having a go at our own players as well
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