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  1. it’s good that you stand by him me personally i have a soft spot for brown so I can’t fault you for liking dunks end of day its each to their own opinion
  2. if you go back to the game we played against MK Don’s on the 21st August bang on at 52:34 in you’ll see Palmer pull a deck chair out and start reading a book Being serious though I can’t give any sort of specific examples because you watch that much that you don’t remember every specific detail to all of the matches to sum up what i remember seeing though it was either some of his runs looked effortless when he could’ve put a bit more pacing and won the ball or it was a case of him falling over when someone stuck a bit of pressure on him (don’t get me wrong it wins us set-plays but it personally doesn’t appeal to me especially for that to come from a defender) One more thing i noticed with him as well but this is more of a minor thing as he is a defender after all but sometimes he looked like he was more bothered about getting the ball away from himself rather than keeping it for a second or 2 to see if any better chances opened up Palmers got a good cross so i have no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t be able to make some decent plays all he has to do is spot to see if theres any gaps in the midfield to pass to either the winger on his side or a mid fielder if not then he takes it down to defender next to him that’s how i would personally look at that though
  3. if that was the bully boy mob then they need to go back to nursery heard better from a child
  4. ooo ah I thought there was something bright about adeniran he best not prove me wrong with way i’ve placed him in that list otherwise i’ll give you full right to publicly execute me in hillsborough park
  5. respect to you for not trying to rip my head off my shoulders thinking about it i can somewhat agree with you with the wycombe game but i personally found him to be more a liability found his positioning more poor than good and his touches to me were inconsistent
  6. Can’t remember the home game against Dons the most vividly so it would be unfair for me to pick a motm for that without watching it back and Wycombe away is a tough one to pick from what I can remember they did a good job at keeping us from building any real pace and I don’t really remember anyone standing out more than the other
  7. Palmer can make some good passes when he’s giving it 100% from what i can remember seeing of him this season though he got the job done but his effort was hot and cold some of runs he made or his control over ball weren’t the best at times and i think him being calm and composed sometimes doesn’t help as well in some games as it does others not expecting him to make mad plays because he’s a defender but thats how I’ve personally seen Palmer this season
  8. good point with the windass side of things i just didn’t watch much of the start of this season it was around november when i started going to home matches consistently and I can remember a bit more of brown than windass
  9. Sorry was my opinion not the same as yours? if you don’t like what I said then tough **** I can discuss any criticism to my list but i don’t get your comment so unless your going to wipe my account off here keep scrolling If it was the nicknames though then I can understand that
  10. For me personally thats how I seen him I’m open for a discussion if you don’t agree And my bad I forgot we signed him
  11. Not seen anyone post this before so big sorry’s if i’ve stolen your post Anyways what do you rank the 21-22 squad from best to worst? I’m only going to be including players that finished the season with us (yes i’m this bored) 1. A wee Scottish man who’s better than Zidane 2. He’s our striker he’s our number 9 3. Massi 4. Byers 5. Oh Sammy Sammy 6. Hunty 7. Marvin Johnson 8. Storey 9. Lean Mean Dean Machine (If he played more of season Harlee Dean would be much more higher up) 10. Pato 10. Peacock-Farrell 11. Adeniran 12. Fizz 13. Mendez-Laing 14. Berahino 15. Jaden Brown (Everyone will remember him for the own-goal but I personally think there’s something special about him laugh it me later if i’m wrong) 16. Liam Palmer (No offence to Liam and the some of the Owlstalk community but he was simply hot and cold he lacked effort quite a few times for what he’s capable of when he gives it 100%) 17. Sow 18. Big Dom (He wasn’t performing compared to what he’s capable of wish him best for this upcoming season) 19. Wildsmith 20. Kamberi 21. Dunkley (All I can say is what a waste of a loan) Can’t include Windass on here for me he didn’t play enough to judge him fairly
  12. I don’t really base my opinions too much from what i’ve seen in media i think a lot of it is overexaggerated it seems similar to what we was going through i think they’ll still be able to get in the players necessary to keep them from at least slipping into league 2 but to me they have a small chance at nicking 6th Wycombe’s not finished so i see them 2 competing with Bolton but thats only if Derby manages to do some witchcraft when it comes to finances because their situation at the moment will not be appealing to many players
  13. it’s a possibility but i think derby at least will finish a few spots above relegation if they get theirsens sorted then i think they’d have a slight chance at nicking playoffs at most
  14. Wednesday Peterborough Oxford Argyle Ipswich Burton/Barnsley/Derby 6th spot is a tough one to guess i have a feeling either Barnsley or Derby could sneak up on Burton and take them to 7th
  15. ihiekwi ihiekwi i hope thats right the scenes you caused when you went and signed now the wednesday sing to united 2 lets see how many games you loseeee
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