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  1. Yep I was there as a 17 year old with my 14 year old sister. We were standing behind the goal and it was well over sold. remember Wednesday fans sat round the edge until they sorted a place in the stands for our fans. That season as a whole was magical. But that first match set the tone for a memorable journey. funny as I was looking at a video today of Wednesday iconic last minute goals and we scored 2 in the last minute away at West Brom. (Francis and shirtcliffe). It was that yellow away kit that stood out and reminded me of the season. Was at West Brom for that match also. Please give me a time machine. I want to go back to that year
  2. Baseball ground. - derby highield road - coventry millmoor - rovrum belvue - doncaster Layer road - Colchester main road - Man City filbert street - Leicester goldstone ground - Brighton. boothery park - hull
  3. Old baseball ground 5 times plus pride park 4 times. Derby as a whole 9 times. baseball ground still my most favourite away ground. Those who have been will know why
  4. Palmer v banan have to agree. Banan may not get. A kick. But they are different eras. And both Wednesday players. however one thing banan hasn’t done. Is leave us for dirty Leeds
  5. Two completely different players. You can’t compare creativity banan box to box palmer put them together and perfection
  6. Think allen is probably more of an appropriate name. My uncle is called Alan and he never played for Wednesday either
  7. Larry may. Centre half 86-88 came from Barnsley. Was initially a boo boy player then managed to turn the fans around due to his 100% commitment
  8. We need to build a young hungry team that can grow together over the next 5 years. There are some very talented players around the lower leagues who I’m sure would love a chance to play for the massive. With some old heads around them such as banan palmer Byers etc we can build an athletic team. Build for the future and with moores ability to attract players the future can be very bright. key is to own our players. No point starting the rebuilding process every summer because we loose all Loan players or too old that we release them. To contradict tho Center half needs a strong Pearson type and i’d try and bring Harley dean back and build round him
  9. This one. My first ever away shirt. Got both home and away kit for Christmas. Played football in Hillsborough park. With my brother on Christmas Day morning. Loved it
  10. Me too. Well done and good luck pal
  11. Hillsborough is Sheffield Wednesday. Along with the fans. The team evolves. New chairman players and managers come and go. The one thing that never changes is the location and the fans. Hillsborough is Sheffield Wednesday. End off
  12. So basically having a membership and attending 75% of home matches but did not get a 3 game package as I had to work excluded me till Tuesday to but my ticket. If I attended the 3 game package deal only and missed the rest of the season I can buy my tickets already. Doesn’t make sense to me
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